Middletown Teacher Who Played Anti-Trump Video In Class Apologizes, Asks Supporters To Stand Down

Ventre photo

Joe Ventre

Joe Ventre, the Middletown High School South history teacher who sparked controversy in the community when he announced to the media that he was forced to resign over showing an anti-Trump video in his classroom and then rescinded the resignation has issued an open letter via a newly created twitter account wherein he  apologizes to the community for playing the “profane and inappropriate” video to his students.

Ventre said that he had no intention to cause any harm and that it is appropriate for parents and students to question his judgement. He absolved parents, students, the Board of Education and the administration of any fault in the matter which he said was entirely his responsibility.

The young non-tenured teacher apologized to “anyone injured or erroneously portrayed” by the incident, especially “any students and parents who expressed concerns.”  Ventre asked his supporters not to protest on his behalf with the Board of Education.  His letter can be viewed here or on twitter.

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Pascack Valley approves transgender policy after contentious meeting

assetContent (1)HILLSDALE — Transgender students at the Pascack Valley Regional High School district will be able to use restrooms or locker rooms based on their gender identity under a policy passed Monday by the Board of Education. The board voted 6-1 to approve the policy, which also calls for staff to address transgender students based on a… Read the rest of this entry »

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N.J. sets a goal for number of kids it wants in charter schools

assetContentJERSEY CITY — During his State of the State address earlier this month, Gov. Chris Christie pledged to pursue the expansion of charter school opportunities for New Jersey students. On Friday, his education commission put a number on that goal. New Jersey hopes to expand to 50,000 charter schools seats, about a 9 percent increase from… Read the rest of this entry »

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NJ’s Decision to Stick with PARCC Puts It Among Small Minority of States

As arguments over the state’s participation in PARCC rage on, it appears as if New Jersey’s reliance on the standardized tests is making it increasingly isolated. New Jersey is now just one of seven states, along with Washington, D.C., that is slated to give at least some version of the PARCC language arts and math in… Read the rest of this entry »

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Veitengruber: Keep Big City Politicians Out of Howell’s Board of Education

By Sue Veitengruber

Sue VeitengruberI have a self imposed rule of not using my Facebook page for political views on candidates. My friends’ beliefs and ideals cover the entire spectrum. However,  at the risk of a few individuals never speaking to me again, I have questions about certain BOE candidates on the ballot.  Board of Education members are supposed to be the epitome of community volunteers. Howell is not “the big city.” So why, I need to ask, is one candidate being funded by state wide Political Action Committees and the Mayor of Elizabeth?  The Elizabeth BOE has been fraught with corruption and nepotism. Board officials, including an attorney,  were indicted on fraudulently  claiming their kids were eligible for free lunches. Staff members were pressured into contributing to BOE members campaigns. Why does that candidate list her name and “politician” on her  election FB cover page?  This is not what the Howell BOE needs. It is the largest and best K-8 in the state. I am proud to have been part of the reforms in the 80s as a board member for almost 9 years, reforms that succeeding boards built on to continue the excellence in education in our town. We don’t need the Elizabeth political machine determining  the decisions and future of the Howell BOE.
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Middletown Board of Education Member Branded Unethical


Joan Minnuies

Middletown, NJ- Board of Education Member Vincent Brand has accused his fellow Board Member, Joan Minnuies, of using her official capacity on the Board for the benefit of her daughter’s employment at Middletown High School North and of using her position to recruit Middletown North students to volunteer at her granddaughter’s birthday party in exchange for a letter stating that they performed volunteer hours.

Minnuies says that Brand’s accusations, which were lodged as an Ethics Complaint with New Jersey’s School Ethics Commission, are “bogus” and “political motivated.”   Minnuies is standing for reelection next Tuesday.

According to Brand’s complaint, Minnuies opposed efforts by Dr. William George, Schools Superintendent, to hire a new business instruction teacher, Miss Devan Crimi, at MHSN because Crimi is also an “elite” lacrosse and field hockey coach who was an Academic and Athletic All-American in lacrosse while a college student at Adelphi University.  Minnuies daughter, Jenna Minnuies Jackson, is employed by the school district as a coach of field hockey, bowling and lacrosse.

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State senators get lesson in school overcrowding, underfunding in Freehold Borough

assetContentFREEHOLD BOROUGH – State Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Senators M. Teresa Ruiz and Jennifer Beck visited Park Avenue Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon to promote the value of the district’s early childhood education program. The met with teachers and students, watched them read books and heard them sing songs. Then were told that the benefits… Read the rest of this entry »

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Overcrowding crisis: Should N.J overrule voters, approve $33M school expansion?

FREEHOLD — The sign that hangs above the door says “library.” But students at Park Avenue Elementary School don’t come here to check out books. The room has been overtaken, repurposed into seven miniature and makeshift classrooms partitioned only by thin, 6-foot temporary dividers. Students learning English as their second language sit between those dividers, meeting… Read the rest of this entry »

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Rejected by voters twice, Freehold Boro Board of Ed moves to borrow $33 million for school construction

Superintendent of Schools: Referendum would have passed if illegals could vote

Residents are asked to comment after voting twice

By Caitlin Brown, Contributor

Despite two rejections by voters, the Freehold Borough School District has decided to move forward with plans to force taxpayers to borrow $33 IMG_4054million for the financing of state of the art construction and renovation to the district’s current schools, in order to cope with the influx of undocumented residents to the borough and the subsequent overcrowding of 500 additional students to the school district.

The Board of Education has decided to appeal to the New Jersey Comissioner of Education for the appropriation and authorization of the school bonds, but are required by State Department of Education guidelines to provide a public comment period for residents, open until June 8.

The referendum in dispute was first rejected in September and again in December, by residents who balked at the bond referendum’s total cost of $32,902,400. The proposal calls for bonds of $22,091,500 for the construction of additions to the Park Avenue Elementary and Intermediate School, including: an additional cafeteria; an additional gymnasium; four new classrooms; an additional girls’ locker room; renovations to five existing classrooms; renovations to one of the two boys’ locker rooms; and a new library/media room, as a result of the existing library having been converted due to lack of space elsewhere into cubicles for special needs and ESL learning, according to the district’s superintendent, Rocco Tomazic. A total of $10,633,300 is also being sought for the building of 13 pre-K and kindergarten classrooms at the Freehold Learning Center, as well as renovations to the cafeteria and a new kitchen receiving area, according to the district’s referendum schematic plans.

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Christie: Dump Common Core education standards


PEMBERTON — Navigating New Jersey interests and a likely presidential campaign, Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday proposed dropping national Common Core education standards he once supported but have since become a lighting rod issue for Republican voters. The governor, speaking at Burlington County College in Pemberton, declared Common Core is “simply not working.” Christie wants to… Read the rest of this entry »

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