Guadagno travels to Hope for Land of Make Believe Celebration



Photo via Guardlife, The Official Magazine of the NJ National Guard

Photo via Guardlife, The Official Magazine of the NJ National Guard

Acting Governor Kim Guadagno will travel to Hope, NJ tomorrow afternoon for the Land of Make Believe 60th Anniversary Celebration.

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Report: Christie is U.S. Attorney’s target

MMM photo/Art Gallagher

MMM photo/Art Gallagher

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman is leaning on former Port Authority officials David Samson, Bill Baroni and David Wildstein and Charles McKenna, Governor Chris Christie’s former Chief Counsel, to”filp” on Christie, according to a report published on Esquire today.

Esquire’s two anonymous sources “with intimate knowledge” of Fishman’s investigation into “Bridgegate” said that Samson, Baroni and Wildstein each face “near-certain” indictment.

Esquire says that Baroni and Wildstein have implicated Samson and that “if Sampson doesn’t give Fishman Christie, Sampson is toast.”

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Christie and Guadagno to kick off summer season in Monmouth County on Friday

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty, left, and Governor Chris Christie, on the Belmar boardwalk last summer.  Freeholder Director John Curley, the the background, right, will not be challenged by Doherty this November.

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty, left, and Governor Chris Christie, on the Belmar boardwalk in 2011.

Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno will be celebrating the beginning of the summer season on the Jersey Shore with multiple visits in Monmouth County on Friday..

Christie has a busy morning.  He’s scheduled to co-host the Boomer and Carton Sports Radio Talk Show at 8am and be on hand for the ceremonial opening of the Belmar Boardwalk at 9:30.

In the afternoon, Christie cuts the ribbon on Asbury Park’s new boardwalk at 1:30 and then heads to Ocean County to walk the Seaside Heights boardwalk at 3:30.

Guadagno will address the 89th Annual New Jersey State FFA Convention at Monmouth University’s Pollack Theater at 9 am.  Anyone who knows what the FFA is, without using google or another search engine, gets a free subscription to Greg’s List.  Members of the FFA and the Lt. Gov’s staff are not eligible to win.

Guadagno will visit the Keansburg Amusement Park at noon.  She then heads to Burlington County for a Memorial Day Flag Placement Ceremony at the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Veterans Cemetery in Williamstown.


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Guadagno Visit to TechLaunch Sparks Small Business Week Enthusiasm

Guadagno Visit to TechLaunch Sparks Small Business Week Enthusiasm (via NJ Tech Weekly)

New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno visited the TechLaunch (Clifton) accelerator on May 6, 2014, bringing her own special brand of excitement and marketing know-how to the young companies participating in the 16-week boot camp program. She dropped by TechLaunch…

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Patrick Murray: Mark Magyar mischaracterized his analysis

Magyar admits mistake, promises to fix it but doesn’t

By Art Gallagher,

Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray responded to my post this morning, Patrick Murray is emphatic that his next poll will be negative for Christie, about his quote in Mark Magyar’s anti-Chistie spin piece on NJSpotlight with an email asserting that his analysis was mischaracteriszed.

Patrick Murray

Patrick Murray

Murray provided an email exchange between himself and Magyar wherein Magyar admits his mistake and promises to fix it.

Murray said:

My assessment of what is likely to happen to public opinion going forward was based on an analysis of the underlying dynamics of my own poll released on April 2 — specifically the public’s underlying initial skepticism of the Mastro report was in my own poll and my analysis of potential movement in that opinion.  Mark, by his own admission, mischaracterized my analysis, which was based on actual public opinion data that I have collected and analyzed.

In the NJSpotlight piece, Magyar quoted Murray as follows:

Quinnipiac Poll released last week showed that 56 percent of New Jerseyans regarded the report as a “whitewash” and only 36 percent believed it to be a “legitimate investigation.” Even more ominously, 65 percent of voters knew of the Hoboken case, and 57 percent of that group believe Zimmer’s allegation that the Christie administration improperly withheld Sandy aid from her city because she refused to support the Rockefeller Group development.

Murray said he expected to see similar results in his next Monmouth Poll. “It will be negative. This is not going to be positive,” Murray stated emphatically, asserting that the controversy over the Mastro report clearly resonated with voters. “The question now with Christie is, ‘Have we hit a floor where a certain percentage of people will defend him no matter what, and everyone else will attack him?’”

Murray corrected Magyar in a email at 9;32 this morning:

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Christie scandal: Hoboken mayor’s claims ‘demonstrably false,’ internal report says

Christie scandal: Hoboken mayor’s claims ‘demonstrably false,’ internal report says (via

An internal investigation conducted by lawyers working for Gov. Chris Christie’s office found no evidence to support claims his top people tried to strong-arm Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer into approving a development project, according to a report released…

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Is Christie’s reelection inevitable?

Governor Christie will be in Aberdeen today to accept the endorsement of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) for his reelection bid.

Before wingnut conservatives get all crestfallen or disgusted, let me remind you that the Teamsters endorsed Ronald Reagan.   A labor union’s endorsement doesn’t automatically make that Republican a RINO, unless you consider Reagan a RINO.

Yes, this means that New Jersey is not likely to become a “Right to Work” state so long as Christie is governor,  It also means that we will continue to overpay “prevailing wage” on government funded and supported construction projects. As our friends at InTheLobby point out, it also explains why Christie has thwarted efforts to expand legalized gambling in New Jersey to race tracks, but those are all other stories.

What the LIUNA endorsement really means is that New Jersey Democrats are not likely to make a fight of the gubernatorial campaign in 2013.  Christie’s post Sandy poll numbers make him look invincible.  By locking up a major union endorsement early, Christie is creating an air of inevitability for reelection.

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Christie and Guadagno will visit Sea Bright today

Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno will be the Sea Bright this afternoon to make an announcement regarding small business recovery and relief from Hurricane Sandy.

The 3PM event will be at the Sea Bright Fire House, 1099 East Ocean Ave.  A press conference will follow the announcement.

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Guadagno running with Christie in 2013

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno will be Governor Chris Chrisitie’s running mate in 2013. 

In a statement released by Christie’s campaign, the Governor said,

“After being able to sit down and speak with Kim, I am thrilled that she is going to be part of the team as we seek to serve the people of New Jersey for another four years. She has made the role of Lt. Governor a unique and invaluable one as the State’s number one economic development advocate on behalf of our people, our homegrown talent and our resources. She is a trusted adviser and friend who I’m glad to have as my partner in both reelection and public service.”

When Christie announced that he would seek reelection last week in Port Monmouth, he said that he and Guadagno had not discussed her status on the ticket for another term.


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Guadagno Watch

Governor Chris Christie’s choice of running mate for his 2013 reelection campaign will have little to do with Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno’s performance during the first Christie term.  By all accounts Guadagno has done her job well.  She’s been a good soldier, loyal and obedient surrogate and fine ambassador to the business community.

The hint of scandal that NJ Watchdog has been pushing about Guadagno during her days as Monmouth County Sheriff will have little impact on her status on the ticket.   Just like U.S. Senator Robert Menendez’s prostitution scandal,  nobody in the media cares about the story Mark Lagerkvitz has been pushing for over two years about Gaudagno arranging for Mickey Donovan being able to collect a police pension while acting as her law enforcement chief in Monmouth.   If Trenton Democrats were going to make an issue of Guadagno’s role in Donovan’s double dipping, there probably would already have been hearings in the Senate or Assembly into the matter already.

The imminent decision about Kim Guadagno’s future is all about 2016 and 2017 politics.  It has little to do with the 2013 gubernatorial election.

There has been quiet speculation that Guadagno would not be the second term LG for months.  A story was floated over the summer that she would become New Jersey’s U.S. Attorney if Mitt Romney was elected president.

If Christie runs for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination he will become a part time governor sometime in 2015.  If he becomes the front runner for the nomination he could resign early 2016.  Whether he resigns or not, New Jersey would need an acting governor who is really in charge.  As often as Guadagno has been acting governor over the past three years, no one believes she was really in charge.   If Christie runs for president in 2016, his lt. governor will be running for governor in 2017 as an incumbent, effectively.

Christie probably hasn’t made a decision about 2016.  Yet, he undoubtably wants to keep his options open and to leave New Jersey is strong hands should he decide to run.

If Guadagno is the LG candidate in 2013, that would be a signal that Christie believes that she is ready to be governor and ready to lead the NJ Republican Party.

Bergen Record columnist Charles Stile posted a column yesterday speculating about possible Guadango replacements.  Stile named Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan and six state senators as possible future acting governors;   Joe Kyrillos,  Tom Kean, JR, Jennifer Beck, Diane Allen, Dawn Marie Addiego and Kevin O’Toole.

Christie chose Guadagno over Donovan, Allen and Beck in 2009.  He’s not likely to choose any of them as his running mate in 2013.   Choosing Kyrillos would create a context for Joe’s lackluster campaign against Menendez for U.S. Senate this year.  Other than Kean, son of the former governor and the 2006 U.S. Senate nominee, none of the other mentions significant statewide name recognition.  Kryillos just spent a year and $5 million building statewide name recognition.

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