DiBella resigned from Brookdale Board because threats continue

Joe DiBella

Former Howell Mayor Joe DiBella resigned from the Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees because the “personal and professional” threats that prompted him to take a leave of absence last fall have continued and intensified, according to his resignation letter which has been obtained by MMM.

DiBella said that “the loudest voices against” him within the college community “are from those who opposed the needed actions and reforms” that he “recommended as a Trustee…”

In his letter to Dr. Carl Guzzo, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees, DiBella said:

Since the initial controversy over my Twitter account commenced in the fall of 2016, I have spent considerable time and effort reflecting on the situation and the events that unfolded. To be clear, I did not “like” the offensive tweets I am accused of “liking” or endorsing. I believed then as I do now that someone or some parties breached my Twitter account. Regrettably, the organized campaign against me by certain special interests has and continues to negatively impact me, my family and the college.

After months of continued criticism, personal and professional threats and an intensification of the efforts by those who disagree with me, it is clear certain detractors will not stop in their efforts to attack me. The fact that the loudest voices against me are from those who oppose needed actions and reforms I recommended as a Trustee should not go unnoticed.

In light of this, I have determined I can no longer effectively function as a Trustee and so for the good of the school, I have decided not complete the remaining few months of my term. I hope that this decision will bring this issue to closure and allow the College and the Board to resume its business. In closing, it is my hope that Brookdale Community College continues to flourish and that all points of view are welcomed and respected. I thank the Board members for their friendship and the Freeholders for allowing me to have served.

DiBella said that he has nothing to add beyond what is in the letter.

The anonymous leaker who emailed the letter to MMM wrote, “He pissed off the wrong people at the college.”

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52 Comments on “DiBella resigned from Brookdale Board because threats continue”

  1. Snowflake said at 8:52 am on March 30th, 2017:

    Joe DiBella is not fit to serve because he lacks the character necessary for public service. As “Kathy Baratta Fan” pointed out above, Joe DiBella has a history of lying and wasting valuable police resources when it suits his political purposes. Please see:


    Did DiBella lie once again? Did he lie about having his Twitter account hacked? Did DiBella lie about receiving death threats? Did DiBella lie about not “liking” some racist things that he saw online? Has DiBella once again wasted valuable law enforcement resources?

    DiBella asked for a leave of absence from Brookdale on September 30, 2016. At that same time, DiBella asked the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office to investigate his claims that (a) his Twitter account was hacked and (b) that he and/or family received “death threats” [DiBella’s words] . Please see:


    181 days have gone by since DiBella made those claims. Has the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office given ANY indication that that their investigators have uncovered ANY evidence that would substantiate Joe DiBella’s claim that his Twitter account was hacked? Has anyone been arrested for harassing Joe DiBella and/or his family? How much time has to pass before we conclude that the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office is never going to substantiate Joe DiBella’s claims that his Twitter account was hacked?

  2. Kim said at 2:56 pm on March 30th, 2017:

    The haters are so pathetic. It is clear the man was attacked by ticked off employees of the school who disagreed with him. He was and is fit to serve….but why would he or anyone else want to when you endure viscous attacks, threats and so on. Who needs it. These haters out here are downright scary!!