Bridgegate Fall Guy Was Inside Man

The political operative who helped mastermind the notorious lane closures at the George Washington Bridge — and is now cooperating with a federal investigation of the Bridgegate scandal — had more extensive contact with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s inner circle than the governor has acknowledged. That is the conclusion of a WNYC examination of calendars… Read the rest of this entry »

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Monmouth Freeholders Step Up After Port Authority Reneges On Park Funding

Freeholder Lillian Burry, Open Space Champion

Freeholder Lillian Burry, Open Space Champion

Monmouth County will have a new 250 acre park in Aberdeen and Marlboro Townships, despite the fact that Port Authority of NY/NJ backed out of a commitment to fund $5 million to purchase 87.8 acres of the open space from a developer who had approvals to build 250 homes on the property.

Today, the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders approved funding the entire $10.6 million land purchase from Aberdeen/Wilson Associates, LLC through the County’s Open Space Trust Fund.

“The Port Authority appears to be unwilling to honor its commitment of sharing to fund a project that will preserve significant portions of the Matawan Creek watershed and eventually provide a 250-acre park,” said Freeholder Lillian G. Burry, liaison to the County Park System. “The Port Authority’s offer to help move this deal forward appears to have been withdrawn.  Fortunately, Monmouth County has an invaluable Open Space Trust Fund to finance the entire purchase.”

State Senator Joe Kyrillos praised the Freeholder Board, the NY/NJ Baykeeper and Aberdeen Township for making the park a reality and slammed Port Authority for backing out of the deal.

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John Heyer is no Wally Edge

Vin Gopal. Not Devender Singh or John Heyer.

Vin Gopal. Not Devender Singh or John Heyer.

It took ten years for the identity of “Wally Edge,” founder of PolitickerNJ, to be revealed as David Wildstein, the former Mayor of Livingston, Chris Christie high school classmate and former Port Authority of NY/NJ Director of George Washington Bridge Lane Closures.

It’s taken less than a month to reveal the identity of “John Heyer” the anonymous blogger behind JerseyShoreInsider, if frequent MMM commenter and Neptune Township GOP County Committeeman Jim Granelli is right.

The real Wally Edge was twice the governor of New Jersey and a U.S. Senator.  The real John Heyer was a Monmouth County Freeholder in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, after fighting in the Civil War.

The fake “John Heyer” and JerseyShoreInsider blogger is really Deputy Vice Chairman of the State Democratic Party and Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal, according to Granelli.

Gopal engaged Granelli on facebook as himself, apparently thinking he was signed in to facebook as “Heyer,” according to a copy of the exchange that Granelli sent MMM:

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Report: Christie is U.S. Attorney’s target

MMM photo/Art Gallagher

MMM photo/Art Gallagher

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman is leaning on former Port Authority officials David Samson, Bill Baroni and David Wildstein and Charles McKenna, Governor Chris Christie’s former Chief Counsel, to”filp” on Christie, according to a report published on Esquire today.

Esquire’s two anonymous sources “with intimate knowledge” of Fishman’s investigation into “Bridgegate” said that Samson, Baroni and Wildstein each face “near-certain” indictment.

Esquire says that Baroni and Wildstein have implicated Samson and that “if Sampson doesn’t give Fishman Christie, Sampson is toast.”

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Christie’s Internal Bridgegate Report To Be Released Thursday

MMM photo/Art Gallagher

MMM photo/Art Gallagher

The former prosecutors that the Christie Administration hired to perform an internal investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane closures and allegations made by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer that Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno told Zimmer that Sandy aid for Hoboken was contingent upon a development approval will release the findings of their investigation on Thursday morning at 11:30.

New York Times article about the report published on Sunday says it will address what and when Mr. Christie and his aides knew about the lane closings; analyze the structure, practices and culture of the Christie administration that contributed to the scandal; and issue pointed recommendations to prevent such conduct in the future.

Randy Mastro, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and a Deputy to former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, lead the team of lawyers from Gibson Dunn in conducting the investigation.  Over 70 interviews were conducted and thousands of documents reviewed in the probe that cost New Jersey taxpayers over $1 million.

Three key players in the Bridgegate scandal, Christie former Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Ann Kelly, Christie’s former political strategist Bill Stepien and David Wildstein, Christie’s former #2 at the Port Authority of NY/NJ, did not submit to interviews with Mastro’s team.

A joint legislative committee lead by Assemblyman John Wisniewski and Senator Loretta Weinberg continues to investigate the Bridgegate matters. U. S Attorney Paul Fishman’s office is also investigating.

Christie told NJ 101.5’s Eric Scott during his Ask the Governor radio show on Wednesday evening that if Mastro’s report implicates members of his staff, that punitive measures will be taken.

MMM will livestream Mastro’s press conference on Thursday at 11:30 AM

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New bridge scandal e-mails include Christie chief strategist Mike DuHaime

New bridge scandal e-mails include Christie chief strategist Mike DuHaime (via

TRENTON — New e-mails released today by the legislative panel investigating the George Washington Bridge lane closings link Gov. Chris Christie’s chief political strategist, Mike DuHaime, to discussions about the scandal and show more intimate involvement…

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Port Authority officials: Battle over toll hikes was all for show

Port Authority officials: Battle over toll hikes was all for show (via

On Aug. 5, 2011, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey issued a jaw-dropping proposal to immediately raise bridge and tunnel tolls by $4 for E-ZPass subscribers and $7 for cash customers, followed by another increase in 2014. The proposed hikes…

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Fort Lee Mayor Believes Christie, Not Wildstein

Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich did not endorse Governor Chris Christie’s reelection.  Many think that decision led Christie staffers and Port Authority appointees to shut down his town’s access to the George Washington Bridge.  The controversy over the GWB lane closures has enthralled the national and local media for the last month and put the governor’s presidential prospects in jeopardy.

Christie said he knew nothing about the lane closures until he heard about them in the media.  David Wildstien, the former Port Authority official who order the lane closure says that “evidence exists” that Christie knew about the lane closures “while they were happening.”

The Democratic mayor believes Christie and not Wildstein, according to a report at

“I’m the guy giving the governor the benefit of the doubt, and I take him at his word,” Sokolich said today in an interview. “I’ve said it 100 times, I’m not rooting for the highest elected official in the state of New Jersey to be involved in this. I’m not. But I don’t know, it seems like all sorts of things are happening.”

“I’m not a Wildstein fan, I’ve made no secret of that,” Sokolich said. “Anything that emanates from his camp has to be taken with a grain of salt.”

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Christie Uncorks On Wildstein, NY Times

Governor Chris Christie’s office went on the offensive today, attacking The New York Times and David Wildstein, in an email to friends and allies, according to a report at Politico.

The email reads as follows:

5 Things You Should Know About The Bombshell That’s Not A Bombshell


1. New York Times Bombshell Not A Bombshell. A media firestorm was set off by sloppy reporting from the New York Times and their suggestion that there was actually “evidence” when it was a letter alleging that “evidence exists.” Forced to change the lead almost immediately, the Times was roundly criticized, and its editor was forced to issue this extraordinary statement to the Huffington Post:

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Who leaked the letter?

best-place-in-town-take-a-leakMost people who are paying attention to ‘Bridgegate’ now realize that the letter from David Wildstein’s attorney, Alan Zegas, released to the press yesterday afternoon is not the smoking gun that many in the media have been hoping for that would put an end to Governor Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions or possibly lead to his resignation or impeachment.

The letter, part of a negotiation with Port Authority over Wildstein’s legal fees, is not evidence that Christie lied in his January 9, 2013 press conference.  The letter raises many questions and answers few if any.  Some of those questions could complicate Wildstein’s legal problems.  Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the co-chair of the state legislative committee investigating Bridgegate, wants to know why Wildstein did not include the evidence referred to in the letter with all the other documents he provided to the Assembly Transportation Committee, including the now infamous email exchange between Wildstein and Bridget Ann Kelly that blew the Bridgegate story open on January 8.

If any of the news outlets that reported on the letter revealed who released it, I missed it.

The release of the letter reignited the media frenzy over Bridgegate just as Christie was generating non-scandal related publicity associated with the Super Bowl and Howard Stern’s birthday.   That was obviously the intent of releasing the letter. By protecting the identity of the leaker, the media is complicit with that agenda.

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