Even the Asbury Park Press Advertises on MoreMonmouthMusings!

app ad2The Asbury Park Press wants their readers back so bad that they are advertising on MoreMonmouthMusings!  Their ad sneaked in this morning through a national syndicate we participate in.   We’d have to think long and hard about accepting their ad had they contacted us directly, because we have major reservations about the product they produce.

But, we’ll accept their ad as an endorsement of how well MMM has been able to attract the attention of Monmouth County and New Jersey readers.

To celebrate the endorsement, we’re having a sale.

APP’s ad is offering 50% off on subscriptions for three months.  We promise to keep our content free for three months.

We’re offering 50% off on ads for three months, starting on November 5. We’re sold out until then for most ad packages.  This is a great deal for retailers, restaurants, theaters, car dealers, contractors, real estate brokers, lawyers, accountants and banks, especially as we enter the holiday season.

MMM’s traffic is up 41%, year to date over 2013, and growing.  We’ve already exceeded our 2013 readership by 81,000, and we’re only two weeks into the fourth quarter of the year.

If you want to get in on this great deal, contact Art Gallagher now at artvg@aol.com or 732-208-2240.  Don’t wait.  This offer expires on October 31.

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Search function added

Yes, after 4,000 posts, it is about time.

MoreMonmouthMusings just got a little more useful and a little more user friendly. We’ve finally added a search function.   It’s on the top of the right sidebar, just above the first ad.

Want to know the glorious history of the Bayshore Tea Party Group or what to do if your generator won’t start?  Now that information is easier to find.

Who were the Monmouth County Freeholder candidates in 2010? Got it.  Who is the former nude model who held a fundraiser for Chris Christie?  Enter nude model, Christie.

Curious about any Monmouth County or New Jersey political news since 2010?  Try out the search function.


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Obama and Bayshore Tea Party Agree: Don’t read blogs

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Middletown Democrats, Asbury Park Press Follow MMM’s Lead In Endorsing Pallone

Following the lead of MoreMonmouthMusings, the Middletown Democrats and the Asbury Park Press have endorsed Congressman Frank Pallone for the Democratic nomination to complete the term of the late U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg.

Frank Pallone at 2010 Highlands Clamfest.  The 19th annual clamfest ends today in Highlands.  Pallone was there on Friday night

Frank Pallone at 2010 Highlands Clamfest.
The 19th annual clamfest ends today in Highlands. Pallone was there on Friday night

MMM, the first website in the world to endorse Pallone for the Senate nomination, did so on June 25 because the congressman asked publisher Art Gallagher for help, because Gallagher believes the Republican nominee, likely to be former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, stands a better chance against Pallone than against Newark Mayor Cory Booker, and most importantly, a vacancy in Pallone’s 6th district congressional seat would be fantastic for MMM’s web traffic.  Our advertisers would love it!

The Middletown Dems say they endorsed Pallone because he “did the best he could” on a variety of issues.  In reality, they are hoping for money from Pallone to fund races even porn distributors are taking a pass on.

The Asbury Park Press endorsed Pallone, even though they say, “Voters can’t go wrong, no matter which way they lean in this primary, ” because they hope hometown Pallone will spend some advertising dollars,drive up newsstand sales and website visits.

All three endorsements come down to money.  Only MMM will admit that.  We like money and we need it!  Go Frank Go!

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Bellew Attacks MMM

The Bellew for State Senate campaign issued a press release this morning wherein they refer to MoreMonmouthMusings and its commenters as “a sympathetic band of faux journalists who could appear on campaign reports for in-kind contributions as paid communication staff.”

The Kyrillos campaign issued a childish response to a serious issue regarding the hypocrisy of Joe Kyrillos, Declan O’Scanlon, and Amy Handlin using a taxpayer funded website to praise a group in the face that they have been stabbing in the back politically.  Calling the Tea Party silly and outrageous, the Kyrillos continues to demonstrate a distain for citizen patriots fighting to make New Jersey and America stronger. He knows that the voters are not warming up to him as they learn about his liberal voting record. So instead of engaging them at a candidate event, he and his campaign have turned to a sympathetic band of faux journalists who could appear on campaign reports for in-kind contributions as paid communication staff.

MMM is the only media outlet that carried the Kyrillos campaign’s statement calling Bellew “silly and foolish” over her press release attacking Kyrillos, O’Scanlon and Handlin for their release condemning the IRS and the Obama Administration for their illegal targeting of Conservative and Tea Party groups.

What a difference seven weeks makes.

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Computer Security Experts: Disable Java Unless You Know You Need It

By Art Gallagher

Oracle released a fix to the Java vulnerability we reported last night.     The company said another update is due out “soon.”  You can access the fix here.

Or, you can do what multiple computer security experts are suggesting and disable or uninstall Java unless you know you need it.

MoreMonmouthMusings is not a tech site and doesn’t pretend to be.   If you want more technical information, we recommend:






ZDNet: Security experts on Java: Fixing zero-day exploit could take ‘two years’

Technical comments from anonymous sources are not welcome on this post. If you are a known commenter with a valid email address, your contributions are welcome.  If you are a new commenter who wants to contribute technical information, your comment will be moderated until your identity is verified.

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Department of Homeland Security Issues Warning To Computer Users

By Art Gallagher

If you’ve been surfing the net over the last few days,  you are very likely at risk for identity theft.  Your networks could be at risk. 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has announced that hackers have discovered and are exploiting a flaw in Java security that could allow the installation of malicious software and malware on your computer.

DHS is recommending that computer users disable or uninstall Java until further notice.

Most anti-virus, firewall and malware detection programs are not preventing this vulnerability from being exploited.

For instructions on disabling or uninstalling Java click here.

This is a serious problem that has not yet been widely reported in the media.

For more detailed information, read this article by Brian Krebs at KrebsOnSecurity.com

UPDATED: Computer Experts Recommend Disabling Java Unless You Know You Need It

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This past weekend marked the second anniversary of MoreMonmouthMusings as this domain address.

Traffic to MoreMonmouthMusings.net during the past two years has exceed the entire previous 4+ years at the old blogspot address, which still gets daily traffic, combined.

Thank you for making MoreMonmouthMusings one of your regular stops for news and commentary.  Please patronize our advertisers and thank them for supporting this site.

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1 in a million

The 1,000,000th page load on MMM occurred at 3:19:59 PM.

Fittingly, the 1,000,000th hit was from a regular reader, a Comcast subsciber with a Philadelphia IP address and hundreds of recorded visits.  The hit was on the Milestone post.

There was confetti, balloons and fireworks at MMM world headquarters.

The lucky reader wins a lifetime subscription to MMM and an opportunity to meet presidential candidate Buddy Roemer on Saturday afternoon at the Bayshore Tea Party Group’s office in Middletown.

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Happy 2011! Thank you for a great 2010

By Art Gallagher

As we enter the New Year, I wanted to pause for a moment to thank you, my readers both loyal and casual for making MMM’s Fair and Biased News and Commentary part of your routine.

Thank you to the 193,443 unique visitors who made 270, 653 page views to MoreMonmouthMusings in 2010.  That’s up from 113,121 visitors and 156,463 page views in 2009.  What amazes me is that 69% of you come here directly without being referred by another site.   8% come from search engines.  5% come from my links on facebook.  The rest come from CNN, InTheLobby and other sites with links.  All of this traffic is “organic.” No SEO,  no advertising, no bots, pings or trackbacks, whatever bots pings and trackbacks are.

However you got here and for whatever reason, thank you for coming and thank you for coming back.

For those who keep telling me that one can’t be both fair and biased, read these three seperate accounts of Governor Christie’s snow storm press conference; NorthJersey.com , NJ.com and APP.com.   From my point of view having been there, NorthJersey.com’s account is the least biased/most accurate.  Could be that the reporter’s bias is closer to mine than the others.   If you take the time to read all three accounts, you might wonder if all three reporters were in the same place.  They were.  My point is one can’t be fair if they aren’t upfront about their bias.  Most of the media isn’t upfront about their biases.

If you want an unfiltered version of what Christie said, watch the videos at MMM.  My summary of each video is biased.  The videos themselves are not.

For 2011 I resolve to provide fair and biased content that is informative, funny and provocative. If I don’t evoke laughter I will evoke anger, either at what I’m saying, how I’m saying it or regarding the subject matter.  I resolve to recruit more writers to cover more of our county, state and country. Politics and government will likely continue to dominate MMM, yet I hope we grow to cover more of the Arts and Entertainment, Business and Community concerns.   I resolve to sell more advertising and to improve the look and flow of the site.

Happy New Year!  ~ Art

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