Christie expands public worker fertility insurance coverage to include lesbians

TRENTON — Lesbians and other people who want to use non-conventional means to conceive a child are entitled to insurance coverage for fertility treatments if they work for state government or the public schools, under a measure Gov. Chris Christie signed into law Monday. The law mandating coverage for infertility was defined narrowly, sponsors say, taking…

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One Comment on “Christie expands public worker fertility insurance coverage to include lesbians”

  1. God help us. said at 9:27 am on May 4th, 2017:

    What else can we incur more expense doing? Was always wondering why “groups” have gotten special considerations, while regular working taxpayers don’t- and are usually left holding the bag and paying more of the bills: example: a heterosexual unmarried couple living together for years cannot utilize the other’s medical insurance, but a gay couple in the same living situation can…???