Investigators Seek Public’s Help With Locating The Mother Of Dead Baby Dumped in Farmingdale

Emma+Grace+H190-14-28West Trenton, N.J. – Detectives from the New Jersey State Police and Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office are hopeful a composite sketch of a full-term, newborn infant, whose remains were discovered among trash at a recycling center in Farmingdale, Monmouth County, will help identify her mother.

The baby, who was named Emma Grace by the Ardena Baptist Church in Howell, N.J., was 21.5 inches, 7 pounds, and five ounces, when she was discovered more than five months ago by an employee of the ReCommunity Recycling facility on Railroad Avenue, in Farmingdale, N.J. The baby’s remains have been released to the church, which will hold a funeral for her on Saturday, April 18, 2015, at 3:30 p.m.

The headless body of Emma Grace was discovered at approximately 1:30 p.m., on Tuesday, November 11, 2014, prompting an exhaustive search of the surrounding trash. Investigators uncovered the infant’s head, two blood-stained blouses, and a bag from a retail store area in Orange, N.J.  The old blouses had no tags, but their size could be characterized as petite to medium.  Both the clothing and the bag are believed to be connected with the mother of the infant.

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Christie Administration Imposes Travel Ban In NJ effective 11pm until further notice

Fuentes travel ban (640x387)Col. Joseph R. Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police and Director of Emergency Management has signed a directive prohibiting vehicular traffic on all roads in New Jersey effective at 11 Pm this evening, January 26, 2015.  A copy of the directive which includes exemptions from government personnel, public utility vehicles, public and private plow trucks  and healthcare workers and patients can be be viewed here .

Governor Chris Christie said via twitter that the ban will be subject to revocation at day break depending on the conditions then.

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Law Enforcement needs help identifying body that washed ashore in Highlands a year ago

101215aA white male in his mid-20’s washed ashore at the Gateway Marina in Highlands on December 31, 2013.  A year and 12 days later, the State Police and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office have yet to identify the body.

Investigators are now circulating a composite sketch of the the young man may have looked like at the time of his death. Facial features, hair length and coloring may vary.

A forensic examination concluded the man is not of American Indian, Japanese, Chinese or Guatemalan nationalities.

A joint investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and the New Jersey State Police has found no matches for the DNA Profile of the man in the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), and there have been no missing persons reported for anyone matching the description of the deceased man.

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Christie Demands Chesimard’s Extradition

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has written to President Barack Obama demanding that fugitive Joanne Chesimard be extradited from Cuba as a condition of the United States normalizing relations with the communist island nation 90 miles from our border, according to a report on FoxNews Sunday.

A video of the FoxNews report was posted on Christie’s Youtube channel and was promoted by twitter by the Governor.  Christie posted his letter to the President on twitter two minutes prior to the FoxNews report.

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Fisherman discovers dead body off Sandy Hook

Fisherman discovers dead body off Sandy Hook (via

SANDY HOOK – A fisherman discovered a man’s dead body in a shipping channel off Sandy Hook on Monday morning. At approximately 6:30 a.m. Monday, a fisherman from Staten Island discovered a dead body in the Ambrose Channel – a major shipping channel…

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Attorney General to State Police: Stop photographing protesters at Chris Christie town halls

Attorney General to State Police: Stop photographing protesters at Chris Christie town halls (via

TRENTON — The acting state attorney general and the State Police superintendent today ordered the State Police to stop photographing protesters at Gov. Chris Christie’s town hall meetings “for security or any other purposes.” The order came the…

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Trooper on Christie’s Security Detail Busted for Theft in PA

A 35 year old State Trooper assigned to protect Governor Chris Christie and his family was arrested on theft charges in Hamburg, Pennsylvania last month, according to a report at NJWatchdog.

Trooper William A. Carvounis of North Brunswick is accused of stealing $267 in gun supplies and other goods from a Cabela’s store.

“During the course of his shopping, (Carvounis) would place items in his shopping basket. While walking around and continuing to shop, he would take various merchandise out of the package and conceal in his pockets…He would discard the empty packages on shelves throughout the store,” wrote Schwoyer in his sworn statement.

Security video also caught Carvounis’ coup de grace: The trooper tore the price tag from a Cabela’s hat, which he wore while trying to leave the store.

When Carvounis was apprehended and searched, authorities found a concealed weapon along with the pilfered loot. They soon realized their suspect was a law enforcement officer.

The report said Carvounis tried to get the retailer and the local police to drop the matter as a “professional courtesy” and that he invoked his connection to Christie in his plea for leniency.

Carvounis has been suspended from the NJ State Police and is due in Berks County Court of Common Pleas for his arraignment on February 10.

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Former Red Bank Mayor Arrested, Charged With DWI

Ed McKenna, Red Bank Green photo

Ed McKenna, Red Bank Green photo

Edward McKenna, 63, of Red Bank was involved in a one car accident while traveling north in a 2012 black Mercedes-Benz sedan on the Garden State Parkway at 9:50 pm Monday night.  The accident occurred at mile marker 108 in Tinton Falls. He was arrested by the New Jersey State Police and charged with Driving While Intoxicated, according the Sgt. Adam Grossman of the NJSP Public Information Office.

Grossman said that McKenna submitted to a breathalyzer test, but would not disclose the results.  Another law enforcement official familiar with the case said McKenna “blew very high.”

McKenna was the mayor of Red Bank from 1991 through 2006.  He is currently chairman of the New Jersey State Planning Commission.

In March of 2009 McKenna’s car struck a pedestrian in a crosswalk outside of Riverview Medical Center, according to RedBankGreen.  He was cited by the Red Bank Police with failure to yield to a pedestrian.  In October of 2000 he was involved in an accident at mile marker 110 on the Parkway, leaving the scene before police arrived, according to RBG.   McKenna said at the time that he identified himself to the other driver and left after waiting awhile for the police.  Later, the State Police visited his home where his wife told the troopers he had taken a pain killer for his shoulder and was sleeping.

McKenna was not available when we called his law office for comment.  This story will be updated if he calls back.

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Escort procedures are secret

Bob Ingle writes this morning that the government is protecting its butt by keeping documentation of escorts classified.

Bob is writing of the New Jersey State Police luxury sport car escorts that have been in the news recently.  Not the Secret Service’s recreational activities.

Ingle is the co-author with Sandy McClure of The Soprano State, the New York Times bestseller about New Jersey’s culture or corruption.  His new book, written with fellow Gannett reporter Michael Symons, Chris Chrisite: The Inside Story Of His Rise To Power, arrives in book stores on May 22.  Pre-orders are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

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Top Cop: Christie’s Chopper Flight Didn’t Cost Taxpayers Anything

By Art Gallagher

State Police Superintendent Colonel Rick Fuentes issued a statement to the media this afternoon stating that Governor Christie’s  helicopter ride to his son’s baseball game yesterday didn’t cost that taxpayers money because the Governor’s travel was required flight training for the pilot.

The cost of the actual trip was $2500.

Assemblyman Joe Cryan, the $112,000 undersheriff of Union County said, “but, but, uhm, hmmm.”

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