WW II Vet Receives High Honor

Walter Pruiksma, center, wearing his Silver Marechausee Medal, Major Gen. Phillip Churn, Sr., left and Congressman Chris Smith, right, Oct 13, 2018, Manasquan Presbyterian Church. -photo by Art Gallagher

Walter “Rookie” Pruiksma, 95 of Brick, was presented with the Silver Marechausse Award for his heroic actions as a Military Police Officer in France and Belgium during World War II, during a moving ceremony at his church, Manasquan Presbyterian on Saturday afternoon October 13.

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Middletown Democrat Arrested For Stealing and Vandalizing GOP and Board of Education Signs

Irv Beaver, 73, of Waterview Way, Belford, a long time Middletown Democrat volunteer, activist and County Committeeman, was arrested on Sunday afternoon for stealing and vandalizing campaign signs supporting Republican candidates for local, county and congressional offices, as well as Middetown Board of Education candidates who the Middletown Democrat organization opposes.

Beaver retired from Middletown Police Department in 1988, at the age of 44.  On his social media pages, facebook and linkedin, he purports to be an investigator for the NJ Attorney General’s Office.

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Political Wards in Asbury Park:  A Great Idea That Won’t Happen

Tom DeSeno

By Thomas DeSeno

Currently, City Council candidates in Asbury Park run “at-large.”  That means the whole City votes for each candidate.

In a Ward system, the City is broken up into neighborhoods.  The people only vote for candidates from their own neighborhood, or Ward.  It ensures that each neighborhood is guaranteed a representative on the Council.  Newark for example has 5 Wards.  You can have a mixed system too, with some Ward candidates and some at-large candidates.

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Voters Demand That Welle Tell The Truth

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Spring Lake native, a recovering addict walking from Maine to Key West, is walking the Jersey Shore this weekend

Jessica Grieb in Monmouth Beach this afternoon, on her way to Belmar

A 26 year old recovering addict who is fighting addiction by walking 2575 miles from Fort Kent, Maine to Key West, Florida arrived in Highlands last night and his walking from Highlands to Belmar this afternoon and then from Belmar to Brielle on Saturday.

Jessie Grieb, a native of Spring Lake who now lives in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, was welcomed home by her aunt Karen Grieb Burke last night when she arrived in Highlands from New York City via the Seastreak Ferry.

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PAY DIRT Hits Welle From The Left

Josh Welle answers a question at this Jackson ‘Town Hall’ in August with the assistance of a flash card

Josh Welle wanted to hit pay dirt with the technology company, Severn Pacific Inc, he started in the 2015.  He told his supporters at a campaign rally in Neptune (advertised as a Town Hall) on Wednesday night that he planned to be CEO of the the next facebook when the launched the company.

But PAY DIRT,  a weekly newsletter by the the Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay, blasted Welle’s duplicity and incompetence to its readers on Thursday.

Josh Welle is in a tough spot politically. At worst, he misled congressional ethics officials about a business of his that just resolved a six-figure tax-delinquency bill. At best, he set up the firm lacking a basic understanding of how to manage it.

The Daily Beast is hardly an “ultra-right wing” publication like Welle called MMM. Prior to this story, the only thing the Daily Beast and MMM agreed on is that Oliva Nuzzi is a great writer.

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Greg’s List: Things to Do in Monmouth County This Weekend, October 12-14, 2018

Like this?

Greg Kelly

Friday, Oct. 12

  • Tavern Fest ‘18 (Shrewsbury) – MORE INFO
  • “1776” at Count Basie Theatre (Red Bank) – MORE INFO
  • WW II Harbor Defense Lantern Tour on Sandy Hook – MORE INFO
  • The Adams Family (Spring Lake) – MORE INFO
  • BCC Haunted Theater: “Aftermath” (Lincroft) – MORE INFO
  • Suicide Prevention Info for Everyday People (Wall Twp.) – MORE INFO

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Middletown GOP releases first campaign video

The Middletown Republican candidates for Township Committee released their first campaign video this afternoon.

The video featuring Committee members Tony Perry, Rick Hibell and Patricia Snell, is a celebration of the Township’s extraordinary quality of life, its rich history and the Republicans’ promise to hand off an even better place to future generations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gallagher Named To Top 100 NJ Media List

MMM publisher Art Gallagher has once again been named to InsiderNJ’s Insider 100 Media List…just barely this year, coming in at #99 after being number 47 in the inaugural list in 2017.

Thanks to Editor Max Pizarro for the recognition and especially for using better picture of Gallagher this year.

Congratulations to all the journalists, columnists and bloggers who made the list.

Special thank yous to U.S. Senator Cory Booker and Kivvit  for that ads congratulating all the recipients.



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Of Monmouth Freeholder Candidates, Only Curley Would Stick Property Taxpayers With His Medical Bills

Disgraced Freeholder John P. Curley

The Democrat and Republican candidates for Monmouth County Freeholder each said they would not accept County funded health insurance if elected to the part time position next month.

Republican candidates, Freeholder Gerry Scharfenberger and Hazlet Deputy Mayor Sue Kiley, have long opposed part-time elected officials exploiting the taxpayers by taking excessive benefits.   Democrat candidates Larry Luttrell and Amber Gesslein each told MMM that would not accept taxpayer funded health benefits if they are elected.

The Independent candidate, disgraced Freeholder John P. Curley, has been sticking Monmouth County property taxpayers with the cost of his medical care for most of the last two years and he opposed a recent resolution against the practice.

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