Governor Murphy’s Statement on Potential ICE Raids in New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy issued the following statement on Thursday evening:

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O’Scanlon blasts Murphy for not budgeting for minimum wage increase

Senator Declan O’Scanlon

Governor Phil Murphy and his team apparently failed to account for the impact on the minimum wage increase he signed into law earlier this year will have on his own State Budget.   Senator Declan O’Scanlon called this omission a “shocking failure.”

“Just a month ago the Governor patted himself on the back as he signed the minimum wage increase bill. During today’s Senate Budget hearing, we learned that incredibly, while he was preparing this budget, the Governor failed to provide the very funding necessary to meet the increased spending obligations triggered by his new minimum wage policy,” O’Scanlon said.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Pot Legalizaton Passes in Senate and Assembly Committees

After hours of delays for last minute amendments which caused the suspension of testimony and debate  a legislation that legalizes and establishes a regulatory structure of recreation marijuana passed the Assembly Appropriates Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday night, according to reports on Politico, InsiderNJ and NJGlobe.

Legislation to expunge marijuana convictions, including felony convictions for selling over 5 lbs of pot, passed the committees.  The felony expungement provisions prompted a strong reaction from Republican Senators Kip Bateman (Somerset), Michael Doherty (Warren) and Gerald Cardinale (Bergen).  Bateman said the bill contained “evil.”  Doherty said that the bill is a “deal with the devil.”  Cardinale suggested calling the bill, “the Drug Pusher’s Friend Act.” 

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New Jersey is a Sanctuary State Effective Today

The Murphy Administration’s directive that New Jersey Police and Corrections Officers thwart and/or refuse to cooperate with the enforcement of federal immigration laws took effect today, according to a NJ.com report.

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced the sanctuary policies in November:

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O’Scanlon: Stop the Madness. No More Throwing Taxpayer Money in the Street

Senator Declan O’Scanlon

After seeing salt covering New Jersey roads today, despite the fact that temperature is not supposed to drop below 37 degrees Fahrenheit over the next few days, Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth) said that “enough is enough” and demanded that the State put an end to the practice of unnecessary brining.

“It’s time for someone to challenge Governor Murphy’s assertion that this is a pennies per mile cost: it’s not. There was simply no way that a .17 per mile number was an accurate reflection of the cost to brine our roads when you account for labor, gas, and equipment. After speaking with a few of local officials we were able to confirm that the actual cost in totality is in excess of $12 or $13 per mile locally – and that is for areas that are more conservative with their usage of salt and brine,” O’Scanlon said.

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Monmouth Democrat wants NJ Transit ethics job, Creates his own ethical controversy

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik inducts Bob Salman into the Monmouth Dem Hall of Fame. Middletown Mike photo.

A prominent Monmouth County Democrat who wants the newly created position of chief ethics officer at New Jersey Transit finds himself in a self induced ethical controversy after an email he sent to other Democrat leaders was leaked to Politico.

Bob Salman, 79 of Marlboro, served as Inspector General of the Department of Transportation during the McGreevey/Codey and Corzine administrations.  Governor Christie appointed him to the Council on Local Mandates.  He is a member of the Democrat State Committee and is an inductee of the Monmouth Democrat Hall of Fame.

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Election Day Predictions 2018 —New Jersey will make the country wait

Bob Hugin speaking with Middletown Republicans. photo by Art Gallagher

U.S. Senate

Bob Hugin will have a 25,000 vote lead over Senator Bob Menendez tonight but a winner will not be declared until November 20.  Ballots post marked today and delivered by the post office by Thursday evening are to be counted under Governor Murphy’s new election law. There will be a record number of provisional ballots to be verified and counted or not.  There will be counts, recounts, lawsuits and reviews of security cameras at the North Bergen and Jersey City Post Offices before the final outcome is known. Read the rest of this entry »

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Facing anger and tears at town hall, Phil Murphy vows to fix N.J.’s school funding woes

The town hall crowd showed up Wednesday night in Willingboro to lambaste Gov. Phil Murphy over how New Jersey will dole out aid to public schools in his first state budget proposal. There was worry and anger. Some told Murphy he had let them down. One woman cried, and her 7-year-old son asked the Democratic governor… Read the rest of this entry »

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