DeSeno: Garden State Equality’s Executive Director, Christian Fuscarino, Fails the LGBTQ Community Again

Tom DeSeno

By Tom DeSeno

It is an oft lamented truth about today’s single-issue activists – they put the needs of the Democrat Party above the needs of their cause.

The poster boy for this behavior is Christian Fuscarino, the Executive Director of New Jersey’s largest LGBTQ advocacy group, Garden State Equality.  Here’s his latest letdown.

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Monmouth Poll: Support for legal weed in NJ is high

62% of New Jersey adults support legalizing marijuana, up from 59% last year, according to a Monmouth University Poll released this morning.

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Frankly Chatting: “I’m Against It”

By Steve Frank

We need the Marx Brothers today. Well, not the Marx Bros. physically – they’re dead. But their brand of humor: silly enough to be laughable but satirical enough to be thought-provoking. Take their movie, Horse Feathers (1932), for example. Their slapstick antics are woven around a clever indictment of the misplaced priorities given to collegiate athletics. In one famous musical number, “I’m Against It”, Professor Wagstaff (Groucho) asserts that “Whatever it is, I’m against it”. “It” being the absurdities of life.

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McConnell: Trump will keep government open, declare national emergency to build the wall

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that President Donald Trump will sign legislation to fund the government that includes much less funding for a wall for the southern border than he wants and simultaneously declare a national emergency to empower him to secure the border without funding authorized by congress, according to a report at The Hill.


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Mexican National Pleads Guilty To Trafficking Fentanyl into NJ

Angel Santo Jerez Matos, 60, a/k/a “El Colonel,” today admitted his role in conspiring to traffic approximately 300 grams of fentanyl into New Jersey, according to an announcement by  U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito.

According to the documents filed in this case and statements made in court:

Matos was a supplier of fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine to a drug trafficking organization operating in and around New Jersey.

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Marlboro Governing Body Condemns Congresswoman’s Anti-Semitic Remarks

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik

Mayor Jonathan Hornik and the members of the Marlboro Township Council today issued a public letter condemning the Anti-Semitic remarks of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota).

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Rep Smith, fathers, meet with NIH researchers fighting for cure to deadly muscle disorder

Congressman Chris Smith hosted a meeting last week with top doctors and researchers from the National Institute of Health and two fathers from his New Jersey district who are fighting to saves their sons from a devastating disease.

James and  Karen Raffone of Manalapan and David and Maria Schultz of Hamilton are parents of sons with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Both families have dedicated their lives to finding a cure for their sons and the hundreds of thousands of boys who until recently faced certain paralysis in their teens and death in their early twenties.  The Schultz family founded Ryan’s Quest, the Raffones founded JAR of Hope.

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Frankly Chatting: Don’t be a baby

By Steve Frank

I always sorta’ saw myself as a tough guy. Not physically but in a mental patient kind of way. I never pampered myself. Didn’t let the weather affect me; scorcher, nor’easter, flooding, blizzard -didn’t matter. I went about my business doing whatever it is I do. I used to coach wrestling. Anyone who’s ever spent time in a wrestling practice room knows the saying “Suck it Up!” When you’ve got nothing left in the tank; you’re gasping for air; there’s thirty seconds left on the clock. Suck it Up!

I incorporated this politically incorrect child-rearing philosophy into raising my kids. They flirted with 100% attendance almost every year of their school lives. Got a headache? It’ll pass. Queasy stomach? Don’t be a baby. Tired? Stop whining. And, of course, you never get to quit anything. Well, at least, without giving it your best shot.

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Murphy Reprises Corzine’s Asset Monetization Plans, MMM Reprises ‘King of the Road’

Asbury Park Press graphic. Permission to use granted 11 years ago

Politico is reporting that Governor Phil Murphy is reaching back to the previous Goldman Sachs Administration in New Jersey by “launching an effort to identify state assets that could be leveraged to reduce New Jersey’s unfunded pension liability.”

Former Governor Corzine couldn’t sell his idea of selling New Jersey’s toll roads to investors (China) for a $30+ billion cash infusion to plug our chronic budget wholes. Will Murphy, who according to Politico is looking to sell more assets than toll roads,“numerous state assets, including property, buildings, roads, transit facilities, easements, air rights, naming rights and infrastructure, such as airports, bridges, water facilities, ports, parks and recreational facilities,” succeed where Corzine failed?

Politico says that Senate President Steve Sweeney supports the concept.

On January 21, 2008, MMM responded to Corzine’s scheme with a song parody crafted by Lori Gallagher, aka Mrs. Musings:

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Republican Enthusiasm Abounds At Monmouth County Lincoln Day Dinner

It’s become a winter tradition that Monmouth County Republicans can mark their calendars by.  Shaun Golden’s annual Starry Night Celebration is on the last Friday of January followed by the Monmouth GOP’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner two weeks later.

The atmosphere was electric on Friday night in Freehold where over 500 enthusiastic Republicans gathered at Southgate Manor for the annual celebration of America’s first Republican president and the annual kickoff of signature gathering for candidates’ petitions.

New Jersey’s sole remaining Republican in Congress, Rep Chris Smith, received a spontaneous standing ovation when Golden noted his arrival from a Friday voting session in Washington.  Smith in turn acknowledged the strong Monmouth Republican team that held back the blue wave that swept the rest of New Jersey in last fall’s election and specifically congratulated Golden, not for politics, but for outstanding government.  The Sheriff was honored in Washington last year, Smith noted, for leading the best 911 call center in the country.

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