Selika Josiah Gore Joins Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


Selika Josiah Gore

Selika Josiah Gore of Marlboro, NJ has been appointed the Director of Field Programs at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  

FMCSA is the federal agency that regulates heavy duty vehicles. Its mission is to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.

Gore for the last five years was the Deputy Administrator of Operations at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission where she was responsible for customer service at all 39 MVC branch offices, the vehicle inspection and emissions program, business and motor vehicle dealer licensing, state bus inspections, capital planning.  At MVC she oversaw a staff of 1800 and managed an annual budget of $330 million.

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NJ State Police Bomb Unit Assisting Marlboro Police with Route 9 Bus

nj-state-police-symboljpg-02b3e0ada0e0b240_largeThe Marlboro Police Department closed Route 9 in both directions this morning, according to reports on and Monmouth County Police, Fire and EMS.

MCPFE is reporting that the NJ Jersey State Police Bomb Unit is assisting the Marlboro PD with a suspicious device left on a bus.

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik confirmed that there is police activity involving a NJ Transit Bus on Route 9

Capt. Stephen Jones of the NJSP Public Affairs Unit told MMM that the Arson and Bomb Unit was wrapping up and preparing to leave the scene as of 10:05 a.m.  Jones said that the Marlboro PD is leading the investigation.

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S&P rates Marlboro AA+

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik

Standard and Poors, the international credit rating agency, has rated $21.957 million of general obligation bonds, water utility bonds and recreation utility bonds authorized in 2014 and 2015 as AA+. The AA+ differs from the top AAA rating only to a small degree, according to S&P.  The rating means that S&P considers Marlboro’s ability to meet its obligations is very strong.

“This is tremendous news for Marlboro”, said Mayor Jonathan Hornik. “This rating upgrade affirms the difficult decisions made over the last eight years to reduce the size of government and run it more efficiently. It also represents a reflection of the overall financial stewardship of the municipality. ”

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In Marlboro: Why are the Hornikcrats lying about John Dwyer?

Why are the Hornikcrats politicizing Marlboro’s schools?

What else are the Hornikcrats lying about?

John Dwyer smiling

John Dwyer smiling

In Marlboro, the incumbent Democrats, Mayor Jon Hornik, Councilwoman Randi Marder and Councilman Michael Scalea have raised over $70,000 and counting for their reelection campaign. They are spending aggressively in an apparent pursuit to keep anyone other than an approved member of the Hornikcrats from participating in municipal government.

In contrast, the “Positively Marlboro” Republicans are spending less than $13,000 on their campaign, according to their filings with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

The Hornikcrats have also politicized the highly regarded Marlboro School System by endorsing a slate of Board of Education candidates.

They have further politicized the Schools with two mailers to Marlboro voters in the last week or so, in which they lie about former School Board Member John Dwyer’s role in the property tax increase associated with the School Board Budget.  Dwyer, and Sui Allex, are the Republican candidates running against Marder and Scalea.

Dwyer voted NO on the current School Board Budget.   Here’s the proof:

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Gopal: Marlboro is in play

With only $3,000 cash on hand, as of September 30, Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal seems to be abandoning his strategy of concentrating on LD 11, and now appears to be focused on protecting his turf in Marlboro.

Vin's call to arms

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Larry “The Lunger” Luttrell Resurfaces, Attempting To Thwart News Of Marder’s Ethics Violations

When we last heard from Lawrence “The Lunger” Luttrell, the three time election loser, was scurrying into obscurity while threatening to sue the Monmouth County Republican Committee for a radio ad that claimed his law license was “suspended” when in fact he had been ruled ineligible to practice law.

Marlboro _1_HiRes-page-002 (800x527) (2)

Click for larger view

To our knowledge, no one has actually investigated whether or not Luttrell actually practiced law during his ineligibility.  He claimed he was unaware that he had been ruled ineligible, so maybe he did perform legal work when he was not legally authorized to do so. That would be a problem.

Now, nearly a year later, Luttrell has resurfaced in an apparent attempt to keep the voters of Marlboro in the dark about Councilwoman Randi Marder’s ethics violations and worse, the waste of $16,000 of Marlboro tax dollars that Mayor Jon Hornik and the Marlboro Township Council authorized to be spent in legal fees to appeal the New Jersey Local Finance Board’s findings that Marder committed eight ethical violations associated with the Township doing business with her husband’s companies.

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Marlboro GOP Candidates Congratulate Middletown for Taking Action on Property Taxes

Mayoral and Council Candidates Pledge Solutions, Not Grand Standing

Ira Goldberg, Sui Allex and John Dwyer

Ira Goldberg, Sui Allex and John Dwyer

Marlboro, NJ- Ira Goldberg, the Republican candidate for mayor in Marlboro Township issues his congratulations to Middletown Mayor Stephanie Murray and the Middletown’s Township Committee for taking decisive action to bring accountability and fairness to their Township’s Property Tax Assessments in the wake of the Asbury Park Press investigation that shed a scandalous light on the state-mandated Assessment Demonstration Program, the controversial new method of setting property values in Monmouth County.

“While Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik has been political grandstanding in the face of a scandal by calling for the ADP to be suspended without offering a replacement, my friends in Middletown have enacted a solution to inequitable tax assessments and put their own credibility on the line,” Goldberg said, “By firing Realty Data Systems, and bringing the home inspection and data collection functions in house, Middletown has offered a solution to the problem.  That is leadership.”

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Marlboro Republicans Accuse Hornik Democrats of “Fairy Tales” and “Gimmickry”

Hornik Campaign: Republicans Don’t Know How Municipal Government Works, Blames Board Of Ed, John Dwyer For Tax Increases


Graphic via, the Marlboro Republican candidates’ website

Invoking Abraham Lincoln’s ‘You can fool all of the people’ quote and Congressman Frank Pallone’s promise of affordable healthcare, the Republican “PositivelyMarlboro” team of Ira Goldberg for Mayor and Council candidates John Dwyer and Sui Allex charged that their incumbent Democrat opponents, Mayor Jonathan Hornik and Councilwoman Randi Marder have been deceiving the public regarding their record of taxing and spending.  The Republicans noted that Hornik’s own property tax assessment went down in 2015 and that Marder’s assessment is lower now than it was in 2011.

In a press release and postings on their website and on facebook on Friday, the Republicans said that Hornik and his “obedient” and rubber stamp” Township Council are employing election year budgetary gimmicks and deceitful campaign language in an attempt to convince voters that they’ve been fiscally responsible and that others—the Board of Education and the County Tax Board—are responsible for the growing tax burden.

The Republicans disputed Hornik’s recent claim that the new property tax assessment program has “effectively has eliminated the avenue to appeal a tax assessment.”

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Marlboro Camp Counselor Gets PTI For Sexting Charges

Matthew Kleinstein. Photo via

Matthew Kleinstein. Photo via

Freehold, NJ- Robert Honecker, Esq. smiled broadly as he left Judge Ronald Lee Reisner’s courtroom at 9:10 a.m. on Friday morning, followed closely by his client Matthew Kleinstein and the Kleinstein family.

Judge Reisner was not on the bench. A reporter sat in the last row of the courtroom with a perplexed look on her face. Kleinstein, the former Marlboro Camp Counselor who pleaded guilty in August to 4th degree Cyber Harassment after sending images of his penis to four 11-13 female campers in his care the previous summer, had his sentencing hearing outside of the presence of the media.

It is a rare occurrence that Court proceedings start promptly at 9 a.m. when so scheduled.  If you’re summoned to Court at 9 a.m. and bring an attorney, chances are pretty good that you’ll be paying for an hour or two of his/her time to work on other cases from his/her phone and/or laptop computer.

Judge Reisner started his calendar promptly on Friday morning.  Maybe even early.  He dealt with the Kleinstein matter and then apparently left the bench as approximately 30 other defendants patiently waited in the courtroom for their sentencing hearings.

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Hornik Campaign Accuses Marlboro Republicans Of “Dirty Politics” For Proposing Recreation Department Reforms

Hornberg cropped jpg

There appears to be a race worth watching in Marlboro

The Democratic campaign of Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik and Council Members Randi Marder and Michael Scalea has characterized their opponents’ plan to reform the Township’s Summer Camp as “cheap gutter politics.”

In statement promoted by Hornik on facebook and released on the JerseyShoreInsider blog (a site funded by Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal and Ocean County Democratic Chairman Wyatt Earp that has nothing to do with Snooki or The Situation), Hornik campaign manager Jon Evans accused Republican candidate for Mayor Ira Goldberg and Council candidates Sui Allex and John Dwyer of exploting the “unfortunate and serious incident” that occurred as a result of Matthew Kleinstein, while working as a Marlboro Camp Counselor, sending pictures of his penis to four 11-13 year old female campers in his care.

Councilman Scalea was a member of the Township’s Recreation Committee at the time the incident occurred.

Evans’s statement goes on to claim that the reforms the Republicans proposed are already in practice in the Township of Marlboro.  Evan’s states that the Republicans have no platform for improving Marlboro’s government.  Read the full statement (that Evans inexplicably did not send directly to MMM) here:

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