Trooper on Christie’s Security Detail Busted for Theft in PA

A 35 year old State Trooper assigned to protect Governor Chris Christie and his family was arrested on theft charges in Hamburg, Pennsylvania last month, according to a report at NJWatchdog.

Trooper William A. Carvounis of North Brunswick is accused of stealing $267 in gun supplies and other goods from a Cabela’s store.

“During the course of his shopping, (Carvounis) would place items in his shopping basket. While walking around and continuing to shop, he would take various merchandise out of the package and conceal in his pockets…He would discard the empty packages on shelves throughout the store,” wrote Schwoyer in his sworn statement.

Security video also caught Carvounis’ coup de grace: The trooper tore the price tag from a Cabela’s hat, which he wore while trying to leave the store.

When Carvounis was apprehended and searched, authorities found a concealed weapon along with the pilfered loot. They soon realized their suspect was a law enforcement officer.

The report said Carvounis tried to get the retailer and the local police to drop the matter as a “professional courtesy” and that he invoked his connection to Christie in his plea for leniency.

Carvounis has been suspended from the NJ State Police and is due in Berks County Court of Common Pleas for his arraignment on February 10.

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