Video: “Somebody is dead here” –Colts Neck 9-1-1 call

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Greg’s List: Things to Do in Monmouth County This Weekend, December 7-9, 2018:

By Greg Kelly

Courtesy of Teddy Bears by the Shore

Friday, Dec. 7

  • Christmas Lantern Tours at Allaire Village – MORE INFO
  • Scrooge (Spring Lake) – MORE INFO
  • A Christmas Carol: The Musical at Algonquin Arts Theatre (Manasquan) – MORE INFO
  • Holiday Spectacular & Train Display at InfoAge (Wall Twp.) – MORE INFO
  • August Wilson’s King Hedley II at TRT (Red Bank) – MORE INFO
  • “The Outsiders” by Shore Players at SRHS (WLB) – MORE INFO
  • Wreath Making Class at Sickles Market (Little Silver) – MORE INFO
  • Colonial Holiday Bazaar (Shrewsbury) – MORE INFO
  • Historic Lantern Tour at Allen House (Shrewsbury) – MORE INFO

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Hornik will seek fourth term as Marlboro mayor

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik

Jonathan Hornik will run for a fourth consecutive term as Mayor of  Marlboro Township.

The mayor announced his candidacy on the Tommy G Show Tuesday afternoon during MMM publisher Art Gallagher’s guest appearance on popular drive time radio show.

First elected in 2007 when he defeated incumbent Republican Dr. Robert Kleinberg in a race that got statewide attention when Kleinberg incurred the pubic wrath radio personality Jim Gearhart and Asbury Park Press columnist Bob Ingle by falsely claiming Gearhart’s endorsement.  Kleinberg then went on the air with Gearhart the day before the election to argue with the host and defend his campaign mail.

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Pearl Lee considering LD 11 Assembly bid

Pearl Lee

Pearl Lee, the Republican candidate for Red Bank Mayor last month, told MMM that she reached out to Monmouth Republican Chairman Shaun Golden to express her interest in challenging Democrat Assembly Members Eric Houghtailing and Joann Downey in the 11th legislative district next year.

Lee, 64, a retired small business owner, had never sought elected office before securing the Republican nomination for Red Bank Mayor last year as a write-in candidate in the June primary.  She sought the nomination after learning that  the local party failed to field a candidate to challenge Democrat Mayor Pat Menna.

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Tune into the Tommy G Show 3PM on Tuesday

Art Gallagher is back on the Tommy G Show on Tuesday afternoon, December 4 at 3 PM.

Tommy’s show is always good for laughs and provocative conversation about local, state and national news.  On the agenda on Tuesday afternoon is a discussion about the horrific murders in Colts Neck late last month and some of the big changes coming to New Jersey courtesy of Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal.

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Welle mulls a run for Assembly in LD 13


Josh Welle marching in Asbury Park with Sen Bob Menendez and Congressman Frank Pallone

NewJerseyGlobe is reporting that Josh Welle said he is considering as run for State Assembly in from the 13th Legislative district.

“It’s something I’m taking a look at,” Welle told the New Jersey Globe.  “I’m going to take the next few weeks to see if that makes sense and see if it’s the best way for me to serve.”

Welle, who is registered to vote in Virginia, did not say if he would seek the Democrat or Republican nomination for Assembly.   He’s been a registered Democrat for less than two years, declaring himself a D after he was turned down for a White House Fellowship in the Trump Administration in 2017.  Shortly thereafter he started running for the Democrat nomination for Congress from New Jersey’s 4th district.

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President George H.W. Bush Speaks At Trenton-Robbinsville Airport, October 22, 1992


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Will the “Women’s March Asbury Park” Protest the Latest “#MeToo Villain” Neil deGrasse Tyson, Appearing Here on Thursday?

By Tom DeSeno

No, they won’t.  The feminist group Women’s March Asbury Park will not protest the appearance of a man now thrice accused of sexual misconduct at his work and school, one woman claiming to have been drugged and raped.

They won’t; the Women’s Convention won’t. The Progressive “outrage team” won’t protest.  The “outrage team” is the political apparat of the Asbury Park City Council, who usually protests any social injustice, real or imagined.  But none of them will protest Tyson.

In fact, in this self-proclaimed haven of woke progressives and social justice warriors known as Asbury Park, not a single tattooed feminist will show up at Paramount Theater this Thursday with a protest sign against Tyson.  There will be ZERO support for women who say they were sexually harassed, molested and raped.   For the love of Bill Cosby, why not?

I’ll tell you why the feminists will fail to show for these women at the end of this piece.  First let’s set the stage.

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On the Passing of President George H.W. Bush

By Congressman Chris Smith

President Bush was not only a hero of World War II—brave, tenacious fearless and awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism under fire—but he was also an extraordinary family man who deeply loved his wife Barbara and family and spent his entire public life pursuing peace and an end to the cold war.  He inspired selfless public service—a thousand points of light—and generosity and compassion for others, especially those in need.   As both President and Vice President, he visited my district and the biggest takeaway from those experiences as well as working with him in Washington was how gracious and kind and humble he was.  Despite being the most powerful political leader on earth, he regarded the issues and solutions to problems as far more important than himself—truly amazing.

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George H. W. Bush, 1924-2018


George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, died last night at the age of 94.

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