African Americans have been used

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

photo by Art Gallagher

Slavery comes in many forms. It is not just about being forced to work without pay or the freedom to quit.

Drug addiction is a form of slavery. Being conned into supporting a political party that does not help you in any way is a form of slavery.

It was the Republican Party that brought African Americans out of slavery in the nineteenth century. Only the Republican Party is interested in bringing African Americans out of slavery in the twenty−first century.

There are many neighborhoods in this country that are primarily African American and predominantly oppressed by drugs. The Democrats feed the African Americans feel good headlines, claiming we should release everyone from prison, reduce the penalties for drugs, etc. That has never been of value and never will be. What we need are programs to eliminate the influx of drugs in this country that keep minority neighborhoods slaves to drugs, to crime to an oppression that permits only a very few to emerge into the mainstream of the American economy.

The Republicans want to seal the border against drug imports. The Democrats want open borders. The Republicans want to come down hard against those who are distributing drugs. The Democrats want to reduce their sentences.

We know what Martin Luther King did for African Americans. Now let’s see what the Democratic Party has done.

Maxine Waters prevented the Bush administration from reigning in the abuses of Fanny and Freddie that was the catalyst for the 2008 economic crisis. She has spent a career fomenting racism and division. What legislation has she passed that has helped African Americans in this nation? None.

Obama inherited the economic crisis when he took office in 2008. What did he do for African Americans? Do you believe the only accomplishment he had – Obamacare — did much for African Americans? When he left office 19 million Americans were still uninsured. Who do you think the bulk of those uninsured were?

During the slowest recovery in American history, the percentage of young African American unemployment in this country was staggering.

Even more telling was the loss of housing among African Americans. At the end of Obama’s presidency, after he had eight years to deal with the economic issues, Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies found African-Americans weren’t sharing in the recovery, even as whites, Asian-Americans and Latinos slowly saw gains in home-buying. The center said the disparity between whites and blacks was at its highest in 70-plus years of data. There was a 30% differential in the rate of home buying between whites and African Americans. The housing crisis caused by Maxine Waters accusing the Bush administration of racism by trying to reign in Fanny and Freddie hit African Americans the hardest.

In eight years, it only got worse under Obama.

And what did Cory Booker do for African Americans in Newark before parlaying that to the U.S. Senate? Nothing. Nothing at all.

The reality is, Democrats have always taken the African American vote for granted, much as they have taken the Jewish vote for granted. And both have paid the price for blind, unwarranted loyalty.

While the Democrats accuse Trump of racism, the fact is, more African Americans are working now than under Obama. The unemployment rate among young African Americans is at a historic low. More African Americans are able to buy homes now than ever before. African American home ownership under Obama was actually getting worse in his administration not better. By 2016, the African-American homeowner rate had fallen to 42.2 percent and lagged 29.7 percentage points behind whites, nearly a percentage point higher than in 2015.

Yet African Americans have voted 95% for Democrats in the last few decades. There are some who understand this, who understand that while Republicans are truly advancing the economic status of African Americans, the Democrats are advancing themselves through feel good headlines that do nothing for the African American communities, for the African American mothers who would like their children to be able to walk out onto the streets of their neighborhoods without fear of being shot, for the young African Americans who want to participate in the American dream, who want to get a good education, a good job, a future.

Candace Owens pointed this out to Congress recently. I don’t have to tell you the smears and name calling against her by the left, by those who benefit from the continued economic enslavement of the African American communities. If you are an African American, particularly an African American woman who recognizes the need to eliminate the monolithic support of a party that does not reciprocate, the Democratic Party smear machine will go into full gear against you.

While the Republicans are creating jobs for African Americans, and fighting the influx of drugs and yes, illegal immigrants (ask the young people in South Side Chicago and North Philadelphia if they would refuse to take the jobs immigrants are taking), the Democrats are occupied tearing down statues of Kate Smith and civil war generals. Which do you think benefits the African American communities more?

If African Americans wish to emerge from the suppressed economic status they are enduring, they need to end their enslavement to the Democratic Party.

Stuart J. Moskovitz, Esq, is a fomer mayor of Manalapan

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5 Comments on “African Americans have been used”

  1. By far said at 8:53 am on April 26th, 2019:

    the most “woke” article published here in awhile. Completely agree with Stu that only the GOP can help those people.

  2. Matt said at 11:57 am on April 26th, 2019:

    those people? Spoken like a true Racist – There is a reason Republicans don’t have any African Americans – because they look down at them, similar to the comment above

  3. Mick Dee said at 12:53 pm on April 26th, 2019:

    Dems are the real racists. They have been trying to jam up white people for decades.

  4. Actually, said at 11:25 pm on April 26th, 2019:

    Trump got a higher percentage of the black vote than Romney did.. the black unemployment rate under Trump is at the lowest in decades. If Trump gets a couple percent more of their vote in 2020, it’s likely game over, for whatever socialist they nominate. Bright, enlightened blacks, like Candice Owens, are helping to wake up those who have been taken for granted with false promises, giveaways, and numbed into Dem compliance, for far too long. Encouraging news!

  5. He said at 8:59 am on April 27th, 2019:

    has 2020 wrapped up already, don’t know why we are even bothering with the electoral process.