What’s So “Good” About This Friday?

Understanding the Political Implications of the Arrest, Crucifixion and Death of the King of Kings


By Matt Rooney, Save Jersey.com

There’s both a theological and political answer to this age-old question, Save Jerseyans, one which every Christian ponders at one point or another during childhood.

After all, what’s so “good” about an objectively nice guy — Jesus of Nazareth — being arrested without cause, denied due process, condemned without evidence, ridiculed by his own people, betrayed by his closest friends, and brutally put to death by a tyrannical foreign power?

That’s a pretty “bad” Friday by anyone’s yardstick. The ACLU would’ve been all over this one.

Ghoulish though the scene may’ve been, it was truly “good” from a theological perspective because Jesus wasn’t just Jesus the regional political pariah or run of the mill desert preacher. He was the “Christ” incarnate, and He proved it by subsequently overcoming death and rising from the grave just three short days later. Having done so, He successfully ransomed mankind from eternal death and purchased eternal life for everyone audacious enough to believe in Him. So He quite literally saved us from ourselves… Jersey and all!

But like any great heroic tale, the “how” here is no less significant than the “why.”

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