Gannett Considering Acquisition Offer


New Jersey’s news media market could experience a major shakeup if the owner of the Asbury Park Press, The (Bergen) Record, six other daily publications and several NJ weeklies is sold.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Gannett is a takover target by MNG Enterprises Inc., a hedge fund back company better known as Digital First Media, that owns the Boston Herald, the Denver Post about 200 newspapers throughout the country.  MNG offered Gannett $12 per share ($1.3 billion), a 23% premium over the publishers Friday closing price of $9.75.  MNG already owns 7.5% of Gannett.   At 11:08 this morning, Gannett traded at $11.51.

New Jersey Globe yesterday was the first NJ outlet to report the story.  Today, NJG noticed that there seems to be a media blackout on the story from the NJ legacy media.  The Gannett papers are not reporting the story and neither is NJ Advanced Media owners of the Star Ledger, NJ.com and several other dailies., NJG said.

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8 Comments on “Gannett Considering Acquisition Offer”

  1. Oh, great. said at 5:41 pm on January 15th, 2019:

    Just what we need: even more liberal papers covering news than we already get from the Press, here.. the only hope is that they finally just go away, altogether.. local “rags” are fine for covering our kids’ soccer and other sports’ teams, and where the best local happy hours and public events are, anyway.

  2. APP said at 8:43 pm on January 15th, 2019:

    is at worst Libertarian.

  3. You don’t said at 10:59 pm on January 15th, 2019:

    recall/ know their history of bias against and unfair attacks on Monmouth Republicans, as well as the playing down of good things the county does…

  4. They attack said at 9:28 am on January 16th, 2019:

    Both parties. They are heavily anti-Union, mostly attacking cops and teachers. But please, give me a history lesson.

  5. Pick a decade, said at 2:01 pm on January 16th, 2019:

    pick a year, then just do your own research and go into their archives! Have tried in other posts- have lived it, ok? You want to think they are fair/ good in covering us, fine, go right ahead.. still say we as a party would be better off if they folded.

  6. Lol said at 3:18 pm on January 16th, 2019:

    who said they were “fair”? I simply pointed out that they are not dyed in the wool Liberal. As usual, your refutation is non existent. Are you this lazy in your day to day dealings in life?

  7. Am not said at 4:27 pm on January 16th, 2019:

    accountable/ compelled to do your bidding/ research for you. May you never feel that rag’s vitriol, that’s my point… have a nice day..

  8. Ohh said at 5:19 pm on January 16th, 2019:

    how did you feel their vitriol? This smells like it’s personal!