Monmouth County Mayors Meet to Address JCP&L’s Shortcomings

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Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore’s Update

Clean-up of areas affected by Hurricane Sandy continues. Crews will continue picking up bulk items throughout affected areas of the community daily.

Crews will return to streets as many times as needed to collect all items. You may also take bulky items to the three designated locations – Greely Park in Port Monmouth, Belford Park in Belford and Kunkel Park in Leonardo.

A brush pick up schedule will soon be released. You may begin placing brush at the curb now. Please put all brush in a safe location and do not block sidewalks and the roadway.

For those who need shelter or emergency relief items such as clothing or food can go to Croydon Hall at 900 Leonardville Road. For those wishing to donate the most requested items are new socks and undergarments for adults and children cleaning supplies, bleach, trash bags, shovels, gloves and household batteries of all sizes.

For those who would like to make a monetary donation, we’ve established an organization called the Middletown Disaster Relief Fund. Tax deductible Donations can be sent to Mayor’s Office, Town Hall, 1 Kings Highway, Middletown, NJ 07748

JCP&L has provided the Governor with a municipal restoration update. Check their website for details.

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Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore Sets Up Charity To Assist Bayshore Residents

Has high praise for Congressmen Chris Smith and Rush Holt.

Angry with Congressman Pallone and JCP&L

Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore has set up a charitable fund to assist residents of the storm battered bayshore sections of the township.  The Middletown Disaster Relief Fund is accepting tax deductible donations to help residents of Leonardo, Belford, Port Monmouth and North Middletown.

Donations can be sent to:

Middletown Disaster Relief Fund

c/o Mayor’s Office

1 Kings Highway

Middletown, NJ 07748

Praise for Smith and Holt

“Congressman Chris Smith has been an absolute godsend, he’s the hero of the bayshore,” Fiore exclaimed during an interview on Friday. “The north side of the township is a disaster area.  Smith was here for hours. He’s getting us added security and federal assistance. That part of town is not even in his district.”

“Rush Holt has been great.  Middletown is not part of his district anymore, yet he called and offered his help for which I am very grateful.”

Where’s Frank? 

Fiore is not happy with Congressman Frank Pallone.

“I haven’t heard from him since August of 2011.  Someone should tell him that his constituents on the bayshore are hurting.  He’s off surveying a fishing pier in Middlesex County that no one fishes from and that is far from where anyone lives.”  Fiore said that a “low level staffer” from Pallone’s office called his Mayor’s office.  The mayor’s assistant called back and asked that the congressman call the mayor directly on his cell.  Fiore said he hasn’t heard from him.

“JCPL was better after Irene”

“I’m tired of hearing about how this is the worst storm ever and how they’ve never encountered anything like this.  Take the excuses back to Ohio,” a frustrated Fiore said of electric utility JCPL, a subsidiary of Ohio based First Energy Corp.

“PSE&G and Atantic City Electric are restoring power much faster than JCP&L is, I’m really tired of the excuses.  They should have been better prepared.”

Fiore was highly critical of the utility during and after the August 2011 Hurricane Irene.  His frustrations with them are worse this time.

“They are avoiding being held accountable, said the mayor ,”during Irene they gave me frequent updates and promises with which I could keep Middletown residents informed.  Now they are informing directly with the public.  There is no elected official holding them to account. My government affairs representative is doing as well as he can, but he and I can get the same information from the company’s web site.”

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Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore’s November 1 Update

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Moody’s Affirms Middletown’s Bond Rating

Moody’s Investors Services has affirmed its AA2 rating on Middletown Township’s $67 million general obligation bonds.

In a statement issued on Friday, March 23, the rating agency said,

“The Aa2 rating reflects the township’s sizable tax base, low debt profile, and sufficient liquidity and reserve levels. The affirmation also considers the township’s narrow fund balance of $2.14 million (or 3.5% of revenues) in fiscal 2010. The primary driver of the $3.70 million fund balance drawdown was due to an influx of negative tax appeal judgments following the 2009 revaluation, which resulted in $1.3 million impact on fund balance. Additionally, decreased state aid and increased health care and retroactive labor salary expenditures further pressured operations. However, in fiscal 2011, new management responsively conducted a reassessment of assessed valuation and reduced the budget by 5.8%. The unaudited year-end fund balance for fiscal 2011 is estimated to be $5.87 million (or roughly 9.2% of revenues). Moody’s expects the township to improve and maintain liquidity and Current Fund balance to reported unaudited figures. Inability to achieve such levels, will result in negative rating credit pressure.”

Moody’s recognised the Township’s prudent management, low debt level with rapid amortization and sizeable tax base with high levels of resident income. 

Mayor Tony Fiore said that he was very pleased by the rating agency’s opinion.  “At a time when many municipalities, including some of our neighbors, are seeing their credit ratings reduced, I am pleased that Moody’s recognised the prudent decisions that our administration has implemented during these most challenging economic times.”

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Fiore: “JCP&L’s communication to the public is terrible”

“Government Affairs Representative Roberta Sheridan’s communication is fantastic”

“People think I am making this crap up!” exclaimed Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore in frustration over JCP&L personnel giving the public information that contradicts what he has been told by JCP&L’s government affairs representative Roberta Sheridan.

“Sheridan is doing a great job,” said Fiore, “she told me at 10:30 this morning that there were still 1518 customers in the township without power and that 1264 of them would be restored today and 254 tomorrow. Linemen are telling people they won’t have power anytime soon. On the phone they’re telling people they will have power next week.”

Fiore asked that MMM post Sheridan’s email so that Middletown residents would have accurate information and would not think that he is a sewer truck:

From: rsheridan
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 10:31:02 -0400
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: update

we are working all over the township today……….waiting for the areas to be identified……..total of 1,518 customers out in all of the Township, today we are scheduled to bring 1, 264 back in power the remaining 254 tomorrow………..r

Roberta Sheridan

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Shadow Lake Cleanup Clears Budget Committee

Funding Measure Now Heads to Full Senate

Middletown—Senator Joe Kyrillos, co-prime sponsor of legislation establishing New Jersey’s landmark Environmental Infrastructure Trust (EIT), is pleased to announce that special financing for the cleanup of Middletown’s Shadow Lake has cleared the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today:

“It has been a very long fight for the residents of this community,” said Kyrillos. “I am thrilled that the financing for this project is finally nearing approval. The Environmental Infrastructure Trust was established for just this purpose- to restore contaminated natural treasures and improve the environmental quality of our communities.”

If approved by the Legislature, the bill appropriates $2.7 million in low interest financing for the Township of Middletown to dredge the Shadow Lake in order to remove contaminated sediments at the bottom of the lake. The dredge spoils will be transported to a properly licensed facility off site.

“Thanks to the efforts of Senator Kyrillos the residents of the communities surrounding Shadow Lake can rest easier knowing that a project more than a decade in the making is nearing reality,” said Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore. “In addition to the Senator’s efforts in helping secure financing for this project, he has assisted the Township with the NJDEP to find a qualified site outside of Middletown for disposal of the dredge spoils.”

The legislation now heads to the full Senate for consideration.

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