Robert Neff will run for reelection as Little Silver Mayor

Little Silver Mayor Robert C. Neff announced today that he is seeking a third term leading the Borough.

Neff, a 56 year old attorney has been mayor since 2011.  He and Council members Donald Galante and Corinne Thygeson are running as a team for the Republican nominations in the primary on June 4 with the “overwhelming endorsement” of the local GOP organization, according to their announcement.

“The committee’s support for Bob was extremely strong, and we look forward to working with Bob and his running mates to continue to serve the people of Little Silver,” said Little Silver Republican Chairman Stuart Van Winkle.

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Acerra To Seek Reelection in Ocean Township

Ocean Township Councilman Rob Acerra

Ocean Township Councilman Rob Acerra announced today that he is running for a second four year term on the non-partisan Township Council.  The election will be held on May 14.

In his announcement, Acerra said that he is an independent voice for Ocean residents who has been fighting against higher taxes, over-development and for local government transparency.

“For four years, fighting for Ocean Township Residents has been my top priority, and if reelected on May 14, it will continue to be,” Acerra said.  “With all the burdensome taxes and regulations coming from the politicians in Trenton, Ocean Township must continue fighting to keep local taxes stable and bring down the cost of doing business.  It is imperative that we fight to make Ocean Township more affordable for our seniors and families.”

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Republicans Urging Guadagno To Run For Assembly


Kim Guadagno

Former Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno today said Republicans have asked her to run for State Assembly in the 13th legislative district.

So far, Guadagno has politely turned down the overtures, citing family issues and her commitment to her job as a partner as at the Connell Foley law firm.  “Too many non billable hours,” she said in a text when MMM raised the issue with her last month, “Thank you for thinking of me, but the timing is not good for me or my family.”  She also said she would run if she won the lottery.

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Pearl Lee considering LD 11 Assembly bid

Pearl Lee

Pearl Lee, the Republican candidate for Red Bank Mayor last month, told MMM that she reached out to Monmouth Republican Chairman Shaun Golden to express her interest in challenging Democrat Assembly Members Eric Houghtailing and Joann Downey in the 11th legislative district next year.

Lee, 64, a retired small business owner, had never sought elected office before securing the Republican nomination for Red Bank Mayor last year as a write-in candidate in the June primary.  She sought the nomination after learning that  the local party failed to field a candidate to challenge Democrat Mayor Pat Menna.

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Welle mulls a run for Assembly in LD 13


Josh Welle marching in Asbury Park with Sen Bob Menendez and Congressman Frank Pallone

NewJerseyGlobe is reporting that Josh Welle said he is considering as run for State Assembly in from the 13th Legislative district.

“It’s something I’m taking a look at,” Welle told the New Jersey Globe.  “I’m going to take the next few weeks to see if that makes sense and see if it’s the best way for me to serve.”

Welle, who is registered to vote in Virginia, did not say if he would seek the Democrat or Republican nomination for Assembly.   He’s been a registered Democrat for less than two years, declaring himself a D after he was turned down for a White House Fellowship in the Trump Administration in 2017.  Shortly thereafter he started running for the Democrat nomination for Congress from New Jersey’s 4th district.

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Jon Bramnick’s Political Playbook

“Our message in New Jersey as Republicans has always been one of fiscal responsibility and civility,” said Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) in an interview with WNYC radio. “I want people to know that as a Republican in this state, I want to respect people and bring people together. And, if that message is not coming from Washington, it is going to come from me.”

Bramnick, like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, is preparing to take another beating and to politely ask for more.

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Democrats in the running for Handlin’s Assembly seat

Josh Welle and Amber Gesslein could run for the Dem nominations for Assembly in LD 13 next year.

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin’s announcement that she will not seek reelection next year inevitably creates speculation on who will run to replace her. While party leaders on both sides of the aisle would rather their troops stay focused on the election coming up next month, the jockeying has started given how infrequently a vacancy occurs in the 13th district.

Democrats, who normally lose badly in the district will likely have a contest for the two Assembly nominations next year, given Handlin’s vacancy and Serena DiMaso serving her freshman term.  DiMaso put something of a target on her back with the Dems when she made a robocall criticizing LD 11 Assemblymembers Eric Hougtaling and Joann Downey for voting for Governor Murphy’s tax increases.  Houghtaling and Downey responded to DiMaso’s robocall with an ethics complaint.

With the Assembly on top of the ballot next year, Dems will likely be motivated and funded, even in LD 13.

Potential Democrat Candidates for LD 13 Assembly in 2019 who are running for other offices this year:

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