N.J. revenue growth lags behind Christie projections

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State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff testifies before Assembly Budget Committee on Governor Christie’s announcement yesterday to grab $2.43 billion meant for the pension system to balance the state budget. Trenton, NJ 5/21/14 (Tony Kurdzuk/The Star-Ledger)

TRENTON — New Jersey’s revenue, which last month was on track to meet Gov. Chris Christie’s forecasts, has fallen behind the 5.2 percent growth rate built into this year’s budget, according to a new report released today. After November tax collections fell behind the governor’s expectations in a number of areas, the growth rate through the… Read the rest of this entry »

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Bill to restore N.J. property tax information removed by Christie administration advances

assetContent (7)TRENTON — The key state Senate committee today approved a bill requiring Gov. Chris Christie’s administration to restore information about property taxes that it had removed from a state website earlier this year. The bill ( S2056), which cleared the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, would require that the administration post the town-by-town average residential property… Read the rest of this entry »
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High-Profile Couple Will Have to Tiptoe Through Ethical Minefield

0216Credit: Governor’s Office/Tim Larsen The most notable “power couple” in Gov. Chris Christie’s administration is about to enter a new ethical minefield – one in which even talking about their jobs with one another could pose serious dilemmas. Christie Chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd’s move to become senior executive vice president and chief administrative officer for… Read the rest of this entry »
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The List: 10 Energy Questions in New Jersey That Need to Be Resolved

0102In New Jersey, energy issues have emerged as a high priority for both consumers and businesses, with costs typically ranging in the top 10 most expensive in the nation. The Christie administration’s Energy Master Plan cites cutting those costs as a chief concern, in part, to make New Jersey more competitive with neighboring states. It is… Read the rest of this entry »
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Judge issues restraining order on N.J. sports betting

A federal judge on Friday issued a temporary restraining order that will prevent Monmouth Park Racetrack in New Jersey from offering wagering on National Football League games this weekend, dealing a blow — at least temporarily — to the Christie administration, which has sought to legalize sports gambling to help prop up the state’s failing racetracks… Read the rest of this entry »
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New Commissioner Calls For Transportation Tax, New Tunnel, Expanded Light Rail

Jamie FoxCredit: Governor’s Office/Tim Larsen Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox To new Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox, the challenge is clear, and so is the solution: After years of “taking a Band-Aid approach to everything,” New Jersey’s transportation system is in crisis. The only way out is to raise taxes to replenish the soon-to-be-empty Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) and… Read the rest of this entry »
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Highlands Hero Gets RREM’d

After Closing On A RREM Grant, DCA Says A New Home For Vietnam Vet Is Not In The Cards

By Art Gallagher

Russell Card Jr removes his "family crest" from his family's home in Highlands in preparation for demolition . Photo via facebook

Russell Card Jr removes his “family crest” from his family’s home in Highlands in preparation for demolition . Photo via facebook

A Vietnam Veteran from Highlands and his 65 year-old wife had their expectations of a new home  crushed last week when their RREM approved builder informed them that a stop work order had been placed on their project by the Department of Community Affairs, with no explanation.   The family had prepared their house for demolition, based upon promises from DCA/RREM, and now fear they will be without a home.

Russell Card, a 72 year-old Vietnam Veteran from Highlands closed on his $150,000 RREM grant on July 28.  He put up his $18,000 escrow to cover the difference between the cost of the project and the amount granted.  Card, his wife Maureen and son Russell Jr, 35, prepared their home (which was built in the 1890’s and in the family since 1933) for demolition.   They moved most of their belongings into a POD on their immaculately maintained property and moved themselves into an apartment the size of the living room in the Bay Avenue house they have lived in since 1986.  By mid-September all the utilities were disconnected at the house and it was ready for demolition before their new home would be built.  The funding for the new home was the RREM grant, a gap grant of $30,000 from Gap Funding Initiative and $17,762 that was remaining from a $55,000 grant Mrs. Card had received from her employer, CareOne, after Sandy filled their home with eight feet of water on October 29, 2012.

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Kyrillos and Lesniak Fast Track Sports Betting Legislation

Sen. Joe Kyrillos

Sen. Joe Kyrillos

Senators Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) and Ray Lesniak have teamed up to sponsor legislation that will counter the professional sports leagues latest attempts to block sports betting in New Jersey.

The bill, which will be introduced during the Senate’s next session, would explicitly abolish language in state law that prohibits sports betting, a move that would reinforce the state attorney general’s effort to lift the injunction preventing the state from moving forward on plans to allow casinos and racetracks to accept wagers on sporting events. The measure would also prohibit the transport of sports-betting equipment across state lines and set an age requirement of 21 years old.

Last month acting Attorney General John Hoffman issued a directive that instructed law enforcement not to prosecute sports betting at racetracks and casinos.  The Christie Administration asked U. S. District Judge Michael Shipp to rule that New Jersey is not violating federal law by decriminalizing sports betting  and allowing private entities to operate and regulate the betting.

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New School-Funding Case Turns Spotlight on State’s Rural Districts

New Jersey’s school-funding fight is heading back to the courts — again. In yet another foray into the judicial arena that has become central to New Jersey’s school-funding struggles, lawyers have filed a formal complaint against the Christie administration over its failure to fully fund 16 mostly rural districts. Akin to the state’s landmark Abbott v.… Read the rest of this entry »
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Pivotal Questions Await Answers as School Bells Ring in New Jersey

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