Staples’ Middletown Location Was Hacked

easy buttonThe Staples store at 1515 Route 35 in Middletown is one of 115 of the company’s stores that were hacked during the summer, according to a statement released by the company yesterday, December 19, 2014.

The company said that the point-of-sale software at 115 of its 1400 stores was infected by malware which exposed customers’ payment card information including card holder names, account numbers, expiration dates and card verification codes.  Staples believes that 1.6 million customers’ cards were affected.

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Middletown Oxy Ring Busted

Suspended Doctor Caught Selling Forged Scripts for $300-$400

The Middletown Police Department in conjunction with investigators from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney General’s Division of Consumer Affairs broke up a prescription drug enterprise Thursday night following a month long investigation, according to a statement by Acting Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.


Dr. Kenneth Lewandowski

Dr. Kenneth Lewandowski, 51, of Tatum Dr , Middletown, was charged with six counts of third degree Conspiracy, six counts of third degree Forgery and the Unlawful Practice of Medicine, also a third degree crime.  He was held at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution on $140,000 bail as set by Middletown Municipal Judge Richard Thompson.

Lewandowski’s medical license was temporarily suspended last April after he was arrested for DUI three times in the six weeks between February 14 and March 31.  His DUI arrests occurred in Middletown, Lakewood and Wall.  The Lakewood incident included an accident that resulted in injuries.  Lewandowski was charged with Assault by Auto in that case, according to the Order suspending his medical license.

Thomas Menendez, 50, of Geary Drive in Middletown is alleged to be Lewandowski’s partner in the criminal enterprise.  Menendez was charged with six counts of  third degree Conspiracy and six counts of third degree Forgery.  Judge Thompson set Menendez’s bail at $30,000.

Neither Lewandowski or Menendez are currently in the custody of the Monmouth County Correctional Institution, according to APP’s Data Universe.

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Sign the petition: Extradite Chesimard

Werner Foerster

Trooper Werner Foerster

With the United States exchanging prisoners with Cuba and moving quickly to normalizing relations with Castro regime, there is a growing movement in New Jersey to prevail upon the Obama Administration to extradite convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur back to New Jersey to serve her sentence for the murder of State Trooper Werner Foerster.

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DiSomma to Sweeney: Stay out of Red Bank

“Red Bank Doesn’t Need Lobbyist Money Swaying Elections”

Senate President Steve Sweeney. file photo by Art Gallagher

Senate President Steve Sweeney. file photo by Art Gallagher

Referring to Senate President Steve Sweeney as a conflicted Trenton lobbyist, and Red Bank Councilmen Michael Dupont and Art Murphy as influence peddling shady dealers, Red Bank Republican Chairman Sean DiSomma, launched a no holds barred attack on New Jersey’s highest ranking Democratic elected official, a presumed contender for the 2017 gubernatorial nomination, and the two councilmen he seeks to unseat next November in a statement to the press this afternoon.

DiSomma’s statement includes a warning that he will treat all lobbyists and politicians who support Red Bank Democrats to similar welcomes.

Sweeney is headlining a fundraiser for Dupont and Murphy tomorrow evening at Buona Sera.   The Monmouth GOP is also holding a fund raiser in the venue at the same time.

DiSomma’s statement can be read in its entirety below the fold.


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Red Light Camera Requiem

red light camerasNew Jersey’s State Government and 23 of its municipal governments will recover a morsel of integrity at midnight tonight when state sanctioned theft in the form of red light cameras cease to operate at 73 intersections.  New Jersey’s Red Light Camera Program, authorized as a five year pilot during the lame duck session of the 2006-2008 legislature and signed into law by Governor Jon Corzine, expires tonight.

The fact that the Red Light Camera Program has not been renewed is due in large measure to the efforts of Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon and his staff.  Their efforts have been heroic.

O’Scanlon and Co. have been relentless in monitoring the Red Light Camera Program and telling the truth about it. They have hired independent experts to investigate complaints and document fraud within the program.  They have sorted through data that has regularly been obfuscated by the red light camera companies (and bureaucrats friendly to them) to reflect improved safety conditions at RCL intersections where in fact conditions had often worsened.   They have worked hard in getting the word out about the program’s failure and corruption. They have countered expensive advertising campaigns by the red light camera companies and countered expensive lobbyists working the halls of the Statehouse, without the benefit of the profits the red light camera companies stole from the motoring public to fund their efforts.

In thwarting the Red Light Camera Program’s renewal, O’Scanlon has proved himself to be “the real deal”….a leader who fights for the right thing because it is the right thing. He is an example of what a “public servant” should be.

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Sandy Hook Oil Slick Has Shrunk By More Than Half

photo by Noel Westerland Sr. 11/29/2014

photo by Noel Westerland Sr. 11/29/2014

The oil slick in Sandy Hook Bay that was reported to be two miles long by 900 feet wide on Thursday afternoon was observed to be one mile long by 150 wide at 10AM this morning, according to Coast Guard Petty Officer Frank Iannazzo-Simmons during a phone interview with MMM.

Iannazzo-Simmons said a unified command consisting of personnel from the Coast Guard, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, NOAA and the National Park Service were still working to identify the both the source and product of the sheen.  The color of the sheen changed from a rainbow to a “silverish” metallic color.  Last evening it was reported that authorities believed the product to be diesel fuel.  Today, they are taking samples to determine what it is.

20 feet of boom was installed at Horseshoe Cove yesterday as a precaution to protect the environmentally sensitive area.  Today 70 feet of “hard boom” was installed to shore up the precautionary protection.  Horseshoe Cove was deemed to be the only environmentally sensitive area that could be impacted by the sheen.

The sheen remains located at the northern end of Sandy Hook on the bay side.

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Part of Newman Springs Road in Lincroft Closed till 4pm Today

Expect overnight delays next week between Monday night and Thursday morning

520 and Jumping Brook LincroftNewman Springs Road (County Road 520) between Harvey Ave and Jumping Brook Road, which is west of Garden State Parkway Exit 109 in Lincroft, is closed today until 4pm today due to construction by a private company installing a sanitary sewer system for a housing development.

The project will continue on Monday, December 15 at night between the hours of 9pm and 5am.  It is scheduled to be completed by 5am on Thursday December 18.  Only the eastbound lane of the road will be closed at that time, according to a statement from the Monmouth County Department of Public Information and Tourism.

“The County understands the inconvenience of this closure and has instructed the contractor that they cannot completely close this County road, after today, during business hours,” said Freeholder Thomas A. Arnone, liaison to the Department of Public Works and Engineering. “For the safety of those working on the project and the motoring public, the road must be closed today, but it will be open by 4 p.m. This change will provide some relief to the traveling public and the local business community.”



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Oil Slick in Sandy Hook Bay

photo by Noel Westerland Sr. 11/29/2014

photo by Noel Westerland Sr. 11/29/2014

A two mile long by 400 foot wide oil slick is washing up on the bay side of Sandy Hook, according to a report by WNBC 4-NY.

The slick was first witnessed by security personnel at the Earle Naval Weapons Station, according to the the report.  The U.S. Coast Guard and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection are investigating.

The source of the oil is unknown at this time.

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Two School Construction Referendums Fail, One Passes

OTHS Physical Performance Wellness CenterVoters in the Freehold Borough, Ocean Township and West Long Branch School Districts went to the polls yesterday to decide the fate of school construction bonding proposals.

In Freehold, 611 voters, 11% of those registered rejected borrowing $33 million for school construction by 241 to 370.  An identical referendum was defeated by Borough voters on September 30 by 273 to 374.   There are 1644 students residing in the district.   The average property tax bill in Freehold Borough would have increased by $278 per year had the measure passed.

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Report: Gopal Considering Another Run For Assembly

What will Dan Jacobson do?

Vin Gopal

Vin Gopal

Ever the optimist and desperate for relevancy, Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal is floating his name as a candidate for Assembly in 11th District.

The district’s Assembly seats are currently held by Mary Pat Angelini and Caroline Casagrande.  Gopal and Red Bank Councilwoman Kathy Horgan lost to Angelini and Casagrande by over 3000 votes (out of 37,093 cast) in 2011.  Former Democratic Assemblyman Dan Jacobson, publisher of the triCityNews and AsburyParkSun earned 2358 votes as an Independent candidate that year.

MoreMonmouthMusings hereby endorses Gopal for one of the Democratic Assembly nominations in the 11th.

We were worried that 2015 would be a boring year politically in Monmouth County and that we’d have to start covering restaurant openings to keep our traffic up next year.  With Gopal on the ballot, MMM’s political focus would be assured for another year.

Another reason we like Gopal as a candidate for Assembly is that it takes an issue of the table for Sheriff Shaun Golden’s reelection in 2016.

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