Opinion: Two Wrongs Won’t Make It Right

Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff In politics, being seen to do something is almost as important as actually doing it. So it was perhaps inevitable that aggrieved blue-state leaders in California, New York, and now New Jersey would push half-baked ideas for thwarting or working around the recent federal tax bill’s “devilish” limitation on state and local tax (SALT)…

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One Comment on “Opinion: Two Wrongs Won’t Make It Right”

  1. Blank checks said at 5:30 pm on February 12th, 2018:

    given at our expense, to school districts, their administrative fiefdom, the unions’ fiefdoms, the unproductive and under- performing social programs that are never curtailed or ended, the hiring excesses in the local towns that clog the broke pension system, the non- checking and sloppy payments of bills, in many entities, it goes on and on, are some of the problems many of us are sick of paying: I live for the year that the words “ grants,” “subsides,” “ funding,” “ line items,” etc, are stricken from the public domain and discussion: replaced by the words, simply: “ taxpayer dollars!” -Maybe then, some people will wake up to how much is literally stolen from hardworking citizens, every single fiscal year- then perhaps, they would pay more attention, and, demand much better stewardship of our money, at all levels!