Red Bank Democrats: Clancy Hates Dumbbells And Dead Weights

In an effort to distract from their decades long failure as shepherds of Red Bank residents’ property tax dollars, as documented in the management consultant’s report covered by RedBankGreen and the TwoRiverTimes, the borough’s Democrats and accusing GOP Council Candidate and local Party Chairman Michael Clancy of making racist statements about weight lifting equipment.


“I sincerely apologize to any dead weights and dumb bells whose feelings were hurt by my old social media posts being spread by my political opponents,” Clancy said. “Anyone who knows me or has met me in person knows that I spend a great deal of time with and have great respect for dead weights and dumb bells.  I love them and appreciate how they have shaped me.”

“Let’s get serious,” Clancy said. “This election should be about the future of Red Bank and who can improve the quality of local government services while eliminating the waste and mismanagement that has been well documented by the Democrats own consultant.”
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One Comment on “Red Bank Democrats: Clancy Hates Dumbbells And Dead Weights”

  1. Nice try, Mike, said at 8:25 pm on October 29th, 2018:

    but we know most Dems have zero sense of humor at all, and in Red Bank, their name- calling and cheap labels are all they have, having repeatedly failed (and are m continuing to fail, ) the taxpayers, for far too long, with ridiculous permit backlogs, poor customer service, continuous raising of taxes and fees of all types, and unfortunately, getting away with it! There finally is a choice for a better direction of efficiency, cutting spending, and reducing the bloated town hall payroll, through attrition. It remains to be seen if the wide- eyed, complacent, “welcoming” liberals of Hip City care enough, to give three new people a chance!