Brandt looking to enter Dem 2020 POTUS race

With word leaking out that Rick Brandt has been banned from Markham Place School, even though he wasn’t when MMM screwed up and inferred that he was earlier this week, the 30 year old printing and packaging salesmen is coming to grips with the fact that he is not going to win the Republican nomination for Little Silver Mayor.  MMM has learned that Brandt is now considering becoming the 24th person to enter the race for 2020 Democrat nomination for President of the United States.

When informed that the U.S. Constitution requires that Presidents be 35 years of age, Brandt smiled, put two thumbs up and filed his paperwork anyway.

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Rick Brandt took pictures of Markham Place School Kids Without Permission

Rick ‘The Pretender’ Brandt, the 30 year old challenger to Little Silver Mayor Bob Neff in the Republican primary on June 4 took posed for photos with 8 grade students of Markham Place School today, a violation of the school’s social media policy ( and of common sense and decency), and posted with photos on his campaign facebook page.

Brandt’s action caused a stir among parents in Little Silver facebook groups.  The school was alerted of Brandt’s actions and immediately demanded that he remove the photos.  MMM obtained screenshots of the offense and edited the photos to protect the identity of the children and to maximize the ridicule of Brandt. Read the rest of this entry »

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Galante emphasizes Republican values to support Neff in Little Silver primary

By Don Galante, Little Silver Councilman

Don Galante

Can we take a minute to contemplate what’s been unfolding in our community with this upcoming Primary election and consider how it highlights the very definition of community service? We see a veteran Mayor who has donated 12 years of his time researching topics so he can make responsible, educated decisions to benefit his community and never looking for any credit for doing so. We see a leader who has been endorsed by every other sitting person on the Governing Body, all the employees of the Borough, a number of state and County elected Officials, members of both political parties, a number of volunteer organizations in our town and so many other informed members of our community. I personally have been fortunate to serve on Town Council, putting me in a position to sit next to Bob for this entire journey and watch his efforts to improve facilities, services and the quality of life in our incredible community. Read the rest of this entry »

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Little Silver Candidates Invited To Public Forum At Markham Place School

Rick Brandt is banned from school properties, says he’s “taken aback” by invitation to meet at a school

Little Silver Mayoral Candidates Bob Neff and Rick Brandt

Little Silver Republican Chairman Stuart Van Winkle has invited all candidates in the June 4th Republican Primary to attend a Meet the Candidates Night on Tuesday, May 28, 8PM at Markham Place School.  The event is open to the public.

Little Silver Democrats do not have any candidates running in their primary, meaning that is is likely that the Republican primary will determine who will be the mayor for the next four years.   Incumbent Mayor Bob Neff is seeking a third term. He is being challenged by Rick Brandt, aka Little Silver’s Superman.

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Little Silver’s Tale of Two Mayors

By Don Galante

Don Galante

I have had the honor of serving my community as a Borough Councilman for 16 years. During that period, I worked with two incredible people who held the position of Mayor of Little Silver. The first eight years (2000 to 2008) were spent working and collaborating with Suzy Castleman. The second eight years (2011 to present) joining forces with Bob Neff. Although both terms are unique, due to different issues facing our town and our society, there are incredible similarities in both leaders and how they managed Little Silver.

I want to start by clarifying, being Mayor of Little Silver is not a ceremonial job.  The job entails many long hours, lots of hard work, tough decisions and difficult negotiations.  Being Mayor also means doing copious amounts of research in order to make the most educated decisions for the town.  These decisions are usually not the easy or popular ones. And while Suzy and Bob had a completely different approach, I never wavered in my belief that both Mayors have always had only the best interests of their constituents in mind. All decisions were for the greater good, not to win popularity contests or to post photos.

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Rick Brandt suspended by Little Silver Fire Department

Is Rick Brandt the choir boy he presents himself to be?

Rick Brandt, the 30 year old packaging salesman challenging Little Silver Mayor Bob Neff in the Republican primary on June 4, was suspended from the borough’s fire department last fall.  The suspension was extended for an additional six months last week, according to documents obtained by MMM this morning.

RedBankGreen first reported Brandt’s  suspension, earlier this afternoon.

According to a December 7, 2018 letter from officers of the Little Silver Fire Company #1 to Little Silver Borough Clerk Kim Jungfer, the Mayor and Council and the Trustees and Administration of the Fire Company, Brandt was agreed to a 30 day suspension on November 30 for violating the fire department’s by-laws regarding photographing emergency scenes and using fire department equipment and grounds in photographs without authorization.

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