Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center Educator Receives Sexual Risk Avoidance Designation

Shrewsbury, NJ – January 18, 2013 – Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) abstinence educator Kim Iverson from Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center in Shrewsbury has received the designation of SRAS (Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist) after completing an intensive certification training sponsored by the National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA). 

“The training offered helpful information on a wide variety of topics essential to Sexual Risk Avoidance Abstinence Education including relevant research findings on positive youth development and updated medical and social science data. The staff at Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center has benefited from this professional development opportunity, and is now even better equipped to serve the sexual and developmental health of the young people in our community,” stated Lorrie Erli, Executive Director at Solutions. Erli added, “Kim has developed a team of Straight Talk presenters who have met with over 25,500 Monmouth County teens since 2002. The presentations have been well received by students and educators.” The presentations are available by appointment to education and community groups that serve teens throughout Monmouth County.


Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center is a licensed medical facility offering free pregnancy confirmation and sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment. Located at 837 Broad Street in Shrewsbury, Solutions has been serving the needs of under-served and uninsured young women since 1985. Most recently Solutions was a designated agency serving victims of Hurricane Sandy in our area with baby food, diapers and clothing.


For more information about the services available through Solutions, visit the website at  www.SolutionsPHC.com, or call the offices at (732) 747-5454.


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NJ Right To Life Rally To Oppose Planned Parenthood Funding

Please come down to Trenton on Monday, May 23rd to let your voice be heard.

Event, Place and Time:  Rally on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 12 noon on the Steps of the State House in Trenton, followed by 2 p.m. Senate Voting Session, Senate Gallery, 2nd floor of State House

Purpose:  Oppose S2899, bill to fund Planned Parenthood

Revenue forecasts show that NJ is getting approximately $900 million from income tax returns and Senator Weinberg believes that $7.5M of it should go to Planned Parenthood!

That’s right.  I just received word that Senator Loretta Weinberg introduced bill S2899 to fund Planned Parenthood family planning clinics today and Senate President Stephen Sweeney agreed to post it for a 2 p.m. Senate vote on Monday, May 23rd.   In a statement released today, Senator Sweeney called Senator Weinberg, “a tireless advocate for women” and thanked her for her “constant and consistent fight on behalf of the women of New Jersey.”  They are furious at Governor Christie for repeatedly vetoing bills to restore funds to their favorite core constitutency – Planned Parenthood. 

Bill S2899 was introduced today, placed on 2nd reading and scheduled for a vote on Monday.  The reason they are rushing this bill through is because they are hoping NJ citizens aren’t paying attention.   Just last week, NJRTL exposed a 39 page deficiency report  obtained through an Open Public Records Act Request. The Report was issued by the NJ Department of Health and involved a recent inspection of Planned Parenthood of Mercer County’s abortion and family planning clinic citing numerous health and safety violations.  This report follows a videotape showing a Planned Parenthood clinic employee aiding and abetting sex traffickers of minor girls as young as 13.   

By pushing to fund Planned Parenthood in spite of its criminal activity and violation of health and safety laws, both of which place the lives of women and young girls in immediate danger, Senator Weinberg proves she is not a champion of women.  She is a champion and tireless advocate for Planned Parenthood and is fighting to fund them with our hard earned money.  That is why NJRTL has scheduled a rally in Trenton on Monday at 12 noon to support Governor Christie’s veto of these bills and expose Weinberg and Sweeney’s political chicanery in the name of women’s health. 

Can I count on you to stand with me on Monday, May 23rd  to send a message to our Senators to vote No on S2899 and let them know we are watching how they vote?  Please send this message to all your pro-life friends and family and please plan to attend the rally at 12 noon Monday, followed by the 2 p.m. Senate voting session, if possible!  Mothers with small children are welcome!   Please email me to let me know whether you will attend.  Please also send a prewritten message to your State Senator, two Assembly members and Governor Christie from the Legislative Action center of our Website on this matter.  Here is the link to the page.     Thank you!

For Life,

Marie Tasy, Executive Director New Jersey Right to Life

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Christie Will Attend Right To Life Rally

Governor Chris Christie will attend a Rally for Life on the steps of the statehouse in Trenton today.

The rally, sponsored by NJ Right to Life, is scheduled for 11:00am through 1:00PM.

Thanks to the MMM reader who pointed out how the Star Ledger chose to frame the news of the rally and Christie’s participation.   Rather than refer to NJ Right to Life and Christie as “pro-life,” they said both are “anti-abortion rights.”

The governor has said he is anti-abortion rights.

I’ve been following the governor pretty closely for the last two years.  I never heard him say, “I’m anti-abortion rights.”  I have heard him say, “I am pro-life.”  I heard him tell of how he became pro-life during one of his wife’s pregnancies.  Perhaps this is a matter of semantics.  The Ledger’s choice of words is revealing.

Since the Roe vs Wade decision 38 years ago the “life question” has been at the heart of political and cultural divisions within our great country.   The Supreme Court defined human  life based upon “viability” outside of the womb. The court found, or invented, “privacy rights” in the U.S. Constitution, and declared that a life that is not viable has the unjust power to violate a woman’s privacy rights by growing inside of her, but that once it becomes viable, based upon an unscientific timetable, the rights of the unborn exceed the privacy rights of the mother.

As medical technology has advanced over the last four decades, the “life choice” has become less and less abstract.  Technological advances have made the choice to terminate or nourish less a matter of faith or morality.  It is a matter of science.  The choice is ultimately no longer a matter of lifestyle, economics or convenience.  It is a choice of life and death.


Baby Steps (English) from American Life League on Vimeo.

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