Ocean Township Elections Results Hold

L-R; Donna Schepiga, Margie Donlon, David Fisher, Christopher Siciliano and John Napolitani after the polls closed on May 14

The number of mail-in ballots that arrived at the Monmouth County Board of Elections at the 8PM Thursday deadline is insufficient to alter to unofficial result of the non-partisan Ocean Township municipal election reported  on Tuesday night, MMM as learned.

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Mail in Ballots Could Determine 5th Spot on Ocean Township Council

The Advocates for Ocean / Ocean Taxpayer Coalition mystery PAC team waiting for vote counts on Tuesday night

Hundreds of vote by mail ballots for the Ocean Township non-partisan municipal election have yet to be returned to the Board of Elections, according to a Monmouth County election official.  Ballots postmarked on or before May 14 that arrive in Freehold before 8 p.m tonight will be included in the official count under a law signed by Governor Phil Murphy.

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Donlon Is Top Vote Getter In Ocean Township

Dr. Margie Donlon

Dr. Margie Donlon is the top vote getter in the non-partisan municipal election in Ocean Township.

If the unofficial results hold once all vote by mail ballots are received and counted, the Ocean Township Council starting on July 1 will be Donlon, Christoper Siciliano, the current Mayor, Dr. David Fisher, Councilman Rob Acerra and Councilman John Napolitani.

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Siciliano blamed mystery mailer on Gopal

Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling, Sen Vin Gopal and Mayor Christopher Siciliano

Ocean Township Christopher Siciliano, in a phone interview last week with MMM, blamed an inflammatory piece of campaign mail that was paid for by an unregistered political action committee on Senator Vin Gopal .

“It was probably Vin,” Siciliano said when asked who was behind the mailer which depicted Councilman Rob Acerra as the Texas Chainsaw muderer with a paid for disclosure by “Ocean Taxpayer Coalition, 700 Carol Ave, Oakhurst NJ 07755.”

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Prosecutor To Investigate Ocean Township Property Tax Fraud

Councilman John Napolitani does not deny the fraud when give the opportunity

Councilman John Napolitani did not deny that he is the member of the governing body who directed favorable treatment from the tax department for friends of the community

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating allegations that a member of the Ocean Township governing body had Stephen Gallagher (no relation to this blogger), the Township’s Chief Financial Officer, instruct employees of the Tax Department to remove properties of friends of the community, according to an announcement by Councilman Rob Acerra.

The allegations were made in a lawsuit by Meredith Nelson, Deputy Director of Finance, and first reported by MMM.

Acerra released a letter sent to the Prosecutor requesting the investigation and said he confirmed that the allegations would be investigated.

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