DeSeno: Garden State Equality’s Executive Director, Christian Fuscarino, Fails the LGBTQ Community Again

Tom DeSeno

By Tom DeSeno

It is an oft lamented truth about today’s single-issue activists – they put the needs of the Democrat Party above the needs of their cause.

The poster boy for this behavior is Christian Fuscarino, the Executive Director of New Jersey’s largest LGBTQ advocacy group, Garden State Equality.  Here’s his latest letdown.

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Political Wards in Asbury Park:  A Great Idea That Won’t Happen

Tom DeSeno

By Thomas DeSeno

Currently, City Council candidates in Asbury Park run “at-large.”  That means the whole City votes for each candidate.

In a Ward system, the City is broken up into neighborhoods.  The people only vote for candidates from their own neighborhood, or Ward.  It ensures that each neighborhood is guaranteed a representative on the Council.  Newark for example has 5 Wards.  You can have a mixed system too, with some Ward candidates and some at-large candidates.

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Open Letter To Governor Christie, The Senate and Assembly: Why Pay A Racist Speaker To Come To Rutgers?

By Thomas DeSeno

Imagine if Rutgers announced they paid $32,000 to have a singer show up in Black Face, slur some drawl, shuffle through a few soft shoe steps and sing “Mammy” to the uproarious delight of white students. I’m betting the lot of you would have your magic sound-bite generating machines set on “I abhor racism” and cranked into overdrive. Someone, somewhere, would fire Don Imus.

Well, Rutgers did just that when they booked Chilean actress “Snooki” to speak last night, to deliver the uplifting and not dangerous message that the student body at Rutgers isn’t partying hard enough. Yes – pass me a Bud and a hypodermic needle.

MTV’s “Jersey Shore” Show is not a reality show with cameras turned on people living their lives. It is a scripted show with paid actors pretending to be someone else, and it involves racism.

Jersey Shore wanted the public to think this show was about Italian kids. That’s why they painted the Italian flag on their house. That’s why they scripted them to talk about “Italian family values” (in between all the casual sex and punching people). That’s why they are filming in Italy.

Know what else the producers did the first season? Never once mentioned any of the actors’ last names. Ever. Why? Because half the actors aren’t Italian. Snooki is Chilean. Others have last names like Ortiz, Farley and Pivarnik. What part of Italy are they from? MTV hid that these kids weren’t Italian. Black Face.

And that’s why it’s racist. MTV took a racist stereotype of a knuckleheaded, sexually uncontrolled, violent criminal, called him a quintessentially Italian name (Guido) and said “let’s make a show!” Being unable to find Italian kids who act that way, they hired actors who aren’t Italian to fill the rolls. Making a show out of a racist stereotype and hiring actors of a different persuasion to play the stereotype means you can only call it one thing: Black Face. It matters not that this time it is Italian Face. Black folks didn’t act that why when Jolsen sang, and Italians don’t act like Snooki. It’s a stereotype.

Don’t let MTV argue the popularity of the show. Stepin Fetchit was popular. Will MTV bring that back?

And don’t argue that the money only came from the mandatory student fee account (as if that’s not bad enough) and wasn’t taxpayer funds. That’s the same foolish point Planned Parenthood makes when they say, “We don’t pay for abortions with tax dollars – we pay for other stuff.” Money is fungible. Support for one end of a business supports another.

So Governor Christie, paesano, do you have anything to say about this?

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