Black Female Executive Breaks Her Silence About Working For Donald Trump

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Support Grows For Controversial Property Tax Assessment Program As Shrewsbury Opts Back In

Declan1A bi-partisan effort to explain the controversial pilot program for assessing Monmouth County properties, the Assessment Demonstration Program, is generating support for the program as one of the eight municipalities that opted out of the program has reenlisted and other towns are choosing to stay with the program that is reducing the amount of property tax appeals filed.

The biggest problem the program has faced is confusion between the alleged improprieties and conflicts of interests in the implementation of the program exposed by an Asbury Park Press series which instigated an investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and the benefits and weaknesses of the program itself.

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Judge: Belmar’s new pay to pay ordinance, “Matt’s Law” is not law

Doherty’s lawyer asks Court for a gag order

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty

Freehold-Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Katie Gummer ruled Wednesday that the new pay to pay ordinance in Belmar, dubbed “Matt’s Law” in honor of Mayor Matt Doherty who the measure would  immediately benefit, is not law, has never been law and will not become law unless approved by Belmar voters in a referendum or unless the Court rules otherwise in coming weeks as a suit regarding a protest petition filed under the Falkner Act is further litigated.

For now, Doherty, who is running for Monmouth County Freeholder, and all candidates for office in Belmar are bound by the pay to play ordinances, passed in 2004 and amended in 2005 and 2011 (the current ordinance), that restrict campaign contributions from Belmar vendors, developers, liquor license holders and professionals to $300 and/or require that the office holders to recuse themselves from matters regarding the contributors that come before them.

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Joe Woerner resigns from Asbury Park Council to focus on his son’s health

Joe and Michael WoernerAsbury Park Councilman Joe Woerner announced his resignation from the city’s governing body this evening in a poignant post on facebook wherein he publicly disclosed his family’s struggle with his son Michael’s genetic mutation which was diagnosed the month following his election in 2014.

Michael’s condition has recently taken a turn for the worse.

Woerner’s posted as follows:

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Middletown Teacher Who Played Anti-Trump Video In Class Apologizes, Asks Supporters To Stand Down

Ventre photo

Joe Ventre

Joe Ventre, the Middletown High School South history teacher who sparked controversy in the community when he announced to the media that he was forced to resign over showing an anti-Trump video in his classroom and then rescinded the resignation has issued an open letter via a newly created twitter account wherein he  apologizes to the community for playing the “profane and inappropriate” video to his students.

Ventre said that he had no intention to cause any harm and that it is appropriate for parents and students to question his judgement. He absolved parents, students, the Board of Education and the administration of any fault in the matter which he said was entirely his responsibility.

The young non-tenured teacher apologized to “anyone injured or erroneously portrayed” by the incident, especially “any students and parents who expressed concerns.”  Ventre asked his supporters not to protest on his behalf with the Board of Education.  His letter can be viewed here or on twitter.

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Report: Middletown Teacher Rescinds His Resignation

The Asbury Park Press is reporting that Middletown High School South history teacher Joseph Ventre has rescinded his resignation.  It was reported this morning that Ventre was forced to resign after showing a video of HBO comedian John Oliver mocking Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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O’Scanlon Calls Shenanigans On Dems’ “War on Women”

“Women’s Healthcare Options Open, Available and Accessible”

Photo Credit: Dave Lewis,

Photo Credit: Dave Lewis,

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth) called out his colleague, Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor Marin (D- Newark) for continuing to perpetrate the myth that New Jersey short changes funding for women’s healthcare.

“I count at least seven line items where we put money to women’s healthcare, including $135 million for family health services to provide prenatal and perinatal care for expectant mothers and their children,” said O’Scanlon. “The results of the Republican investment in women’s healthcare speak for themselves. New Jersey is in the top five States with the lowest STD rates in the country. Other states look to New Jersey as a model for STD prevention.” O’Scanlon also pointed out that the Democrats have failed to provide any additional funding for Family Planning Services in the Fiscal Year 2016 budget they passed last June.”

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Surrogate Rosemarie Peters Addresses Shadow Lake Villagers

IMG_2022b (800x727)

Monmouth County Surrogate Rosemarie Peters

Middletown, NJ- Monmouth County Surrogate Rosemarie Peters addressed a group of about 50 residents of Shadow Lake Village on Sunday afternoon to introduce the services of her office and to remind residents of importance of preparing proper documents to ensure that they are properly cared for in the event of disability or illness and the proper distribution of the property upon their passing.

The Surrogate’s Office is actually a Court as well as a branch of the Superior Court, Chancery Division. The Surrogate serves as the Deputy Clerk of the Chancery Division, Probate Part, and as the Judge of the Surrogate Court.

According to the Constitutional Officers Association of New Jersey,

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Guadagno Launches a Think Tank

Lt Governor Kim Guadagno. Photo credit: Tim Larsen/Governor's office

Lt Governor Kim Guadagno. Photo credit: Tim Larsen/Governor’s office

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno today announced the formation of a policy think tank committed to creating solutions to New Jersey’s “crisis point that threatens New Jersey’s hardworking families.”

Building a Better NJ Together will focus on policy, not politics, Guadagno said on a conference call.  The group’s mission is to get input and contributions from all New Jerseyans to solve the state’s pressing problems caused by deep-rooted and complex causes once and for all.  The group will “strive to unite New Jerseyans around the shared goal of a smaller, more efficient government that fights for our middle class families and protects our most vulnerable, all while opening opportunities for the residents of our state to enjoy a more prosperous future.”

Guadagno is the Honorary Chair of the tank.

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Matawan Man Faces Federal Kiddie Porn Charges

Matthew Kaminsky. photo via facebook

Matthew Kaminsky circa 2008. photo via facebook

Matthew Kaminsky, 49, of 9 Homestead Dr. in Matawan, was arrested by federal authorities today and charged with soliciting an underage girl to produce images of herself engaged in sexually explicit conduct and send the images to him through an online instant messaging application, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

According to the federal complaint, Kaminsky engaged a 13 year old North Carolina girl in the online chat service KIK over the course of four days in late January of 2015, and induced the girl to send him nude and sexually explicit photos of herself. He also sent nude photos of himself to the girl.

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