Booker vs Lonegan on Foreign Affairs, Syria

By James Hogan

According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans, 50%, don’t approve of their Commander in Chief, Barack Obama.  (http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/daily_presidential_tracking_poll ).

Beyond that, an even greater majority of Americans, over 75%, disapprove of our nation’s Congress (http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/congressional_job_approval-903.html).

Meanwhile, a report regarding Syria is claiming that nearly 75% of Americans want the President (that they disapprove of) to get permission from a Congress (that they also disapprove of) before involving our nation in a war with Syria (http://www.usatoday.com/story/theoval/2013/08/30/americans-obama-congress-approval-syria-strike/2736855/ ).

Even more interesting, the USA Today link claims, “When respondents were asked if the military action meant launching cruise missiles from naval warships — 50% favored it, while 44% opposed military action.”

JamesHoganConsider then what the poll numbers might show if Americans were asked if they were in favor or opposed to the North Koreans doing We The People a favor by parking their warships off of the coast of Virginia and start firing cruise missiles down on DC, or the homes and offices of our elected representatives, that we disapprove of? 

Would Americas approve of the *friendly* aide provided by the North Koreans? Or would we unite as a nation against these aggressors, declare war on North Korea, gather our allies and crush the North Koreans for attacking our land and our people? 

Before you answer, remember, the North Koreans would just be here lobbing cruise missiles at our nation to help us obtain freedom and democracy from a government that we don’t approve of, it’s not like they’d be invading our nation with soldiers or anything too terrible. They would just be providing some peace seeking missile attacks, aimed specifically at the people we don’t approve of (according to the media polls) so that we can be free at last.

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James Hogan Is Hanging It Up

By Art Gallagher

Four years ago a young software engineer from Long Branch decided to serve his country and attempt to right the wrongs of Washington by running for Congress against Frank Pallone.

At the time I described James Hogan as Motivated, Dedicated and Completely Out of His Mind.

Jim was shunned by the Monmouth GOP back in 2008.  He wasn’t allowed into the nominating convention that awarded the 6th district line to Bob McLeod and the U.S. Senate line to Andrew Unanue.

Hogan lost the primary to McLeod.  Rather than go away angry, or stay around angry, Hogan volunteered for McLeod’s futile effort to unseat Pallone.  He started a blog, became the ideal county committee member,  and volunteered his time, talent, good humor and good nature to Monmouth County and Long Branch GOPs.

Sadly for America, but happily for his family and employer, Hogan has regained his mind and lost his motivation to change the world.  He announced today that he is closing his blog and will not seek another term on the county committee from Long Branch.

I wish my friend well.  He knows he is always welcome to contribute here.  He has his own access to MMM.  I look forward to the day when something moves him to write and he surprises me with a post that makes me laugh while exposing an infuriating circumstance of government malfeasance.

Godspeed my friend.  Make money.  Enjoy your family. Enjoy your life.

And I’ve been meaning to tell you, you’re not really that ugly.

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Hogan Endorses Walsh For Freeholder

After careful review of the Freeholder candidates at multiple forums as well as a review of facts and statistics from their hometowns and feedback from other like-minded, concerned, private sector taxpayers, I’d like to share the following opinions and observations:

Bob Walsh is a fiercely Independent Republican — despite being at odds with his local Republican committee, Bob forges ahead for the good of ALL taxpayers, and the good of the Republican party. Bob stands firm on his principles and convictions and is unyielding to “higher-ups” or those who would try to put road-blocks in front of him. His life story is one of overcoming hardships and diversity and that life experience gives him the ability to represent average, honest, working class people who also face the [currently dim] economic and social environment.

Bob Walsh is an open, honest and often blunt speaker — if anyone is unsure of where Bob stands on an issue, they should ask him. Bob is well informed and will consistently speak the honest truth, even if it is a controversial or a dissenting opinion, and not sugar-coat an issue simply to make people feel good or make friends. Bob does not shy away from confrontation but rather stands firm for what he believes in while being open to the facts and reality around us. 

Bob Walsh has courage and political will — Bob has made every effort to work within the framework of the State Constitution and NJ state law to limit the size of his local government and make government more affordable. While major reforms are much needed in our system, those reforms must be made at the state level where Democrats control the Legislature in opposition to the principles we stand for as Republicans, and Bob has succeeded in working within the system we have to the benefit of taxpayers. Further, Bob Walsh will not be bullied by department heads, union bosses or other beneficiaries of the system as he has proven in his own town.

Bob Walsh is a fellow, Independent private sector taxpayer — Bob is not a public worker and his livelihood is not dependent on political outcomes. Bob has no conflicts of interest with his fellow taxpayers and is not a beneficiary of the public system. Public workers may despise him, and Democrats may attack his unique personality, but attacks on his conviction to principles and his defense of taxpayers will be without merit.

I thank all of the candidates, their supporters and the eventual Freeholder for answering my questions and I pledge my full support, time and dedication to whoever is elected, but it is these specific qualities, among others, that I see in Howell Mayor Bob Walsh that, in my humble opinion, make him stand out among the other candidates for Freeholder at this time. It is for these qualities, many of which I believe that I share in common with Mayor Walsh, that many of you have supported me in the past and I ask you to extend that support to Bob Walsh on Saturday January 14th, and again in November.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

James Hogan
Monmouth County Republican Committeeman
Long Branch District 10

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Let’s Name Names For That Freeholder Seat

By James Hogan

With the Monmouth County Republican Election Day Sweep **long** behind us it’s time to look forward to the next big race, and I don’t mean the Presidential election of 2012, I mean the race for the open Monmouth County Freeholder seat now that Rob Clifton is moving up to the State Assembly. It’ll be up the Monmouth County Republican Committee Members (and I bet there are quite a few who don’t even know it) to vote for his replacement and it seems the horse trading and whisper campaigns have already begun, in fact they seem to have started a while back as if Rob’s election to the Assembly was certain.

My usual disclaimer: Don’t expect to get insider information out of me. If I know, or think I know something, I’m sure its that I’m among the last to know and it’s only a repeat of information someone else passed on to me.

Here are the names I’ve heard or been told are considering seeking the seat, and some names that I’ll add to spread my own rumors and get the discussion going.

Bob Burlew of Keyport seems to be interested in the seat according to multiple people. I’d normally be glad to name my sources names here but the truth is that at least three different people mentioned this to me and I speak to a lot of people about a lot of different things so I don’t want to misquote anyone. I don’t know anything about Bob Burlew, but I have met Bob a few times, seems like a nice enough guy. Maybe my old pal, Keyport Mayor Bob McLeod, or some other Keyport reader/Bayshore guy can chime in with all of the positive things about Bob, you can keep any negatives to yourself, this should be a friendly contest, right? FWIW – Bob has a brother, Ed. Ed was one of the recent county elections that went to a recount. I must have ADD or something as that tid-bit is irrelevant, but i figured I’d pass it on so readers would be know.

Speaking of Bobs, it’s hard to overlook that Howell Mayor Bob Walsh, who dropped out of this year’s primary the morning of the nominating votes, ran the circuit with Gary and Lillian. There was not a candidate’s forum or fundraiser (that I attended) that I didn’t also see Bob Walsh. Either Bob is a good, dedicated Republican (like me!) or Bob (and I) wanted to remind folks he’s around and ready to serve as a Freeholder. For the record, I am not available or ready to serve as a Freeholder, but thanks for considering me! I appreciate your support but I’m going to have to turn you down, this time. Worth noting that Bob Walsh seems to have a friend in Jim Gianell from Red Bank and Jim seems to have a lot of solid connections, and more important, I’ve spoken to Jim enough to believe that Jim is another libertarian leaning/conservative Republican so I think if a like-minded guy is pushing Walsh, it’s because Walsh is probably on the same page too. I can confirm that Bob is a likable guy, his line is that Howell is 53,000 people and 63sq miles and everyone of them from end to end love him — his ego might be burst but I think he’s mistake, my parents who live in Howell would love him more if someone repaved Larabee Blvd at Alexander down near Rt547/9 where those Russian churches are, it’s pretty bad – I won’t drive my beater car down that road. However, of slightly more importance, and also noteworthy, Bob Walsh may or may not have the support of someone I’m pround and honored to refer to as my friend, Howell Chairman Uncle John Costigan, who seemed to be supporting Lucas earlier in the year.

Speaking of Lucas, Manalapan Republicans won control of the township there. Lucas could be interested in the open seat, and his town would do just fine already in Republican hands, but I suspect his Preserved Farm purchase with the Freeholder board and his effort to get to State Assembly over Clifton may eliminate support for Lucas, who since I know you all care about my opinion, seems to be a good person and as far as I know and can tell from the few candidate forums I’ve spoken to him at, a good Republican. His story about when his child was born makes me laugh – the punchline is “…looks just like you!”, HA! Ask him for his views and position on abortion and he’ll tell you the story; the answer is that he’s solidly pro-life.

Outside of the Bobs and Lucas, another name to consider might be former Freeholder candidate and re-elected Town Committeeman, Wall’s George Newberry. I was, and still am, a big fan of George. Sure, I’ll hear how he comes across as a boring guy (which I don’t think is accurate) who speaks a little slower than a John Curley or Tom Arnone, but I had the pleasure of talking to George enough to believe that George is involved for the right reasons, and those reasons are doing the right things for taxpayers. The claims were that George was Chairman Joe Oxley’s “pick” this year. Chairman Oxley never directly told me George was his choice, never seemed to push him over any one else and if George was his “pick”, then I think Joe was backing a solid candidate and I don’t see why Joe, as a voter and a Chairman, shouldn’t get a vocal say and be able to support a guy he likes, if Joe even likes him, how would I know? And don’t get me wrong, after getting to know Gary, I’ve come to love him and I think the committee as a whole got it right to nominate Gary over George this time, but with a seat open again, in my mind, George is a good fit and ready to serve, today, along side John, Tom, Lillian and Gary, should he be interested, and I think he was the second highest vote getter at the nominating convention so some other folks probably agree with me. Of course, the knowledge of the masses in the entire committee may find another Gary Rich or John Curley, and that could certainly trump George as a candidate.

Some other folks worth noting, Joe Irace of Oceanport is always a well liked and popular guy who is a good, solid Republican.

Ocean Township has a list of good, solid Republicans they could push, Joe Hadden being one of them, and with State Committee Woman Christine Hanlon and Mary Pat from his town, he’d seem to have some strong advocates. Plus I’d volunteer for Joe and, clearly, I’m a proven King Maker!

Neptune Township has a young, rising star Jim Frostick who has Don and Jeff Beekman on the ally list along with (I think) the Neptune regulars in Jim Granelli, Warren Lapp and maybe/hopefully Former Mayors Mike Golub and Tom Catley. In a case of full disclosure — I work in the private sector as a VP of IS for the company where Jim is VP of Sales. If you haven’t met Jim Frostick yet, I suggest you do – he’s very inteligent, and humble, and has an outstanding work ethic and ability to be reasonable and rational. He currently serves on the BOE in Neptune, and I think he’s capable of much bigger things.

Middletown has it’s own long list of good Republicans, currently elected or not, it could push. I don’t personally know them, but I’m sure Chairman Carton does and with a large, active committee, I’m sure they could do well.

I’d also like throw Mayor Mike himself, Mike Halfacre from Fair Haven, who backed out of a US Congress run last year, into the race for a Freeholder seat, except I won’t because I’ve met his wife and she might not be interested in having Mike be a Freeholder. Mike has done a GREAT job addressing property tax issues in his town, I’d bet he could do a great job for the county as well. I should disclose: I’ve been the shooting range with Mike, he’s a very, very pro-2A guy, a decent shot and a heck of a nice guy to be around, so maybe I’m biased. Mike has his own set of anonymous trolls that like to bad mouth him here on MMM, but those clowns aside, Mike certainly seems to be a qualified guy with the right track record for a Freeholder. Plus the trolls will likely go after Mike for issues that just don’t apply to a Freeholder, ignore the trolls.

And again, don’t take my word for anything or think I’m here to tell you exactly who is running as if these are the only contenders, nor am I telling you who to nominate and vote for, I’m just an Average No One taking names (of Freeholder Candidates) and kicking ass (because if Lillian can say “kick ass” then so can I!). I’m sure in the vast field of anonymous cowards, one of you knows of at least one more name to consider or has some more solid information to share.

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James Hogan Might Seek the Dem Nomination Against Sean Kean

James Hogan is considering switching parties in order to compete for the Democratic nomination for State Senator so he can run against Sean Kean in the general election.  

Do the Democrats even have another candidate?

Hogan expressed his intentions in a letter to Democratic Chairman Vic Scudiery, which is also posted on his blog.

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More Lincoln Day Musings

By Art Gallagher

Monmouth County GOP events are particularly enjoyable for me because I get to see many MMM readers in person and get face to face feedback, pro and con.  Positive feedback usually includes a warm conversation, laughter and a friendly dig.  Negative feedback is usually in the form of a cold shoulder, an evil eye or a faux smile.   More and more there is agenda driven feedback  and requests from people who want an issue covered or exposure for a candidate or cause.   All of that happened last night.  I appreciate all of it.

There were two related issues that dominated the feedback I received last night. 

One was my explusion from the Highlands Republican Club for the treacherous act of accurately reporting Anna Little’s decree that the New Jersey Supreme Court is unconstitutional.   I appreciate all the invitations to join or visit other Monmouth County Republican Clubs with no restrictions on what I write about.   I also appreciate that none of the “threats” I received to be removed from the dinner via “appropriate measures” were followed through.   My friend and fellow blogger Jim Hogan shared some hilarious emails he received from members of the HRC, including one from Mr. Neighbor, in response to Jim’s comments on my banishment.

The other issue that dominated feedback I received last night was my front page exposure and accompanying article in the triCityNews last month.

Senator Sean Kean greeted me with a smile and said, “Hi Art, I see Dan Jacobson likes you better than he likes me.”   Dan has been particularly critical of Kean.  I told Sean that I heard Jacobson was not the only one who felt that way. 

Another party leader said he saw Dan’s article. “Is that for real, you don’t support Anna Little any longer?” he asked.  When I told him it was, he was positively giddy.  Another leader did not seem so happy about that.

Mickey Gooch gave me a good natured razzing for not including his testimonial about MMM in my journal ad.   It is nice to know that someone actually reads the ad journal.  Here’s Mickey’s quote:

MMM is a great source of insider gossip and news in the conservative wing of the Republican Party and the Tea Party. I don’t agree with everything I read, but I keep taking a look- it is definitely entertaining. However, MMM would be better and could have far greater credibility if Art Gallagher didn’t display his biases quite so obviously and ran an unbiased forum for discussion. ” ~ Mickey Gooch, Mickey Gooch

I told Mickey he’s welcome to write another quote now that my biases have shifted.

Thank you for reading MMM, and thanks for your feedback.

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Average Some One

By Art Gallagher

This post is for my Tea Party friends and my Republican friends in Monmouth County who continue to relate to each other with caution and trepidation or worse.

I’d like you all to consider the evolution of my friend James Hogan and the evolution of our county party over the last two years.

Hogan was the embodiment of the Tea Party before most Tea Partiers got off the couch.  Motivated, dedicated and completely out of his mind, he ran in the 2008 GOP primary for the nomination in the 6th Congressional District of New Jersey.

A few weeks after the 2008 primary, Hogan wrote of his first encounter the the MonmouthGOP establishment. It wasn’t pretty, but it worth reading.

Today, James wrote about his more recent experience with “the establishment.”  There has been a great deal of progress in two + years.

James has not compromised any principles, nor has he become any less outspoken.

He is an example of what is possible for those who are passionate about our politics yet new to the polictical process.  Those who have welcomed James graciously into the process are examples of the kind of leaders who empower the growth of our party.

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Who Said This?

“Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of the Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave, and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature….If the next centennial does not find us a great nation…it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.”

James Hogan has the answer

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