FBI’s grab of Trump’s legal files sends a dangerous message

By Stuart J. Moskovitz, Esq.

Stuart J Moskovitz

Even if you don’t like Trump….

I’ve posted this in Monmouth County News because similar actions have happened not just in Washington, but right out of Red Bank and concerns everyone in this County who believes that a free society should remain so.

We are a divided country. We are a polarized country. That polarization is posing one of the most serious internal dangers to our nation and our notions of democracy.

Like every other attorney, I have told my clients that whatever they tell me is absolutely privileged under the doctrine of attorney-client privilege. That doctrine exists in every state. It exists in the federal system. It is close to sacrosanct. There are extremely few exceptions and they require overcoming the highest burdens imaginable to breach. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Right to Treatment Protects All of Us

Twenty years after the closing of Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, thoughts on Parkland, Florida.

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

In 1966, Chief Judge Bazelon of the D.C. Appellate Court reviewed a lower court decision where the judge had said, “My jurisdiction is limited to determining whether [the patient] has recovered his sanity. I don’t think I have a right to consider whether he is getting enough treatment.”

Chief Judge Bazelon stated, “Absent treatment, the hospital is transformed into a penitentiary where one could be held indefinitely for no convicted offense.”

He then went on to note that in 1964 Congress had passed the Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill Act which provides, in part, “A person hospitalized in a public hospital for a mental illness shall, during his hospitalization, be entitled to medical and psychiatric care and treatment.”

He defined that requisite care by saying, “According to leading experts ‘psychiatric care and treatment’ includes not only the contacts with psychiatrists but also activities and contacts with the hospital staff designed to cure or improve the patient.”

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What the number one item in the Murphy-Guadagno debate should be tonight

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

Abbott Districts. This was a hairbrained idea created in 1985 by the New Jersey Supreme Court and defined in 1997 that determined that the Constitution required that each and every student in New Jersey must have an absolutely equal education. This wasn’t an issue of race or any other means by which we generally define the need for equal education. It was a determination that poorer school districts have less money to pay for education and therefore the State was required to assure that the poorer districts received state funding to equal the amount paid for education by local wealthier districts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Let’s erase all the mistakes of the past

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

Statues are coming down everywhere because they represent people who fought for the confederacy, owned slaves or some other historical abomination. Names of buildings on campus are being changed, and one university, Stockton, has removed the bust of its namesake, Richard Stockton and is considering changing the name of the school because this signer of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves.

Since we are going down this road, we need to be consistent and I propose the following changes:

1. Gettysburg needs to be renamed. After all, James Gettys, the founder owned a slave. Henceforth, the Gettysburg Address should be known as the Adams County address, since John Adams didn’t own slaves. Read the rest of this entry »

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Opinion: This is the speech Obama never gave and Trump never will.

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

Stuart MoskovitzThis nation is in the midst of a crisis. I’m not talking about the economy, or foreign policy or even terrorism. I am talking about a crisis that is worse than even those three. Let’s call it the fourth horseman.

We have encountered crises in this nation before. Many times. There is not a crisis this nation has faced that it has not overcome and become stronger. I believe we can do that with the economy. i believe we can do that with foreign policy. I even believe we can do that with terrorism. For the fourth crisis, however, I need your help. Everyone’s help. Each and every citizen and resident of this nation, no matter where you came from, how you got here, what your race, religion or national origin is, what your political beliefs are.

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How Chris Christie lost the debate and the nomination Saturday night

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

Stuart Moskovitz

Stuart Moskovitz

It is amusing to see Christie and his supporters act like Donald Trump in claiming victory out of a resounding defeat. True, Christie landed tough punches against Rubio. it is arguable he may have hurt him with those punches. We will see Tuesday. Frankly, if Rubio still finishes second or third, Christie’s punches will be yesterday’s sushi.

The fundamental truth about the Republican primary is that there is only going to be one nominee coming out of this to face the Democrat. Proving you are almost as good at being Donald Trump as Donald Trump is not going to get you nominated.

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Winter is Coming

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

Stuart Moskovitz

Stuart Moskovitz

As we look around these days what we see is not good.

Obama is attempting to unilaterally wipe out sixty years of American foreign policy in Cuba by recognizing a government that has kept its nation in the nineteenth century and has served as a role model for America’s enemies in Venezuela and elsewhere in Central and South America. He is throwing under the bus hundreds of thousands, if not millions of legitimate immigrants who escaped the corruption and oppression of a regime that has shown no remorse and no intention to improve.

ISIS is gaining momentum and we are watching battles between various forms of the same Satanic invasion, whether it be the Sunni ISIS, the Shiite Hezbollah and Iran aiding Syria, the Turks trying to rebuild the Ottoman empire, all of whom seek to impose Sharia law throughout this Earth in a world-wide caliphate. It’s like watching the Green Bay Packers play Seattle. You hope they both lose and you know that won’t happen.

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Nancy Pelosi: An American treasure

Stuart Moskovitz, Not Nancy Pelosi

Not Nancy Pelosi

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

By now most people are aware that Jonathan Gruber has stated on several occasions over the last few years that in order to pass Obamacare, it was necessarily to 1. Lie to Congress and the American people, and 2. Depend on the “stupidity” of the American voter to accept this health care act.

Nancy Pelosi, the representative from Pacific Heights, and currently the second scariest resident of Pacific Heights, second only to Jim Belushi’s character in the movie of the same name, claims that she has no idea what he is talking about, because she never met him and has no idea who he is. As the major force behind the passage of Obamacare in the House, even more than Frank Pallone, who declared as “lousy” every insurance policy purchased by Americans prior to Obamacare, including those policies covering procedures no longer covered by Obamacare, and costing far less than Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi’s statement would carry considerable weight. If this were still 1995. Today, of course, we have social media recording just about everything said by anyone in public view. This includes the speech by Nancy Pelosi in 2009 when she assured everyone that Obamacare was a perfect health plan because it was carefully written by Jonathan Gruber of MIT, the person who she claims now did not write the plan and whom she had never heard of.

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Now and then, Good does prevail

Stuart MoskovitzBy Stuart J. Moskovitz

In every election there are winners and losers. This year was no exception. On the national scene, the obvious losers will be written about by most pundits – Obama and the Clintons. Obviously Harry Reid has probably seen his last days of power in any form. But there are other losers. The entire Democratic platform — the so-called war on women, the freebie mentality, the irresponsible blind eye to international distress, the cowardly acquiescence of the Democratic congress to Obama’s war on Israel, are all losers. Republicans elected young people, African-Americans, women, as diverse a group as anyone would want to see. In many cases these were the first of such to be elected in their state — an accomplishment the Democrats never managed and never would manage. These Democratic campaign platforms were as fake as their claim for the last forty years that Republicans would overturn Roe v. Wade. The electorate is simply not as naive as they were in 2008 and 2012. No more. Obama has accomplished at least that.

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Ryan Green makes Englishtown-Manalapan First Aid Squad A Political Football

Ryan Green. Photo via RyanDGreen.com

Ryan Green. Photo via RyanDGreen.com

The Manalapan Township Committee unanimously approved an agreement with the Englistown-Manalapan First Aid Squad on December 11, 2013 that will permit the previously all volunteer squad that provides first aid and ambulance service for free to Manalapan residents to form an non-profit entity to would hire paid EMTs to supplement the declining ranks of volunteers and bill residents who use the services the amount that their health insurance companies would otherwise pay to private first aid and ambulance companies.

Township Committeeman Ryan Green joined his fellow Republican committee members in voting for the agreement with EMFSA, but then went public with a letter to the editor to the NewsTranscript  in which he criticized Mayor Susan Cohen and Deputy Mayor Jordan Maskowitz for failing to seek input from the public on what Green calls “a major change.”

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