PAY DIRT Hits Welle From The Left

Josh Welle answers a question at this Jackson ‘Town Hall’ in August with the assistance of a flash card

Josh Welle wanted to hit pay dirt with the technology company, Severn Pacific Inc, he started in the 2015.  He told his supporters at a campaign rally in Neptune (advertised as a Town Hall) on Wednesday night that he planned to be CEO of the the next facebook when the launched the company.

But PAY DIRT,  a weekly newsletter by the the Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay, blasted Welle’s duplicity and incompetence to its readers on Thursday.

Josh Welle is in a tough spot politically. At worst, he misled congressional ethics officials about a business of his that just resolved a six-figure tax-delinquency bill. At best, he set up the firm lacking a basic understanding of how to manage it.

The Daily Beast is hardly an “ultra-right wing” publication like Welle called MMM. Prior to this story, the only thing the Daily Beast and MMM agreed on is that Oliva Nuzzi is a great writer.

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Booker Has Corzine Covered

Off With His Head!

Booker Corzine (1022x529) (640x331)

Those young campaign staffers do the darnedest things.

Anxious to promote President Obama’s endorsement of Newark Mayor Cory Booker for U.S. Senate earlier this week, a Booker staffer searched for a photo of Obama and Booker together to post of the campaign website.  The problem, apparently the only time Booker and the President have been photographed together was at the 2009 rally for former Governor Jon Corzine’s failed reelection bid.

The kid was savvy enough to know that Booker really doesn’t want to be associated with the disgraced former governor who remains under investigation for the missing $1.2 billion in customer funds that disappeared during the MF Global collapse.

So he/she put a text box over Corzine’s head.

Lachlan Markay caught it and shared it with the world before the adults in the Booker campaign had it taken down.

So far the New Jersey media is not making a big deal about this gaffe, like they did about the Lonegan staffer’s gaffe on twitter. But Business Insider picked it up for fun.

Lonegan did not fire his staffer for the “silly, childish” tweet that caused a stir.

Booker’s daily inspirational social media message this morning indicates that he might not be so forgiving.

Letting go of wrong people (640x125)



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