Freeholder John Curley hires high powered attorney

Freeholder John P. Curley

Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley has hired Angelo Genova, Co-founding partner and Chairman of the powerful law firm GenovaBurns, to represent him in an unspecified matter that Curley apparently wants to keep from becoming public.

Genova sent MMM publisher Art Gallagher the following email at 8:21 p.m. on November 9, 2017: Read the rest of this entry »

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Lillian Burry will be Freeholder Director in 2017

Lillian G. Burry

Freeholder Lillian G. Burry will be named Director of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholder when the Board holds its annual reorganization meeting on January 5 at 4 p.m. at Biotechnology High School, 5000 Kozloski Rd. in Freehold Township.

Freeholder John P. Curly will be named Deputy Director.

The five member Freeholder Board chooses their Director and Deputy Director annually for a one year term.  The Director presides over Board meetings and signs contracts for the county.

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Year in review: September 2015

Freeholder John Curley

Freeholder John Curley

Freeholder John P. Curley released an anonymous letter that alleged improprieties in the County’s pilot Tax Assessment Demonstration Program.  Curley called for the suspension of the program and referred the letter to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Three weeks later, the Asbury Park Press published an expose into potential ethical conflicts that occurred in the implementation of the program.  In December, the Monmouth County Tax Board announced that municipalities could opt-out of the program for the 2017 tax year. APP has claimed credit, which arguably should go to Curley, for all actions taken regarding the ADP program since they published the expose.

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Curley to run for Monmouth GOP Chairman

Freeholder John Curley

Freeholder John Curley

Freehold, April 1 –Monmouth County Freeholder John P. Curley announced this morning that he will seek the Chairmanship of the Monmouth County Republican Organization when the GOP County Committee convenes to reorganize on June 10.  Curley urged current Chairman John O. Bennett, III to not seek a second term.

“Throughout my public service I have promised to bring my experience in career proven business practices to place in making Monmouth County an affordable place to live and do business.  We have made great strides and are in better shape that most counties in the country, but we can do better,” Curley said.

“We must measure our success not against the mediocrity of other government entities or other political organizations, but against the requirements of the people we serve.   We must stamp out the remnants of the culture of cronyism from our party and make service our sole focus.

“When I was elected Freeholder in 2009 I brought forth a 23 point plan to create greater efficiency and reduce the size of government.  This has been a work in progress slowed by bureaucratic inertia and political cronyism.  We can do better and we can do better faster.  I will provide the leadership to bring the Monmouth GOP and Monmouth’s county and municipal governments into the 21st century.”

“We know the Democrats are going to attack us this year based upon the Lucas and Brookdale/Burnham scandals.  I am the Republican who brought those scandals to the prosecutors and ultimately, the perpetrators to justice.  If I am leading the Monmouth GOP, the Democrats attacks will ring hollow.  The attacks will be laughable.”

” Chairman Bennett has had a distinguished career as an Assemblyman, Senator, Senate President and Acting Governor. When John ran for Chairman two years ago, he said he promised to remove perceived and real conflicts from County politics and said serving as Chairman would be a nice way for him to cap off his career.

“I thank Chairman Bennett for his service and urge him to go out on top.”

Curley sent his first mailer to members of the County Committee this week.  He promises a passionate and relentless campaign.

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