Murphy would make New Jersey a Sanctuary State, Guadagno would follow the law

Guadagno issues challenge for two additional debates

Former Goldman Sachs banker Phil Murphy, the Democrat nominee for NJ Governor, declared unequivocally that he would make New Jersey a sanctuary state, should he be elected and should Congress fail to act on DACA before the March 5, 2018 deadline set by President Trump when he revoked former President Obama’s Executive Order which gave extra-constitutional protections to illegal immigrants who were brought into the United States as children.

Lt. Governor Kim Guadano, the GOP Gubernatorial nominee, declared she would follow the law, noting that she is a former federal prosecutor, state prosecutor and a former Monmouth County Sheriff.

Univision reporter Mariela Salgado asked the candidates “what specifically” they would do if Congress does not act on DACA.   There are 20-22 thousand such people living in New Jersey.

Guadagno said she would use the bully pulpit to urge Congress to create a law “that solves the problem once and for all so that we don’t have this uncertainty going forward.”

Sticking to the theme of her campaign, Guadagno said she would make New Jersey more affordable for them to live here, by lowering taxes.

On follow up, Salgado asked Guadagno what she would do if Congress does not act by March 5. “I would follow the law,” the Lt Governor said, noting that she is a former federal prosecutor, former state prosecutor and former Monmouth County Sheriff.

“What I would not do, what I would not do,” Guadagno said, is make it more dangerous for law enforcement officers and people living in the State of New Jersey, by making New Jersey a sanctuary state.”

Murphy declared unequivocally that he would make New Jersey a sanctuary state.  It is a black and white moral issue, written in poetry on the Statue of Liberty, he said.

Guadagno followed up by pointing out instances of illegals committing violent crimes in New Jersey and Murphy’s promises to have those violent criminals backs.

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Clearly the winner of the Tuesday night debate, Guadagno challenged Murphy to two more debates, in addition to the October 18 face off scheduled at Willian Paterson University.

“Two debates do not provide enough time to dive into the full details of Murphy’s promised tax increases and the impact his sanctuary state policy will have on public safety in New Jersey,”  Guadagno said. “From property taxes to sanctuary state to Harvey Weinstein, Phil Murphy changed the subject and dodged issue after issue last night. I challenge Phil Murphy to two additional debates so that New Jerseyans can get more answers directly from the candidates before Election Day.”

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4 Comments on “Murphy would make New Jersey a Sanctuary State, Guadagno would follow the law”

  1. The sad thing is, said at 1:02 pm on October 11th, 2017:

    the choice couldn’t be clearer: Kim means a chance to ge able to stay here, Murphy means every bad thing already happening here will only get much worse. Wish I thought the NJ electorate: 1. Cares, 2. Is paying attention, 3. Could get past their hatred of Christie to give the nice, qualified lady, a chance!.. Remember well how great we did in 1993 with ” Florio-free in ‘93,” up and down the ballot- got a lot of wins, riding those negative feelings over his billions in tax increases. Be afraid, be very afraid, GOP, and do everything you can to get out your vote, or we could be years coming back, from the “Christie- Crush!”

  2. FAS said at 3:49 pm on October 11th, 2017:

    Make us a sanctuary state and we’ll lose even more federal money. What a chump.

  3. Gary Dedoussis said at 11:53 am on October 12th, 2017:

    So Phil says he’d break the law. That’s all you need to know. There are ways to change the laws available to us here in the USA. Make use of them Phil, if you care to. Otherwise, shape up and follow the rules. Defy the federal government and watch what happens Phil. The tail can’t wag the dog, numb nuts.

  4. The Last Sane Citizen? said at 9:41 pm on October 13th, 2017:

    Murphy…this guy is a complete moron! “Lets make NJ a sanctuary state, and remove its inhabitants ability to defend themselves with crippling, unconstituational, restrictions on our right to bear arms – all while robbing the people blind by increasing taxes in one of the most high taxed states in the country!” The saddest part is: this idiot will likely be our next governor thanks to the clueless masses who either dont know how dangerous this guy is, or just dont care – as long as he claims allegance to the democratic party! You think things are bad in NJ now, just wait and see what happens with this dip wad running things. God help us all!