Dean Addresses The False Rumors

chris-dean_jpgBy Christopher Dean, Marboro Town Council Candidate

I would like to address a question recently presented to me by supporters of my opposition concerning my campaign for town council and the fact that my wife is a member of the Board of Education.  I was advised that I shouldn’t have let my wife run for the Board of Education and just run my own campaign.

How ridiculous.  This is not 1920 and no one tells her what to do.  Both my wife and I are committed to public service.  We are both veterans of the Navy, having honorably served our country.  At that time, no one said that only one family member should serve, the Navy was happy to have us both serve, and they knew we were dedicated service persons.

My wife serves on the School Board with no salary or benefits and I pledge, if elected, to serve the town of Marlboro and not take one dime in salary or benefits. Which is more than I can say for all the incumbents up for election this year.

The only possible time that there could be a concern is if the school budget fails and the council is asked to vote on a budget.  At that time, I will have no choice but to recuse myself from that vote.  But since that circumstance has only happened once in the last ten years at the k-8 level, I don’t see the concern.  In fact, under those odds, I still would have a better voting record than a current councilman who has only voted on the township budget twice in the last 6 years.

It is sad that instead of joining like minded families in commitment of service to others, the opposition would rather tear us down and find fault with our service.  Of course, these alleged concerns don’t apply to them, after all there is no cause for concern with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Council Member are all named partners in a local law firm or the Council President’s husband is receiving no-bid contracts from the town. 

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