Getting to know Tony Fiore and Stephanie Murray of Middletown

Art Gallagher met with Middletown Deputy Mayor Stephanie Murray and Committeeman Tony Fiore for an interview last week.  Both up for reelection to the Township Committee next month, Murray is seeking her third term, Fiore his fourth.

In the first two segments of the interview we hope to give Middletown voters a sense of who Fiore and Murray are personally.  In the final segment we cover what they have accomplished for Middletown through their years of service and what they intend to accomplish in the next three years if they are reelected.

In this video, Fiore shares his background growing up in Carteret, Middlesex County, as a first generation American; the influence of his Italian upbringing; how fate, serendipity or the hand of God, depending on your belief system (he said God had a different plan for his life than he did) brought him to Middletown, his family, career and why he participates so actively in public service.

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