Stilton: If Rob Nixon won’t stand up for NJ, who will?

Letter to the editor

On Wednesday, March 6th, I attended the SDA monthly board meeting in Trenton after being contacted by several Jackson residents and veterans who were unfairly terminated by Rob Nixon’s School Development Authority, for which is serves as board chairman.

I asked them what I could do and they said “Find the truth”.  I asked them if they had reached out to our council president here in Jackson as he sits on that board and they said yes, but to no avail.

These people have told me that for months they have reached out to Mr. Nixon, but he has ignored them. They are veterans, single moms and individuals who have worked with this agency through multiple political administrations, just as Mr. Nixon has somehow weathered the political storms that sweep through during administration changes.

After giving sanctuary to alleged rapist Al Alvarez and the firing of more than a dozen hard working citizens to create jobs for friends and family, I, like many was excited to hear that a Republican such as Mr. Nixon was chosen to commandeer this board…but I was shocked at what happened on Wednesday.

I naively expected Mr. Nixon to stand up for these Jackson residents and veterans. I expected him to call out the SDA for what they had done. I expected him to act like a true Republican who wanted to correct injustices and make his voice heard.

The sad part is our cowardly Jackson Township Council President Rob Nixon, who is also the chairman of the board for this entity, knew these people were coming to speak to him…not only did not show up, but called in to the meeting via telephone and hung up before the public spoke.  He knew these people wanted him to hear what they had to say…and he hung up on them. 

The former workers were treated like trash after Nixon abandoned them and even called racists by a representative of Al Sharpton who was there to stir the pot.  How does Mr. Nixon, who is chairman of the meeting allow for the spewing of such hatred and racism during his meeting…that’s right, because he walked away from the meeting.

This cannot go on…this has to be stopped. Trenton has become overrun by thugs and greed more than ever before and if our Republican leaders like Rob Nixon don’t want to fight this, who will?

I was counting on Rob Nixon, a self-described Republican here in Jackson to stand up against the wrongs of the Phil Murphy administration, but instead, he ran away and hid from these people whose lives were devastated. He left them to die in a well-orchestrated counter attack from entrenched Democrat party agents within the SDA and an ambassador from Reverend Al Sharpton’s office, allowing them to be called “Lazy”, “Racist” and other names, unchecked.

I have attended many meetings in Jackson for which Nixon chaired, and he was always consistent in the fact that speakers may only address the board and not each other.  When Nixon hung up, all decorum was lost. It was a very sad display of how government operates here in New Jersey.

He showed his true colors as a deep-state Trenton lobbyist so entrenched in the Phil Murphy administration that he cannot go against the system himself.  He is not for the people, but only for the system and how the system can benefit him.

Rob Nixon oversaw this board for 10+ years and allowed this all to happen, only asking Wednesday for “an audit” after providing shelter to alleged rapist al Alvarez and allowing over $4 million of patronage jobs to be created under his nose.

He should resign from this board because, like Phil Murphy, he has failed all of New Jersey.

Mr. Nixon, I am glad the whole Phil Murphy thing is working out for you and your job as a union lobbyist, but it’s not working out well for the people of Jackson and the residents of New Jersey.

Phil Stilton
editor, Shore News Network

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