Video: Monmouth County launched drug treatment program for inmates

Sheriff Shaun Golden, Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni, Gov. James McGreevey and certified peer recovery specialists are embarking on a new initiative for incarcerated individuals with substance use disorder called Next Step. The drug recovery program, which is the first of its kind in the state, is aimed at combatting drug addiction and reducing jail reentry by offering a new path for inmates with addiction. According to a recent published report in the American Journal of Public Health, incarcerated individuals with substance abuse disorder are among the highest at risk populations for drug overdose deaths when released from jail without a recovery support plan.


“This is a new and progressive approach which will lead the way when it comes to addressing addiction and the high rate of recidivism from drug related crimes,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden.  “Addiction is a disease and while we are intent on holding people responsible for their actions, we are just as determined to secure a path to healthier living. Next Step allows substance abuse recovery specialists and clinicians to work inside the Monmouth County Correctional Institution and provide a treatment plan and recovery for inmates upon release, who, would otherwise end up on the streets, with no direction or necessary services.”

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