Exclusive: Guadagno welcomes release of investigation documents

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno photo via NJ.gov

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno photo via NJ.gov

In an exclusive interview with MoreMonmouthMusings, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno said that she is pleased that the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court has ruled that documents associated with the investigation into her hiring of a retired detective when she was the Monmouth County Sheriff will be released within 45 days.

“The New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) and the Police and Firemen’s  Retirement System (PFRS) have investigated my actions while Monmouth County Sheriff, regarding the hiring and compensation of an employee and found nothing.  When the internal investigative documents that the blogger has sued for are released, they will show – again-  that I acted appropriately and in the best interests of Monmouth County taxpayers,” Guadagno said.

Appellate Judges George S. Leone and Carol E. Higbee ruled on Thursday that two documents , a three page letter date June 6, 2011 from PFRS to the Attorney General requesting an investigation and one page letter dated June 21, 2012 from the Division of Criminal Justice(DCJ) to PFRS on the status of the investigation, shall be released.   Leone and Higbee’s ruling overturned a ruling by Superior Court Judge Mary C. Jacobson that the State had the right to withhold the documents from Mark Lagerkvist, a blogger who has used his allegations against Guadagno to kick start his career.

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Guadagno’s status as Christie’s running mate not yet determined

Lt Governor Kim Guadagno. Photo credit: Tim Larsen/Governor's office

Governor Chris Christie said that he has yet to talk to Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno regarding her joining his ticket for reelection.
During a press conference this morning, Christie said that he was extraordinary pleased with Guadagno’s performance as New Jersey’s  first Lt. Governor.

Christie announced that he will run for reelection on Monday in Port Monmouth. Today he said that he and Guadagno had not talked about her candidacy yet because they have been busy working on the recovery from Superstorm Sandy.

Guadagno, who also serves as Secretary of State, has served as the Christie Administration’s ambassador to the business community and heads up the Red Tape Review Commission.

While Guadagno has gotten high marks for her service as Lt. Governor, she has been dogged by allegations and litigation brought by NJ Watchdog that while Monmouth County Sheriff she inappropriately classified Michael Donovan’s position with the sheriff’s office as “chief warrant officer” when he actually held the position of “chief of the law enforcement division” so that Donovan could collect a $85,000 per year pension while also collecting his current salary.  Had Donovan’s position been properly classified, according to NJ Watchdog, he would not have been entitled to collect the pension.  Rather, he would be contributing $18,000 per year to the pension fund.

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