Christie’s off to Wall with education fairness plan

photo via Governor's office

photo via Governor’s office

By Art Gallagher

Governor Chris Christie is back on the Town Hall circuit…now he is calling them forums…as he meets New Jersey voters on Tuesday in Wall Township to promote the school funding formula that he announced last week.

The “Fairness Formula Forum” will take place in the Wall branch of the Monmouth County Library, 2700 Allaire Rd., Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.  The doors open at 2:15 p.m and seating his first come first served.  RSVPs are encouraged for planning purposes to  FairnessForum.Wall@NJ.Gov.

Christie is saying that he wants a referendum in 2017 to amend the State Constitution so that State education funding is distributed equally to all school age children throughout the New Jersey.  He says that the State would contribute $6,500 per student.  Currently roughly 75% of State funding goes to 31 school districts, formerly referred to Abbott districts for the landmark Abbott vs Burke NJ Supreme Court decision that mandated that the State subsidize poor and urban districts.

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Monmouth Dems Have A Freeholder Primary

Democrat Chairman Vin Gopal blames MMM publisher Art Gallagher for his primary fight

By Art Gallagher

Monmouth Dem Freeholder candidates Brenda Sue Fulton and Matt Doherty face a primary challenge from Bernie Sanders supporters Angelica Ashford and Laury Wills

Monmouth Dem Freeholder candidates Brenda Sue Fulton and Matt Doherty face a primary challenge from Bernie Sanders supporters Angelica Ashford and Laury Wills

The two Democrat nominees for Monmouth County Freeholder will be decided by voters in the Democrat Primary on June 4 as two candidates affiliated with the Bernie Sanders for President campaign filed to run for the nominations on Monday in Freehold.

Angelica Ashford of Manalapan and Laury Wills of Little Silver will be running against Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty and Brenda Sue Fulton in the Democrat primary.  Doherty and Fulton are the choice of Monmouth Democrat Chairman Vin Gopal and will be bracketed on the primary ballot with the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

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Art G returns to Tommy G

Art on TommyGYour favorite blogger will be taking his radio face to the Tommy G Show this afternoon.

The Tommy G Show is broadcast Monday through Friday from 3 p.m.-6 p.m. on 1450 Talk Radio, WTC The Voice of Central Jersey on your AM dial or via the Internet at  At Tommy’s website you can also link to an app through TuneIn to easily access the show everyday from your phone.

Art’s segment is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.  He and Tommy will be discussing the 2016 Presidential campaign, Governor Chris Christie’s return to New Jersey and you never know what else comes up when Tommy and Art get together.

Tune in for some fun yet provocative talk about some serious subjects.


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Opinion: Hope and Optimism Killed Christie’s Chances

By Art Gallagher

christie1Governor Chris Christie has been called, by friend and foes alike, the best political communicator since Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. Yet, after abandoning his post in New Jersey for the better part of two years in his quest for the presidency, the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire were unmoved by his talent.

As pundits and strategists dissect Christie’s failure, so far none have pointed to the obvious: Christie’s entitlement reform plan. Christie promised a harder future.

Donald Trump’s campaign in a variation of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.  “Yes we can” has been replaced by “Make America Great Again.”
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Art G joins Tommy G on the radio this afternoon: WCTC 1450 AM

ArtG and TommyGMMM publisher Art Gallagher will be TommyG’s guest on the TommyG radio show this afternoon from 3-3:30.  Art and Tommy will be talking about what’s ahead in 2016.  There’s lots to talk about.

The show can be heard on you AM radio in Central Jersey at 1450. Or listen on the net from you phone or computer here.

Everyone knows we’ll be electing a new President this year.  Will Donald Trump be the Republican nominee?  Tune in to hear why or why not.
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Some Perspective On Trump’s Surge

Donald Trump is Howard Beale with groomed hair, clean clothes and his own Boeing 757.

By Art Gallagher

Donald Trump has the media and political elite on both sides of the aisle in a tissy because he is leading the GOP field for the 2016 presidential nomination after committing two “unforgivable” sins against the politically correct commandments—his disparaging remarks about Mexican illegal immigrants and about Senator John McCain’s heroism.

Trump has already made a contribution to our PC culture as it is now safe to say “illegal immigrant” instead of “undocumented worker,” at least for the time being.

Trump is succeeding in large measure because he has given voice to those who are fed up with the elite PC thought and speech police.  He is expressing the frustration of many who are fed up with mealy mouth “leaders” who use a lot of words not to say anything and put the American people to sleep while fleecing them.  Many who don’t agree with “The Donald” are enjoying the show and are particularly enjoying watching the elites squirm as they try to discredit him…and Republicans in order to retain their cultural and economic power.

Trump’s popularity is surging because he is shouting that the emperors have no clothes and doing so in the manner of the fictional Howard Beale.

Donald Trump is Howard Beale with groomed hair, clean clothes and his own Boeing 757.

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Sanctimonious Pundits Get Christie Mocking Wrong

“I never thought I’d see so much of your anatomy” –The Camel Toe Movie

By Art Gallagher

11390166_10153310805449694_2321694108834720753_nRespected columnists on both the left and right have come to Governor Chris Christie’s defense against the viral social and new media reaction to the ridiculously embarrassing photos of Christie in a way too tight softball uniform last week.

Star Ledger sports columnist Steve Politi writes that we should give Christie credit for not being ashamed of his body and applaud him for putting on the skin tight uniform that revealed both girth and a lack thereof and getting on the field to raise money for a very good cause–the families of slain New York City police officers.  Politi noted that he was fat in high school and that he’s covered high school sports.  Therefore, he argued, we should not ridicule Christie because fat kids might stop participating in sports.

A Star Ledger editorial, presumably written by Editorial Page Editor Tom Moran who launched Christie’s YouTube career when he lectured to Governor on his manners, lectures his readers for acting like fifth graders, asks if we’d tolerate such nastiness if a female politician dressed like Christie did last week, and like Politi, asked if it would have been better if Christie had not taken the field in his tight white pants, as if Christie did not have another choice.  Moran, if he wrote the editorial, did not mention if he has ever been fat.

Ken Kurson, publisher of The Observer and a friend to many MMM regular readers, writes that he used to be fat and probably will be again while dubbing the social and new media’s reaction to the Governor’s appearance as “Disgraceful and Stupid Fat Shaming.”

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Gallagher on Power and Politics this weekend

Luke Margolis, Art Gallagher and Jay Lassiter on the News12 set

Luke Margolis, Art Gallagher and Jay Lassiter on the News12 set

Your favorite blogger appears on News12’s Power and Politics with Luke Margolis this weekend opposite the indefatigable Democratic activist Jay Lassiter.

Our topic was Congressman Chris Smith’s commitment to human rights and his controversial comments regarding LGBT rights vs human rights last month.

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Don’t Count On GOP Legislators Voting To Override Christie’s Port Authority Reform Veto

By Art Gallagher

assetContent (2)In his OpEd published this morning, former Kean and Whitman Administration spokesman Carl Golden makes the case why it is safe for New Jersey’s Republican legislators to defy Governor Chris Christie and join the Democratic majority in overriding Christie’s of the Port Authority reform legislation.

The two identical bills that Governors Christie and Cuomo vetoed on the Saturday between Christmas and New Years Day had passed overwhelmingly with bi-partisan support in both houses of the New Jersey and New York legislatures. The bills would have required increased transparency and accountability on the part of Port Authority of NY/NJ.

In vetoing the bills, Christie and Cuomo endorsed reforms proposed by a panel they had appointed and urged both legislatures to adopt them instead.  But as Golden noted in his OpEd, the vetoes have been widely viewed as maintaining the status quo of disfunctionality, wasteful spending and gubernatorial abuse at Port Authority.

In his five years in office, none of Christie’s vetoes have been overridden, even if the original bills passed the legislature with bi-partisan support and by veto proof majorities.  Republican legislators have frequently “flip-flopped” and changed their votes to uphold the Governor’s will.   As Golden explains,

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Winners and Losers of 2014


Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon led the effort to terminate New Jersey’s Red Light Camera Program.

O’Scanlon and Co. have been relentless in monitoring the Red Light Camera Program and telling the truth about it. They have hired independent experts to investigate complaints and document fraud within the program.  They have sorted through data that has regularly been obfuscated by the red light camera companies (and bureaucrats friendly to them) to reflect improved safety conditions at RCL intersections where in fact conditions had often worsened.   They have worked hard in getting the word out about the program’s failure and corruption. They have countered expensive advertising campaigns by the red light camera companies and countered expensive lobbyists working the halls of the Statehouse, without the benefit of the profits the red light camera companies stole from the motoring public to fund their efforts.

In thwarting the Red Light Camera Program’s renewal, O’Scanlon has proved himself to be “the real deal”….a leader who fights for the right thing because it is the right thing. He is an example of what a “public servant” should be.

Christine Giordano Hanlon 

Christine Hanlon croppedDubbed The Architect by Monmouth GOP Chairman Shaun Golden, Hanlon designed Golden’s defeat of John Bennett for leadership of the County Party, avenging her razor thin 3 vote defeat by Bennett in 2012.  By building a coalition of previous regional rivals and splitting Bennett’s 2012 coalition, which he failed to nourish, Hanlon demonstrated strategic leadership without seeking the limelight or accolades.

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