Live Events Coming to Atlantic Highlands Cinema

Atlantic Cinemas will soon be hosting live events–comedy acts, concerts, puppet shows and the like– in one of its five theaters on 1st Ave in Atlantic Highlands.

Owner Fred Rast has installed a stage in his 240 seat playhouse in order to enhance the entertainment offerings provided to northern Monmouth County residents.

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“Congenial” Republican Primary in Atlantic Highlands Gets Ugly

Boms disavows Frotton’s flyer

Golden affirms his endorsements

In early April the four candidates running for two Republican nominations for Atlantic Highlands Borough Council declared in a facebook group that they would hold a “congenial and productive primary strengthening our Party for 2018 and beyond.”  In early May the candidates said that they wanted the primary voters, “not individuals who want to wield control,” to choose the nominees.

The candidates, Penny Hofman-Morris, Richard Colangelo, Brian Boms, and Jim Murphy are all friends.   Colangelo and Murphy work together. Boms coaches youth sports with Colangelo and does business him.

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Atlantic Highlands Democrats Endorse Independent Republican Council Candidates

Former Mayor Fred Rast, a Republican, and Regina Keelen, Atlantic Highlands Democrat Chair, announce their support of Lou Fligor and Jake Hoffman for reelection

Former Mayor Fred Rast, a Republican, and Regina Keelen, Atlantic Highlands Democrat Chair, announce their support of Lou Fligor and Jake Hoffman for reelection

Atlantic Highlands-Democrat Candidates for Borough Council, Edward Cetron and Elliot Warren have withdrawn their names from the general election ballot and the local Democrat Party has endorsed incumbent Republican Councilmen Lou Fligor and Jake Hoffmann for reelection.  Fligor and Hoffmann are running for as Independents after being denied the Republican endorsement by GOP Municipal Chair Jane Frotton.

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New seats at Atlantic Cinemas

Atlantic Cinemas owner tests his new seats.

Atlantic Cinemas owner Fred Rast tests his new seats.

Atlantic Cinemas, our sponsor on 1st Ave in Atlantic Highlands, completed a major step in their ongoing modernization with the installation new wider seats with thicker cushions in Cinema 3 this week.

Those coming out to see Zootopia and London Has Fallen in Atlantic Highlands this week will be the first to enjoy the higher seat backs and movable armrests.

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Atlantic Highlands Mayor Fred Rast Encourages Republicans and Independent Voters To Vote For Lou Fligor on June 2

Dear Citizens of Atlantic Highlands,

Over the past seven years that I have been your Mayor, I have made sure that politics played a very small role in operating our town. The successes we Fred Rasthave had during these years are 100% due to the fact that I, as Mayor, and most of our Council, have worked together to protect and enhance our town.

I have also never allowed political interference in my appointments and actions. As a matter of fact, approximately half of my appointments have been people who are not registered Republicans.

The County, as is their prerogative, have chosen to support the request of the Atlantic Highlands Chair of the Republican Party to place Jack Archibald as the “Party Line Candidate”. The vote of the local Republican Committee between Lou and Jack was a split vote of 4 to 4. We believe the people should have a choice so the Atlantic Highlands Republican party will have a primary on June 2, 2015.

Lou Fligor is his own man. He is the most dedicated public servant of the people of our town, a champion of our town’s people. He has led the battle to force the Gas Company’s clean-up operations. He spearheaded the committee to dissolve the Atlantic Highlands/Highlands Regional Sewer Authority, which has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last year alone. Lou is the person we all see working for our town 365 days a year, not just during election time. He is a self-made man, who keeps his actions above political considerations. He is a true, loyal friend to all of our town’s people. Lou wants the job, not just the title as Mayor.

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“Party crashers” could determine Atlantic Highlands GOP mayoral nominee

Atlantic Highlands Councilmen Jack Archibald,left, and Lou Fligor, right, face off for the Republican nomination for mayor in the June 2 primary

Atlantic Highlands Councilmen Jack Archibald, left, and Lou Fligor, right, face off for the Republican nomination for mayor in the June 2 primary

Partisan primaries in New Jersey are usually very low turnout elections. Mostly they are uncontested, so only die hard partisans, poll workers and their friends who bring them doughnuts bother to vote. In Atlantic Highlands last year, of the roughly 700 registered Republicans, only 101 voted in the primary. Only 68 or the roughly 800 Democrats voted in the 2014 primary.

In contested primaries on a local level, the candidate with the “Party line” on the ballot usually has a huge advantage over a challenger.

The “Party line” advantage is being challenged in Atlantic Highlands in this year’s Republican primary on June 2.  Two long term Republican Councilmen are competing to be the Party’s nominee for mayor.   Incumbent Mayor Fred Rast, first elected in 2007, is keeping his promise to term limit himself out of office.  Councilman Jack Archibald and Councilman Lou Fligor both want to be mayor.

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Republicans Split In Atlantic Highlands


Atlantic Highlands Mayor Fred Rast. file photo

A simmering feud within the Atlantic Highlands GOP boiled over into the public eye yesterday afternoon during the Borough’s reorganization meeting as three of the five Republican elected officials split with two of their newly reelected colleagues to elect a Democrat up for reelection this year as Council President.

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno who was on hand to swear in veteran Councilmen Jack Archibald and Peter Doyle to their new terms was not pleased by the drama. “You’re killing me,” Guadagno said to Mayor Fred Rast, a Republican who supported the unorthodox move, according to a prominent county Republican who was present.

Republican Councilman Lou Fligor nominated Democrat Roy Dellosso to be Council President.   Jacob “Jake” Hoffman, also a Republican, joined Fligor, Dellossa, and Democrat Robert Sutton in electing Dellosso to the largely ceremonial post.  Archibald and Doyle voted no.

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Kryillos Confident, Working It Hard

Sen. Joe Kyrillos and Mayor Fred Rast greeting voters in Atlantic Highlands. photo by Art Gallagher

Sen. Joe Kyrillos and Mayor Fred Rast greeting voters in Atlantic Highlands. Photo by Art Gallagher. Click for larger view.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos said he won the U.S. Senate primary without the Bayshore Tea Party support, “by the largest margin in half a century,” and that he is confident that 13th legislative district Republicans will nominate him for another term in the June 4th primary election.

“We’re working hard,” Kyrillos said of himself and his running mates, “probably harder than we need to, but it is energizing and gratifying to meet with so many constituents.”

Kyrillos left the Golden, Arnone and DiMaso Armed Forces Day ‘friend raiser’ yesterday to hit the streets of Atlantic Highlands with Mayor Fred Rast.

Rast was a supporter of Bayshore Tea Party backed candidates in previous GOP primaries.  “Not this time,” said Rast as he and Kyrillos greeted residents at garage sales along Highland Ave.

Kyrillos said he saw no evidence that the BTPG backed challengers were making an impact on the campaign trail.

The challengers cancelled their door to door efforts today due to the weather.  Instead they made phone calls and had a picnic at Assembly candidate Edna Walsh’s house.

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Highlands: No Ferry Service Without Power Or More Police Support

Highlands Mayor Frank Nolan and Police Chief Joseph Blewet announced to an Emergency Information Meeting this afternoon that the borough’s restrictive access to downtown Highlands will continue for the foreseeable future and that as of now commuters will not be allowed to enter the town on Monday for ferry service to Manhattan.

Highlands has been closed to non-residents all week since the evacuation for Hurricane Sandy.  Police check points are in place at the two entrances to the community…at the base of the Captain Joseph Azzolina Bridge and at the corner of Waterwitch and Linden Avenues…no one without identification with a Highlands address or accompanied by a Highlands resident are allowed beyond the check points.

Blewet said there had been “a dozen or so” looting incidents reported and that the check points would continue until power is restored to the community.  The Highlands Police Department is being supported by officers from the State Attorney General’s office, the State Police, and the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.

Nolan told MMM that Highlands would need at least three additional police officers inorder to allow commuters into town or the full restoration of power to the borough.  Highlands is not yet on JCPL’s schedule for power restoration, according to the information they provided the Christie Administration.

Seastreak LLC, the ferry service that operates out of Highlands and Atlantic Highlands, sent an email to the customers on November 2 announcing that Nolan “will lift the public access restrictions” and that service would resume on Monday November 5.  The same message emailed was posted on the company’s website.

Jack Bevins, the Seastreak manager in charge at the Highlands Connors location told MMM that the company was indeed planning to resume limited service on Monday.  He said the Highlands OEM Director David Parker had given him permission, subject to a conversation with Blewet.  “This is the first I’ve heard there was a problem,” Bevins said when informed of Nolan’s and Blewet’s announcement.  He immediately left his crew that was restoring access to the fleet to speak with Blewet.

In Atlantic Highlands, Mayor Fred Rast and Harbor Commission Chairwoman Jane Frotton laughed at the notion of Seastreak operating out of their harbor on Monday.  The company’s announcement said they “hoped” to be able to resume service in Atlantic Highlands on Tuesday.  Rast and Frotton said the barge would have to be replaced and parking at the Senior Housing cleared before commuters would be allowed into Atlantic Highlands.   Tuesday appears to be a pipedream.

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Christine O’Donnell coming to Hazlet to raise campaign cash for Anna Little

 This is not what I had in mind when I called on John Bennett and Sam Thompson, the GOP chairmen of Monmouth and Middlesex counties, to fix Anna Little’s overdraft.:


Monmouth County Republican Chairman John Bennett & Middlesex County Republican Chairman Samuel Thompson
cordially invite you to join them for
An Evening with Anna Little
Featuring Nationally Recognized Political Commentator, Author, and True Patriot
~ Christine O’Donnell ~
Please Join Us at Lakeside Manor
Tuesday, August 14th From 6:00 PM – 8:00PM
410 Route 36 Hazlet, New Jersey 07730

Patriot Ticket

Co-Host Sponsorship

Other Sponsorships Available – Please Call for Details

~ RSVP TODAY – Space is Limited ~

Call 732-658-5461

Please Mail Event Contribution Checks To:
Friends of Anna Little
P.O. Box 382, Highlands, NJ 07732

Please Include: Employer and Occupation in the memo line
(Information Required by Federal/State Law – if self employed list ‘self’ and industry ie: Attorney)

~Thank You to Our Host Committee ~

Municipal Chair of Old Bridge, Anita Greenburg, Assemblyman Rob Clifton, President of Affiliated Republican Club Wayne Pomanowski & Mayor Fred Rast of Atlantic Highlands

In case you blocked it out, O’Donnell was the 2010 Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware who scored an upset primary victory over former Governor Mike Castle  before going on to lose badly to Christopher Coons, costing the GOP the opportunity to take what had been Joe Biden’s Senate seat.  Castle was considered a sure victor in the general election had he been the nominee.

O’Donnell was a deeply flawed candidate.

The NJ media has compared Little to O’Donnell too often.  Once would have been too often.  Now the comparisons will inevitably start again.  The only thing that could prevent The Star Ledger’s Tom Moran or Politickernj from making such a comparison is if Little fails to get enough traction against Frank Pallone to warrant any ink.

The comparisons could start, mercifully, with failure to file notices from the FEC.

Governor Chris Christie campaigned for Castle in 2010.

He also appeared at least two fund raisers for Little in 2010.  Those weren’t catering hall fund raisers.  They were held at elegant waterfront private homes.  This news makes one wonder about Bennett’s and Thompson’s clout with the Governor.  This one makes one wonder if Christie will be stumping for Little in October.

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