Kyrillos, Beck On Opposite Side Of Gas Tax Debate

Kean Beck KyrillosSenator Joe Kyrillos yesterday endorsed a $.23 per gallon increase in the New Jersey’s tax on gasoline in order to fund the Transportation Trust Fund for the next 10 years.  Proponents of the tax increase say the fund will only have money for debt service starting at the end of this month, if the state tax on gasoline remains at its current level of $.14 per gallon.

“In total, it is a productivity, prosperity and quality of life package for New Jersey, and very, very significant,” Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) said at a Statehouse news conference, according to

The gas tax increase legislation also reduces the estate tax and taxes on retirement income.

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N.J. sports betting case will go before U.S. appeals court again

Picture 012State Senator Joe Kyrillos, whose district includes Oceanport, the home of Monmouth Park, said, “This court reversal puts us back on the right course to create opportunities here, improve the quality of life, and enhance the state’s economy and job creation and retention at Monmouth Park and Atlantic City. As I’ve said for months, we will prevail, and the repeals that this legislature enacted on a bipartisan basis will ultimately stand.”

TRENTON — New Jersey’s years-long battle to legalize sports betting will get another day in court — and experts say the outlook for the state is suddenly a positive one. Nearly two months after a three-judge U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals panel rejected the state’s latest bid to legalize sports wagering at casinos and racetracks,… Read the rest of this entry »

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Bush Makes Bank In Middletown

State Senator Joe Kyrillos and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at the Navesink County Club, July 23, 2015. photo via facebook

State Senator Joe Kyrillos and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at the Navesink County Club, July 23, 2015. photo via facebook

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush held a fundraiser for his 2016 Presidential Campaign at the Navesink Country Club in Middletown yesterday evening.

The Middletown Police were not called upon to provide security at the tax payers expense.

Bush raised “a lot more” than the $500,000 his campaign told the media was raised in Middletown and at a private dinner in Short Hills following the event.  A source familiar with the candidate’s New Jersey operation told MMM that the take in Middletown was $600,000 in “hard money” donated directly to his campaign plus “big money” to the Bush SuperPAC.

In a show of support to State Senator Joe Kyrillos, the first prominent New Jersey Republican to publicly break from Governor Chris Christie’s presidential quest and a Co-Chair of the Bush fundraising effort, Monmouth County’s Republican leadership, which helped Governor Chris Christie get elected twice and some of whom have publicly endorsed Christie for president were well represented, if camera shy, at the Middletown event, according to PolitickerNJ.


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Christie’s N.J. backers now donating to Jeb Bush’s 2016 campaign

assetContent12WASHINGTON — State Sen. Joe Kyrillos isn’t the only supporter of Gov. Chris Christie to pitch his tent in Jeb Bush’s presidential camp. Kyrillos (R-Monmouth), a longtime Christie friend and political ally, contributed the maximum $2,700 to the former Florida governor’s presidential campaign. So have others who financially supported Christie during his two runs for governor.… Read the rest of this entry »

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“Snooki’s Law” Advances In NJ State Senate

Snooki-IIIA bill inspired by “Snooki’s” 2011 appearance at Rutgers that paid the Realty TV star $32,000 to advise students to “study hard but party harder” was advanced through the Senate Education Committee today.

Sponsored by Sen. Joe Kyrillos, S-703 decreases costs and increases transparency at higher education institutions by requiring colleges to publish an online breakdown of student fees and allow students to decline certain expenses.

“The growing cost of pursuing higher education is staggering, with many New Jersey students struggling to foot the bill and finish their degrees,” said Senator Kyrillos (R-Monmouth). “College students and their families should know exactly what they’re paying for, before their money is taken. By offering them the chance to opt-out, we are giving students the opportunity to create and pay for the college experience they want, instead of forcing them to pay for frivolous events that do not contribute to the quality education that they deserve.”

S-703 requires all higher education institutions to publish a full breakdown of student fees on the web. The fees must be sorted into categories, including “student managed entertainment” and “capitol improvement.” The bill would allow students to affirmatively opt-out of student-managed entertainment fees.

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Kyrillos Backing Jeb Bush For President

Joe KyrillosState Senator Joe Kyrillos is backing former Florida Governor Jeb Bush for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

According to The Washington PostBush spokesman Tim Miller confirmed that Kyrillos is backing the son and brother of 41st and 43rd presidents to become the 45th.  Kyrillos contributed $10,000 to Bush’s political action committee last month.

The news that Kyrillos is supporting Bush over his decades long friend and ally, Governor Chris Christie, caps the news cycle for a day in which a Quinnipiac Poll reported that New Jersey voters don’t approve of the Governor’s job performance at home and don’t think he would make a good president. A CNN poll also released Monday places Christie in 7th place among GOP presidential hopefuls with support of only 4% or Republicans and Republican leaning Independents nationally. Just four months ago, a full year after the Bridgegate scandal broke, Christie ranked second for the 2016 GOP nomination in CNN’s poll with support of 13% of the respondents.

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Kyrillos discusses Port Authority reform and his relationship with Christie with NJTV

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N.J. senator who was close to Christie criticizes him in Senate speech

assetContentTRENTON — State Sen. Joseph Kyrillos did not vote to buck the governor today when Democrats unsuccessfully tried to override his veto of the Port Authority legislation. But Kyrillos (R-Monmouth), who had been a personal friend of Christie’s and one of his chief allies in the Legislature, today demonstrated just how much their relationship has deteriorated… Read the rest of this entry »

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Death in the water tank: nightmarish case remains unsolved 10 years later

assetContent (42)It was ink-black in the vast underground water tank. And biting cold. The only escape, a panel in the ceiling, loomed 5 feet above the water level, far too high to reach. Worse, there was no ladder. In that frigid subterranean cavern at the Passaic Valley Water Commission in Totowa, Geetha Angara — scientist, wife and… Read the rest of this entry »
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Is Christie headed for a great fall?

By Art Gallagher


Graphic by Robert Hazelrigg. Click on photo for

Prominent New Jersey Republicans seem to finally be moving out of Governor Chris Christie’s shadow.

This afternoon The Star Ledger reported that Monmouth County State Senator Joe Kyrillos was among the 15 or so New Jersey Republicans who met with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a top rival of Christie’s for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, last week at a dinner hosted by Lawrence E. Bathgate.  Bathgate, an Ocean County attorney, is one of the top Republican fundraisers in the nation.  Also attending the dinner held at the Union Club in Manhattan was Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr, according to The Record’s Charles Stile, who first reported the event.

Such potential defections from the Christie camp were unthinkable just 15 months ago.  Christie’s attempt at ousting Kean as Senate Minority Leader immediately following his 2013 re-election, and the resulting fallout as Kean, Jr’s father, the former Governor, went national in criticizing Christie can explain the younger Kean’s flirtation with the Bush campaign.

But Kyrillos being anything other than solidly in Christie’s corner is big news.  Their relationship was personal before it was political.  Christie introduced Kyrillos to his wife Susan. He swore Christie into his first elected office, Morris County Freeholder. Kyrillos was the Chairman of the Christie for Governor campaign in 2009.

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