What can we learn from the Booker-Lonegan contest?

aplesnorangesFor those who try to read political tea leaves, the only lesson to be taken from the results of the Special Election this week is that apples and oranges make fruit salad.

For conservatives and Tea Partiers enthused that Steve Lonegan lost to Cory Booker by a significantly lower margin than Joe Kyrillos lost to Bob Menendez last year, consider this; Kyrillos had more votes in the 2012 general election than Booker and Lonegan had combined on Wednesday.  More people voted for Joe Kryillos in the 2012 U.S. Senate race than voted for Chris Christie in the 2009 gubernatorial race.

For Trenton Republicans hopeful about taking control of the State Senate, consider this; If the fact that Lonegan lost Senate President Steve Sweeney’s district by only 347 votes, .9%, means that Sweeney is more vulnerable to Niki Trunk’s campaign than previously thought, does that mean that Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt is a shoe-in to defeat Senator Jeff Van Drew in Cape May where Lonegan won by almost 19%?   Does the fact that Booker won Mercer and Middlesex Counties handedly mean there is no hope of picking up the Senate seats in the 14th and 18th districts?  None of the above.

Should Monmouth County Democrats conclude that they have a fighting chance on November 5, because Lonegan beat Booker here by only 9%. Let them think that.

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Steve Sweeney’s Hissy Fit

hissy fit saving faceNJ Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-West Deptford) is having another tantrum.

The puerile legislator who called Governor Chris Christie a prick over a budget veto and responded to Superstorm Sandy by calling for the elimination of beach badges on the Jersey Shore is upset that he will face competition in November.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R-Westfield) had the audacity to recruit a strong candidate, Niki Trunk, to challenge Sweeney in the 3rd legislative district. Sweeney’s been pissed about that for months, as if he is entitled to being reelected without having to make his case to the voters in November.

Sweeney went off the deep end when he learned that Kean donated $8200 to Trunk’s campaign.

Yesterday Sweeney knocked all Republican sponsored legislation off of the Senate’s agenda.  The following bills won’t be heard in committee next week:

S1071, permitting conversion of fines for violation of certain municipal ordinances into tax liens; S1726, requiring municipalities to comply with state audit prior to receiving state aid; S1852, authorizing municipalities to deliver property tax bills, construction permits and receipts for payment via email; S2494, permitting municipalities to use beach fees to improve tourist areas; S2617, properly closing the hazardous Fenimore Landfill; S2618, concerning valuation of properties condemned for dune construction or beach replenishment; and S2457, making discretionary driver’s license suspension for first offense of driving without motor vehicle liability insurance.

Let’s get rid of Steve Sweeney.  Donate to Niki Trunk’s campaign account.  Volunteer for her campaign.


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