65 of New Jersey’s 100 Safest Towns Have Republican Mayors

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The National Council for Home Safety and Security released its annual list of New Jersey’s 100 Safest Cities this morning. MMM’s research into the list determined that 65 or the 100 towns have Republican mayors.  32 of the towns have Democrat mayors and 3 have Independent mayors.

NCHSS is a trade association comprised of home security professionals across the country that advocates for safe communities and home safety with a strong focus on community involvement.  They rated New Jersey town’s with populations greater than 10,000 for violent crimes per 1000 residents and property crimes per 1000 residents. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report statistics and the organizations internal data and research were used to determine the rankings.

The Garden State has a lot to be proud of: as of 2017, it is the 3rd wealthiest in the nation by median household income, in addition to being one of the safest, as New Jersey’s crime rates are far below nationwide averages. New Jersey is home to some of the safest communities in the nation, with crime rates more akin to Japan than the United States. 

New Jersey’s violent crime rate is 2.41 per 1000 residents.  Our property crime rate is 14.96 per 1000.  All 100 towns on the safest list have crime rates significantly below the the statewide rate.

Aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery are considered violent crimes in the study.  Burglary, arson, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft are counted as property crimes.

“Congratulations on a job well done to all the towns who made the list of the safest 100 cities in New Jersey and their Police Departments,” said Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden who is also the Chairman of the County Republican Party.  “Maintaining public safety for our families to grow and our businesses to thrive is the most important function of government on all levels.”

“Public safety is a human value, and need not be a partisan issue,” Golden continued.  “I urge all municipal officials throughout New Jersey—and our leaders in Trenton–to learn from those towns that made the safest 100 list.”

Nine Monmouth County towns made the list; Aberdeen, Colts Neck, Hazlet, Holmdel, Howell, Manalapan, Middletown and Wall.

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5 Comments on “65 of New Jersey’s 100 Safest Towns Have Republican Mayors”

  1. Ira said at 4:14 pm on February 5th, 2018:

    There is juvenile delinquency in Connecticut.
    There are maple trees in Connecticut. Thus, maple trees cause juvenile delinquency,

  2. Lisa said at 5:44 pm on February 5th, 2018:

    Amazing that Morris Township completely surrounds Morristown, yet Morristown doesn’t make the list. Reason? Democrat mayor.

  3. What’s even more jarring said at 9:53 am on February 6th, 2018:

    is that the most highly- taxed and broke states are all run by Democrats. Yet, they keep getting elected. They are relentless, selling their re- distribution for votes, and it often succeeds and re- wins. People who pay the bills need to wake up and never give up!

  4. GARRISON WHITEFISH III said at 4:20 pm on February 6th, 2018:

    It’s about time your distinguished publication made the connection between rich white people in towns that elect republicans versus racially mixed poor towns that elect democrats. You should get a Nobel Prize for this amazing insight!!!

  5. Don’t forget said at 6:45 pm on February 6th, 2018:

    the dichotomy between the red rural towns( not rich white, but largely blue- collar, taxpayers, aka, 2016 Trump voters,) and red counties, that also usually vote R, and the big cities who have large voting blocs of various minorities who usually vote D.