Christie defends his school funding “Fairness Formula”

assetContentBy Chris Christie For 61/2 years, I have been able to effectively ignore the liberal, fact-twisting rantings of The Star-Ledger editorial board. But the stakes of this debate on property taxes and urban education are too great to ignore the newspaper’s latest emotional screed against my Fairness Formula. On property taxes, our residents pay the highest… Read the rest of this entry »

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Christie’s off to Wall with education fairness plan

photo via Governor's office

photo via Governor’s office

By Art Gallagher

Governor Chris Christie is back on the Town Hall circuit…now he is calling them forums…as he meets New Jersey voters on Tuesday in Wall Township to promote the school funding formula that he announced last week.

The “Fairness Formula Forum” will take place in the Wall branch of the Monmouth County Library, 2700 Allaire Rd., Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.  The doors open at 2:15 p.m and seating his first come first served.  RSVPs are encouraged for planning purposes to  FairnessForum.Wall@NJ.Gov.

Christie is saying that he wants a referendum in 2017 to amend the State Constitution so that State education funding is distributed equally to all school age children throughout the New Jersey.  He says that the State would contribute $6,500 per student.  Currently roughly 75% of State funding goes to 31 school districts, formerly referred to Abbott districts for the landmark Abbott vs Burke NJ Supreme Court decision that mandated that the State subsidize poor and urban districts.

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Garden State Equality and Frivolous Deeds of Treachery

“It was a mistake,” you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you.”

David Levithan, The Lover’s Dictionary

By Tommy DeSeno

beheadingGarden State Equality (GSE) is a civic group that supports equality for the LGBT community in New Jersey.  Started in 2004 by Steven Goldstein, a college professor and activist, it is run today by 25 year old Christian Fuscarino.  It’s powerful, with politicians and news media always at their events.

GSE has involved itself in protests of people, both business professionals and politicians, who they think are on the wrong side of LGBT equality.

For instance, GSE’s last protest was against Jack Kelly, an Ocean County Freeholder trying to get a cushy state job, seemingly to pad his pension.  A dozen years ago he wanted to deny pension benefits to the lesbian partner of the dying Laurel Hester, a sheriff’s officer, stating it would “hurt the sanctity of marriage.”  Before that, GSE protested Scott Garrett, a New Jersey Republican Congressman over a comment he denies making.

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No Proof $1+ Billion Gas Tax Increase Is Necessary

By Senator Mike Doherty (R-23)

Mike DohertyWith a $1.3 billion gas tax increase proposed by some in the Legislature, it’s more important than ever to understand New Jersey’s transportation spending.

More than a year ago, I called for the state to create a “State Transportation Cost Analysis Task Force” to conduct a methodical analysis of the factors that contribute to New Jersey’s road costs, compare our costs to those of other states, and provide recommendations to complete projects more cost-effectively.

While many would consider this legislation to be a matter of common sense, it has failed to advance in the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

I initially introduced S-1888 in response to a study by the Reason Foundation that found Garden State roads to be the nation’s most expensive to build, operate and maintain.

According to that report, New Jersey’s state-administered highways cost taxpayers $2 million per mile, which the Reason Foundation claims to be 12 times the national average, three times the cost in the next highest state and four times the cost in New York.

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Opinion: Democrat primary voters should nominate Ashford and Fulton for Freeholder

By Art Gallagher

The Republican presidential nomination has been decided.  On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders and the FBI are still nipping at Hillary Clinton’s heels.  A a national level, like most presidential years, the New Jersey primary will make little difference. However, this year Democrat voters have an important choice to make locally.

In addition to their presidential choice, voters in the Democrat primary next Tuesday, June 7, will choose two nominees for Monmouth County Freeholder.

Primary ballot (640x75)


Running on Hillary Clinton’s ticket with the support of Monmouth County Chairman Vin Gopal are Belmar Mayor “Lawless Matt” Doherty and Brenda Sue Fulton of Asbury Park.

Running on Bernie Sanders’ ticket are Laury Wills of Little Silver and Angelica Ashford of Manalapan.

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Memorial Day Reflections

By Steve McEnery

Steve McEneryMemorial Day has become the traditional beginning of summer. Originally,
and more importantly (Decoration Day) was established to commemorate the
Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th
century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who died
while in military service. Unfortunately, it’s not taught in school the
way it once was.

Today, the flag is burned, stepped and danced on and spit upon, totally
disrespecting it; and the men and  woman who have died defending this
Country, our Flag and the rights of those that defile and disrespect
this great symbol of freedom.

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Road to the White House, 2016: Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio

By Alan J. Steinberg

10438519_10208309971894571_6898427630477217304_nI have had a rather poor prediction record in this year’s presidential primaries, as I vastly underrated Donald Trump’s appeal.  I remain intrepid, however, so the following is my initial Electoral College 2016 projection.

In order to be elected president, a candidate must win states giving him or her a total of at least 270 electoral votes.  I believe that Donald Trump will carry all the states won by Mitt Romney in 2012, giving him a base of 206 electoral votes.

I classify seven of the states won by Barack Obama in 2012 as swing states in 2016.  These states are the three double digit electoral vote states of Florida (29 electoral votes), Ohio (18), and Pennsylvania (20), and the four single digit electoral vote states of New Hampshire (4), Iowa (6), Colorado (9), and Nevada (6), for a total of 92 electoral votes.  Hillary Clinton is likely to carry all the other states won by Obama in 2012, giving her a base of 240 electoral votes.

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Blasting the myths and making the case for reasonable speed limits

By Declan O’Scanlon

Declan1The Asbury Park Press editorial board recently took a position AGAINST setting speed limits based on engineering criteria and FOR setting limits based on the hunches of unqualified elected officials and bureaucrats.  The position is so fundamentally flawed, so based on decades-old defunct myths, so devoid of any basis in actual fact, that it’s hard to decide where to begin.

My speed limit initiative is a simple one – set speed limits based on sound engineering criteria.  I would remove uninformed or profit-motivated elected officials and bureaucrats from the process. Traffic laws shouldn’t be based on the random hunches of any of us. Setting any law by hunch only diminishes the public’s confidence in ALL laws. That’s not a way to enhance safety anywhere. Why should the public take a 25 mph school speed limit seriously when we randomly post such speed limits all over – including stretches of roadway that should be posted at 40?  Don’t even get me started on the damage random limits have on the image of our police – who become the face of these arbitrary laws.

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America’s front row seat at the transgender freak show

WASHINGTON, April 21, 2016 – In 1897, journalist William Fitzgerald described America as a “land of real humor, of ingenuity, of resource. When some important political or other event agitates that great country, topical side shows spring up with amazing promptness.” P.T. Barnum with Tom Thumb. Fitzgerald was referring to the lusus naturrae (freaks of nature)… Read the rest of this entry »

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Bruce Springsteen, Will You Support Asbury Park Gays Against Bigotry and Refuse to Play There, Too?


By Tommy DeSeno

Tommy DeSeno1Greetings, Bruce!

I hail from the City of your choosing, Asbury Park New Jersey.  A fan since you named your first album after our fair city; I’m one of your loyal “kids huddled on the beach in the mist.”  We’ve met on those nights you thrill the locals with impromptu performances at the Stone Pony, which made that venue famous.

I’ve noticed your occasional forays into politics, including your concert cancellation in North Carolina to protest laws about who gets to use what bathroom, and who gets to sue for discrimination.

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