Amato’s accuser has litigious and calamity prone history

Suzzanne DesMarais. photo via facebook

Suzzanne DesMarais. photo via facebook

The woman suing the Monmouth County SPCA and Victor “Buddy” Amato  for harassment has a history of suing her employers for sexual harassment and work related injuries.

According to published reports and interviews, Suzzane DesMarais has won a six figure settlement, multiple workers’ compensation claims and disability pay resulting from her employment as a part-time Special Class II police officer in Long Branch and Plumsted.

She suffered two house fires in six years. After the second fire, she raised money in the name of Chaos Foundation, named for her chocolate lab that perished in the fire. The New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs does not have a Chaos Foundation listed as a registered charity.

DesMarais, represented by the Shrewsbury law firm Shebell and Shebell, filed suit in Monmouth Superior Court on March second. The former police officer, who worked for MCSPCA as an animal control officer, claimed that Amato regularly sent her racist, sexist and homophobic text messages while she was on the job.  She claims that after she complained to Amato’s superiors that she stopped receiving work and that no corrective action was taken against Amato.  Amato resigned as the SPCA Police Chief after the suit became public through a story on BuzzFeedNews.  Garden State Equality, the gay rights advocacy group of which DesMarais is a member, claims it connected her to BuzzFeed to bring public attention to the lawsuit.

Amato seemed to verify the accuracy of the vulgar and bigoted texts revealed in the BuzzFeed report when he told the Asbury Park Press that they were “jokes between a bunch of guys.”

According to published reports and interviews, DesMarias has been down this road before.

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Plumsted Comitteeman Running For Senate In Both Primaries

jack trottaAre you a Republican not satisfied with Steve Lonegan or Dr. Alieta Eck as your only choices in the special primary for U.S. Senate?

Maybe you’re a Democrat who has never tweeted with Cory Booker, don’t like the big government approach that Frank Pallone and Rush Holt espouse and can’t figure out why Sheila Oliver is running.

Maybe your devastated that Joe Ruddy Rullo decided not to run as an Independent after all, so far, as of now.

Plumsted Township Committee Jack Trotta has a solution for you.  Write him in on August 13 in whichever primary you vote in.

Trotta, a Republican, is running with the support of Assemblyman Ron Dancer and Plumsted Mayor David Leutwyler, according to Tri-Town News.

Trotta’s platform?  He’s middle-class and thinks there should be a middle-class vote in the Senate.

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