Rep Chris Smith: Abortionist who deny the humanity of the unborn are a modern day flat earth society

During his remarks to the 2019 March for Life in Washington last week, before a crowd estimated to be over 200,000 people, Congressman Chris Smith thanked President Donald Trump for his commitment to veto any legislation that advances abortion and pledged to lead the caucus that would prevent the over-ride of any such veto.

Smith went on the say that the science supporting the humanity and viability of the unborn is irrefutable and that the pro-abortion forces that deny the science are a modern day flat earth society.

Excerpts of Smith’s remarks as published on his congressional website:

Thank you, President Trump, for making it absolutely clear today that you will veto any piece of legislation that undermines or nullifies any pro-life policy, regulation, or rule.

          Your extraordinary announcement—your bold solidarity with the weakest and most vulnerable—couldn’t come at a better time.

          The new Democratic majority in the House has made it clear that they want to eviscerate all pro-life protections including the Hyde taxpayer abortion funding ban which alone has saved over 2 million people from death by abortion.

          Mr. President, be assured that 169 House Members and 49 Senators—well in excess of the requisite number required to prevail—have pledged in writing to sustain your veto.

          Why is this so important? Because women and children deserve better than the violence of abortion.

          Just ask the brave and amazing women who are silent no more, who sacrifice everything to warn other women—and society—about the tragic consequences of their abortions.

          The shocking number of unborn children killed in America is unconscionable: 2,500 each day, approximately 61 million dead babies since 1973—a death toll that equates with the entire population of Italy.

          All this as our knowledge concerning the breathtaking miracle of life before birth is unparalleled and when science had made it absolutely clear that birth is an important event in the life of a child – but only an event not its beginning.

          Doctors today routinely diagnose and treat a myriad of conditions, illnesses, and diseases suffered by society’s littlest patients—unborn babies—significantly enhancing their health and chances to survive and thrive.

          Even first baby pictures proudly shared and displayed are most often ultrasound photos showing the baby alive and maturing in the womb.

          The humanity of the unborn child is beyond doubt.

          Yet, the pro-abortion movement, like some kind of modern-day flat earth society, continues to cling to outdated indefensible arguments cloaked in euphemism.

          Even the seemingly benign word “choice” withers under scrutiny.  Choice to do what? Dismember a baby? Starve a child to death and then forcibly expel her or him from the womb?

          In order to facilitate the baby’s extermination, pro-abortionists aggressively deny and disrespect the unborn child, and loudly mock and belittle those like each of you who defend a child’s right to life.

          I say, let their harsh criticism cause us to work even harder and more effectively—and as our Lord admonished, all the while loving even those who spew hatred at you and me.

          I believe that your presence here today— your prayers, fasting, and commitment throughout the year –will help ensure that one day soon protection of the weakest and most vulnerable from abortion violence will be restored.


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8 Comments on “Rep Chris Smith: Abortionist who deny the humanity of the unborn are a modern day flat earth society”

  1. Marvin Williams said at 8:16 am on January 23rd, 2019:

    If only Rep. Smith cared as much about the born as he did the unborn, we might actually get somewhere.

    What does Smith propose we do with these babies if born? These are unwanted potential children from desperate parents. Should we put them on welfare? Overcrowd our schools? Drag down our already burdened adoption system? He and other anti-abortion activists have never answered this.

  2. There’d be said at 11:09 am on January 23rd, 2019:

    more money to take care of the “ unwanted” if it went to legal citizens, rather than the thousands who invade this country illegally. There’d be more to put toward adoption programs, and toward detox programs, for those who give birth as addicts. Either a society values all life, or it preys on the helpless: look at the increasing number of states allowing assisted suicides..( saves on medical expenses, huh?)

  3. @Marvin said at 1:21 pm on January 23rd, 2019:

    Shame on you for introducing common sense to this forum.

  4. @ Marvin Williams said at 1:40 pm on January 23rd, 2019:

    Drag down the adoption system? There are plenty of people, PLENTY wanting to adopt children. What happened in NY yesterday was sanctioned murder.

  5. John Mac Gowan said at 11:51 am on January 24th, 2019:

    M Williams states he wished Rep. Smith “cares as much about the born and he does for the unborn” I am a 100 % disabled Vietnam vet and Rep. Smith has authored and had 14 bills signed into law helping vets like myself and the other 10 millions vets in the USA-He has authored and had signed into law bills to help people with Limes disease, human trafficking victims, Megans law,Autism laws, the list goes on -He is a great humanitarian and we are fortunate to have him in congress.

  6. Amen, John. said at 12:47 pm on January 24th, 2019:

    Name such good results obtained by any of the 11 NJ Dem congresspeople currently taking up space in DC. When one compares the records of, say, Smith and Pallone, elected about the same number of times, it is laughable and embarrassing to learn how little Pallone has done, except give liberal lines and lip service, and cruise the beaches ever two years, informing us how much he has done to personally vacuum the ocean. Sure, it has worked well for him all these years, but it doesn’t make it right, and the dopey constituents never hold him accountable for such poor performance in office. Difference between action versus words is startling.

  7. Judi Paparozzi said at 1:20 pm on January 24th, 2019:

    My expertise is in human trafficking. There isn’t a single person, elected or not, in the USA who has done more to protect the victims of human trafficking than Chris Smith. He has sponsored most if not all of the federal laws that work to protect victims of trafficking and get our law enforcement trained on this crime now reaching epidemic proportions and targeting our youth here and throughout the world. I shutter to think how much worse this crime would be worldwide if Chris Smith hadn’t stepped in to work to enact laws that protect all of us especially the young people that traffickers target. Thank you, Chris, for all of your work to protect the vulnerable.

  8. Susan Barry said at 5:32 pm on January 24th, 2019:

    @Marvin Williams, I beg to differ with you. Did you read the recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Congressman Smith?

    President Xi Jinping’s China has undertaken the most comprehensive attempt to manipulate and control and destroy all religion. Eradicate it through harassing, arresting, jailing and torturing people of all faith who want to worship.

    Bibles are burned, churches destroyed, crosses set on fire and no one under 18 is allowed to attend service.

    Congressman Smith is calling on the Trump administration to sanction Chinese officials who are responsible. He has introduced a bipartisan bill the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act.

    Congressman Chris Snith also the author of legislation to protect children from pedophiles
    looking to travel abroad through passport protections from the State Department which are mandated by his International Megan’s Law.

    The list of accomplishments is great and he continues to work hard for many.

    M Williams, Congressman Smith has done more than any other Congressman to protect women, children, and men from horrible abuse and atrocities. I am grateful he is our Congressman and for all, he has done to protect so many.