Democrats Sending Mixed Messages in Howell Election

By Phil Stilton, ShoreNewsNetwork

HOWELL TOWNSHIP-Howell Township Democrats are sending mixed messages in the 2018 municipal election.    At the local level, Democrats running for municipal council are running a fierce anti-Lakewood, anti-development campaign, blaming Republicans for approved housing, mandated by the State of New Jersey under the Council of Affordable Housing(COAH).

COAH is a mandate which sets a specific amount of affordable homes each town in New Jersey must build in order to become compliant.  COAH is a doctrine championed by New Jersey Democrats who passed the legislation in 1985 and it was reinforced throughout the years by the liberal leaning New Jersey Supreme Court.

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Will Vin Gopal Withdraw His Support Of Larry Luttrell For Freeholder?

State Senator Vin Gopal last week withdrew his support for Teddy Price, 58, a Democrat candidate for Ocean County Freeholder, ostensibly because of Price’s arrest record for alcohol fueled youthful indiscretions 37 years ago.

In a conveniently leaked letter to Ocean County Democrat Chairman Wyatt Earp, Senator Gopal  asked that the $10,000 donation he made to the Ocean Dem coffers not be used for Price’s freeholder campaign because Price was arrested twice in 1981.  The way Gopal tells the story, the charges against Price were pretty serious. “Mr. Price’s criminal history is deeply disturbing,” Gopal wrote. Assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, interfering with and fighting with police were the charges Gopal mentioned in his letter to Earp.

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Ballot Drawing To Be Held In Freehold On August 13

Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon

Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon announced today that the drawing for ballot positions in the November general election will be held on Monmouth August 13 at 3:00 p.m.

The drawing, which by New Jersey law is to occur 85 days before the election, will be conducted by Deputy Clerk Judith Ricci at the Monmouth County Clerk of Elections Office located at 300 Halls Mill Road in Freehold.

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Welle Assuming Victory Over Keady In CD-4 Dem Primary, Schedules Event For Night of Dem Convention

Josh Welle, address none of your business, seems to think he has the Democrat nomination in the 4th Congressional District locked up before any of the votes have been counted.

The primary election between Welle and former Asbury Park councilman Jim Keady is tomorrow, June 5.

The Welle campaign has a meet and greet scheduled for Tuesday evening, June 12 in Ocean Grove.

Someone should tell Welle that the Monmouth County Democrats are having a convention that night.

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Who will comply with Trump twitter ruling first, Cory Booker or Vin Gopal?

Kudos to Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop for voluntarily complying with federal Judge Naomi Buchwald’s ruling that public officials are violating the 1st Amendment Rights of their constituents when they block political critics from their social media accounts.

Now it’s time for U.S. Senator Cory Booker and State Senator Vin Gopal to follow suit. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gopal wants Freeholders to be called County Commissioners

State Senator and honorary volunteer firefighter Vin Gopal finds the term “freeholder” offensive and, for Monmouth County voters in particular, confusing.

Gopal co-sponsored a last minute change–a substitution– in legislation that passed in the Senate last week which, if passed in the Assembly and signed by Governor Murphy, will mandate that the name of the office of Freeholder be changed to County Commissioner. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gopal 2024?


State Senator Vin Gopal is developing a national and international name for himself.  The young senator and honorary volunteer fire fighter is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Young Democrats of North Carolina’s convention on Saturday afternoon in Charlotte.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Gopal endorses his tenant for Congress in CD-4

Josh Welle and Senator Vin Gopal

State Senator Vin Gopal has endorsed Josh Welle, address unknown, for the Democratic nomination to lose to Congressman Chris Smith.

Welle, who has already violated the Ethics in Government Act with late and inaccurate Financial Disclosure Reports, rented office space from Tic Tac Toe Development, LLC last fall, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Tic Tac Toe is Gopal’s company that paid $900K in cash last year for an office building in Tinton Falls.  The Tinton Falls property still has no mortgages or liens filed on it with the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office.


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Gopal Beating Beck Was No Upset. It Was Gerrymandering and Camden Colonialism

By Tommy DeSeno

Election night we listened to pundit after pundit (some admitting they know little about the 11th District) proclaim Vin Gopal’s victory over Senator Jen Beck was an “upset.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Every indicia of prognostication said Vin Gopal was the favorite, and it starts with the previous census.

I’ve lamented for some time that voting in “districted elections” is like not voting at all.  After each census, 10 political big shots, 5 from each party, meet in a hotel room and draw crazy lines that allow them to divvy up the state between the two parties.  Democrats having an advantage in this state, their “map” wins, by an 11th man tiebreaker.  This is followed by us sheep doing our civic duty and voting even though the pols already stacked the demographic deck.  The winning party acts like it was political prowess that won them the election, when in fact the day was won in the hotel room where the map is drawn every 10 years.  This system is an inhibitor of democracy. Read the rest of this entry »

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40,003 reasons Vin Gopal beat Jennifer Beck

Senator-elect Vin Gopal and Tinton Falls Mayor Gerald Turning. photo via facebook, posted Oct 9

By Art Gallagher

Jennifer Beck had an internal poll showing her leading Vin Gopal by 17% in September.  Gopal had a poll showing him losing to Beck by 6% in mid October. Another Gopal poll showed him winning by 1% last week.  Beck said last week that she thought it was a 3% race. So how did Gopal pull off a 7% victory on Tuesday night?

Gopal’s campaign knocked on 40,000 doors in Asbury Park, Eatontown, Long Branch, Ocean Township and Tinton Falls, according to a veteran Democrat operative who participated in the effort.

The Senator-elect had a fresh and energetic army of volunteers and paid canvassers join his committed troops in the field on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Beck’s campaign closed with a Hail Mary pass and a fire drill. Read the rest of this entry »

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