Steinhardt: We owe it to New Jersey’s next generation to leave them with opportunity and not debt.

By Doug Steinhardt

NJ GOP Doug Steinhardt

Winston Churchill said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” In New Jersey, as long as we keep electing politicians who feed the State’s bloated budget, none of us are safe.

Phil Murphy calls New Jersey a high tax for high value state. But Democrats are squeezing out what little value is left. Our schools are failing, NJ Transit deteriorating, jobs leaving, and taxes rising. Policies passed to appease progressives instead of provide solutions are chasing businesses and families away.

Last year, Phil Murphy and New Jersey Democrats set the bar for their income ”success tax” at $5 million. One year later, they redefined “success” as a family making $1 million or more. That’s an 80 percent drop. Take 20 percent of that and by 2020 a family earning $200,000 would pay more taxes. By 2021, a family earning just $40,000 could be the next, New Jersey “success”. It sounds crazy, but it’s not. The middle class is next, because government is out of control. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeopardy – Politics Style

By Stuart J. Moskovitz, Esq

Stuart J Moskovitz

No matter the category, the answer is always Donald Trump to the liberal media and late night talk show “comedians.” All they need to do is figure out the question.

The latest foray into insanity was CNN’s blaming Trump for the disaster in New Zealand. There is so much wrong with that, it is difficult to know where to begin. The attack on the mosque in New Zealand is unacceptable. It is a tragedy. It is a further example of a world moving away from the civilization we thought had grown since World War II. That it would be exploited by anyone for political purposes is disgusting. That it is exploited by an organization claiming to be a “news” organization is not just reprehensible, it is a red flag that major changes are needed, beginning with the complete remaking of our media institutions.

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A Gas Tax Musing

By Rosalie Avin

Rosalie Avin

In 2016, Chris Christie raised our gas taxes 23 cents on the gallon. It was “HUGE” and not in the President Trump, positive way. The people of New Jersey were angered once again by Christie’s brazen disregard for the middle class. He had shown his apathy by playing with the pensions of state employees including teachers and the police. He flaunted it by refusing to negotiate contracts in a timely fashion. The one reason this tax was accepted was the governor’s promise that the money would be directed towards infrastructure.  Our roads, tunnels and bridges were in disrepair therefore the taxpayer would finance the renewal.

Christie did not keep his word. As I drove on major routes like the Garden State, I often wondered, “Where did that money go?”

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Frankly Speaking: Too Much Information

By Steve Frank, Frankly Chatting

Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter. Love her to death. We’ve always been there for each other through both our rough patches. I taught her to ride a bike, drive a stick shift. Sat through bone-chilling football games when she was a cheerleader. Fought with her when she was dating knuckleheads. Practiced a dance routine for her wedding. But now, I’ve got to put some distance between us. There has to be boundaries.

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O’Scanlon: Stop the Madness. No More Throwing Taxpayer Money in the Street

Senator Declan O’Scanlon

After seeing salt covering New Jersey roads today, despite the fact that temperature is not supposed to drop below 37 degrees Fahrenheit over the next few days, Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth) said that “enough is enough” and demanded that the State put an end to the practice of unnecessary brining.

“It’s time for someone to challenge Governor Murphy’s assertion that this is a pennies per mile cost: it’s not. There was simply no way that a .17 per mile number was an accurate reflection of the cost to brine our roads when you account for labor, gas, and equipment. After speaking with a few of local officials we were able to confirm that the actual cost in totality is in excess of $12 or $13 per mile locally – and that is for areas that are more conservative with their usage of salt and brine,” O’Scanlon said.

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Stilton: If Rob Nixon won’t stand up for NJ, who will?

Letter to the editor

On Wednesday, March 6th, I attended the SDA monthly board meeting in Trenton after being contacted by several Jackson residents and veterans who were unfairly terminated by Rob Nixon’s School Development Authority, for which is serves as board chairman.

I asked them what I could do and they said “Find the truth”.  I asked them if they had reached out to our council president here in Jackson as he sits on that board and they said yes, but to no avail.

These people have told me that for months they have reached out to Mr. Nixon, but he has ignored them. They are veterans, single moms and individuals who have worked with this agency through multiple political administrations, just as Mr. Nixon has somehow weathered the political storms that sweep through during administration changes.

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Why Amazon Did Not Choose New Jersey

By Senator Robert Singer

Senator Robert Singer

A whopping 238 cities across the United States sought to be the home of Amazon’s second headquarters, dubbed “HQ2.” Of all city applicants, Newark, New Jersey offered Amazon the largest tax benefits in the country. Regardless of being one of twenty cities to make the final cut, Newark was passed over by Amazon not once, but twice. It speaks volumes that a package of tax incentives totaling $7 billion could not entice Amazon to choose New Jersey.

Our state’s prime geographic location, diverse workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructure, convenient transportation, and best-in-the-nation schools should have made the Garden State an easy sell. The New Jersey Legislature’s successful bipartisan effort to top all other competing tax incentive offers nationwide should have made the Garden State an easy choice. The competition was fierce to court HQ2, and New Jersey was in play.

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Lying and the Liars who Lie about Lying.

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

Stuart J Moskovitz

At the academy awards Sunday night, Barbara Streisand made a comment about lying being in vogue these days. Everyone there knew of whom she spoke, but the reality is, her statement applies to the universe of dialogue in the United States, not just one favorite whipping boy.

If you confine your sources of “news” to the known liberal media, or, as most of America does, late night talk show entertainers, you probably think America’s farmlands are devastated by the trade wars. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln Have in Common


President Trump likes to compare himself to President Lincoln and indeed there are some similarities. Both won with less than a majority of the popular vote and took office in a deeply divided, polarized country with a substantial portion of the media engaging in virulent personal attacks on their character. They both expanded the President’s executive power to address what they saw as threats to homeland security and they devised new ways to communicate with the people.

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Frankly Chatting: Amazing Grace

By Steve Frank, FranklyChatting.com

A. Tobias Grace, 1945-2019 R.I.P.

It was the autumn of 1964. The social winds of discord were in the air and nowhere more evident than at Trenton State College where the Theta Nu Sigma fraternity roamed the campus with the rebellious attitude that defined the decade. They subsisted on cheap beer and testosterone; ingratiated themselves to the other frats; and enjoyed the affections of the coeds so enchanted by the lure of the “bad boy”. They were loud and ribald; fiercely insular and prone to debauching themselves on weekends.

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