Keady Quits CD-4 Race

Jim Keady ended his candidacy for the Democrat nomination to lose to Congressman Chris Smith this afternoon.

The former Asbury Park councilman who earned 43% of the vote as an off the line challenger in the 2016 CD-4 Democrat primary released the following statement to his supporters via email:

Keady2020 Supporter:

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Keady’s CD-4 candidacy is “day to day” following establishment ambush

Jim Keady told MMM that his candidacy for the Democrat nomination for congress in the 4th district of New Jersey is day to day following what he dubbed as a “well coordinated political ambush” by one of his opponents, Stephanie Schmid, Monmouth County’s Democrat leadership and two of his former female political allies with whom he has had varying degrees of personal relations.
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Keady running for CD-4 2020 Dem nomination

Former Asbury Park Councilman Jim Keady is taking another shot at the Democrat nomination to challenge  Congressman Chris Smith next year.

Keady lost the nomination to trespasser Josh Welle in 2018.

He announced his candidacy with two fundraising tweets yesterday that did not explicitly say he is running. He confirmed he is a candidate via text message and has registered with the FEC.

An unabashed Bernie Sanders supporter, Keady is running on a platform of Medicare for all, free college for all and the green new deal that would ban cow farts, gasoline and air conditioning.

Five other candidates have filed with the FEC as candidates for the CD-4 Democrat nomination.


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Smith will run in 2020

Congressman Chris Smith and Freeholder Gerry Scharfenberger at the 2016 9/11 remembrance in Middletown

Congressman Chris Smith is running for 21st term in the House of Representatives next year and would be content to run another 4-5 times, according to a interview he had with NJGlobe.

“I’ve never been more enthusiastic about a job in my life,” Smith said.  “I hope to have another decade here.  I love it that much.”

Smith was responding to rumors that he would retire in 2020. In 2018, MoveOn.Org had a fundraising campaign based upon their lie that the Dean of the New Jersey delegation was retiring.

“It’s a type of smear,” Smith told NJGlobe of the retirement rumors.  “It’s factually untrue.  It’s unethical.”

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Mary Pat Christie for Congress? From the 11th or the 3rd district?


Former Governor Chris Christie floated the idea of his wife, Mary Pat Christie, running for Congress in the 11th district next year as a challenger to freshman Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, according to a report at NewJerseyGlobe.

Sherrill, who flipped the Republican 11th district convincingly with a 57%-42%  victory over Assemblyman Jay Webber, and raised a gazillion dollars to do it, will be tough to beat in 2020.

Mary Pat would have a much easier race against 3rd district freshman Congressman Andy Kim who barely beat Tom MacArthur last year.   The Chrisites own a house in Bay Head, in addition to their home in Mendam.  MacArthur relocated to Ocean County from Morris County to run for the seat after Jon Runyan retired in 2014.

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