O’Scanlon and DiMaso: Murphy’s repeal of Shore Rental Tax is “Too little, too late”

Aseemblywoman Serena DiMaso and Senator Declan O’Scanlon

With three weeks left in the summer tourist season Governor Phil Murphy finally signed legislation repealing the tax and surcharge of Jersey Shore short term summer rentals.

Monmouth County legislators Senator Declan O’Scanlon and Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso say Murphy’s action today is “too little, too late.”

“The Governor made the right call in repealing this short-term rental tax–and we acknowledge that–however it comes way too late,” said O’Scanlon. “We are in August at this point, summer is nearly over and most of the damage of this ill-conceived aspect of this tax has been done. The Governor and his policy folks need to recognize when something is emergent and do their homework up front, so they’re ready to take action the minute such bills land on his desk. This was a total failure of administrative planning and it likely, needlessly, cost the New Jersey economy millions of dollars.” Read the rest of this entry »

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