House passes Chris Smith anti-abortion bill in advance of D.C. march

WASHINGTON — In advance of this week’s annual anti-abortion march in the nation’s capital, the U.S. House passed legislation Tuesday to permanently ban federal funding for abortion for poor women except in cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother. The measure, which passed largely along party lines, 238-183, was sponsored by Rep. Chris…

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8 Comments on “House passes Chris Smith anti-abortion bill in advance of D.C. march”

  1. Bob English said at 6:44 am on January 25th, 2017:

    Since Congressman Smith does not hold Town Hall meetings and is unresponsive to emails, there is very little chance to convey ones feelings to him on issues of importance. While I appreciate the Congressman’s efforts to protect human rights around the world, as a constituent, I would also like to see him:

    1) Publicly call for no ACA repeal actions/votes until the Republicans put forth and approve a better replacement. As of now, they have had several years to do so and have offered nothing. I would note that Rep. Tom MacArthur (NJ 3) was one of only nine Republican Congressmen to vote NO on initial ACA repeal efforts. MacArthur joined Democrats in putting the interests of 500,000 NJ residents who have obtained their health insurance as the result of the AGA FIRST while Rep. Smith voted to proceed with repeal efforts.

    Millions of more NJ residents have benefited from provisions in the ACA such as not being declined for preexisting conditions, no lifetime cap on benefits and children can remain on parents policies until the age of 26. Recent reports are that the ACA has saved the State of NJ and its taxpayers over$300 million in Charity Care payments as the result of so many additional of its residents having health insurance (as the result of the ACA) and not having to rely on going to emergency rooms for treatment when they are ill. Going backwards on the Medicaid expansion would be devastating to NJ residents and its taxpayers.

    2) Publicly call for President Trump to keep his campaign promises and release his income tax returns, as other Presidents have for decades. The concept that he could not because he is under audit (if that is actually true), was according to tax experts a very weak excuse in the first place. The American people have the right to know where its Presidents is receiving his income from. Without that information its impossible to know what conflicts the President is facing.

    3) Follow the lead of other Republicans and speak out when the President or his spokespeople are telling blatant provable lies in their public statements. Glad to see Speaker Ryan, Senator Graham and all Republican Secretaries of State note that there was no evidence of massive voter fraud in the recent election. Since Rep. Smith has been in Congress for decades, he should be out front on these kind of issues instead of remaining quiet in the background.

    4) Hold at least four Town Hall Meetings a year in his district that are open to the public. The fact that nobody has recollections of ANY Town Hall Meetings being held by Rep. Smith in recent years is ridiculous. Congressional representatives represent everyone in their districts and being non responsive to those that share opinions other than their own is unacceptable.

    5) Oppose Administration and Republican Congressional efforts to roll back or eliminate environmental protections that help to keep the air and water in New Jersey breathable and drinkable. Also not that global warming can have devastating effects on the New Jersey coastline in the coming decades.

    Bob English-Eatontown

  2. Stephanie Keenan said at 9:09 am on January 25th, 2017:

    Congressman Smith has used his position as our elected representative to advance his own extreme pro-birth agenda. He has opposed legislation aimed at preventing violence against women and healthcare for Human Trafficking victims (the ultimate rape survivors) because the women might chose the abortion allowed under the Hyde amendment. Considering that Congressman Smith has built his reputation as a humanitarian on the issue of Human Trafficking, this seems like a very underhanded move.

    Although he maintains an apartment here in the state, the congressman actually lives in Virginia, spending only a few days a year among the people he is supposed to represent.

  3. Thank you, Chris, said at 9:17 am on January 25th, 2017:

    for your consistent fight to protect and save human life, in all aspects. And thank you for focusing on real issues that affect all your constituents. Newsflash: the liberal criticisms and jealousies over successful, wealthy people is so old it creaks, loudly: thinking, paying taxpayers could care less about this president’s tax returns. He has been clear that, as a businessman, he has utilized all legal deductions to pay as little tax as possible: don’t we all?? Please don’t say you have never asked your tax preparer to take every possible expense/ loss/ deduction possible, each April 15th!! And, many believe the “wealthier” these public servants are, the less likely they may be, to be tempted into graft, favoritism, and theft!- I,for one, am happy and proud, that our new president is doing something unique: actually trying to deliver on his campaign rhetoric: five days on the job, and he is doing very well,so far, IMHO!

  4. Amy Eklof said at 12:15 pm on January 25th, 2017:

    Thank you to Bob and Stephanie. Your commentary above is a great representation of how I feel as well.

  5. Teddy Ehmann said at 3:40 pm on January 25th, 2017:

    For those in Smith’s district who wishes he would vote for liberal bills and amendments. he has and does. See FreedomWorks Congressional Report Card. About the only conservative isse ( which gets him re-elected for 36 fn years is pro-life. For those who truly want a conservative, get him out.

  6. Tom Stokes said at 5:35 pm on January 25th, 2017:

    Thank you Congressman Smith.

    To those who support the taking of a life in the womb I ask this…where would you be now if your mother had aborted you?

  7. Liz deBeer said at 7:56 pm on January 25th, 2017:

    While I appreciate Congressman Smith’s support on several issues, including his help with Vietnam Vets, I feel he is out of step with our community on many other issues. He might better access our community by meeting with us in NJ, as many of us have requested, without any response from him or his office.

    We would like to discuss the importance of changing the Affordable Care Act – improving not repealing. Many like me have pre-exisiting conditions and fear not being able to obtain health care without ACA. Many others have young adult children who would have no care without ACA. Today I met a medical professional who stressed that the ACA helps many women get pre-natal health care which ultimately helps children and saves money!

    We would like to clarify that we disagree with him regarding birth control and choice. Apparently, Chris Smith believes birth control, including the pill and IUDs, have chemicals which could cause a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), and therefore wants to prohibit these forms of birth control. I think Monmouth County constituents are unaware of his draconian views regarding women’s reproductive rights. (I myself was until recently! Birth control is used not only to prevent pregnancies but to help regulate menstration cycles and issues with menopause).

    Chris Smith should come and talk to us; we would love to hear his point of view regarding repealing ACA without a replacement, birth control & choice regulations, and other issues . He currently lives in Virginia, but he represents us in NJ – he should come up north and pay us a visit and hold a townhall meeting!

  8. Please stop, said at 10:21 pm on January 26th, 2017:

    it is really enough, with the same old pro- abortion nonsense and constant whining, that we have endured for decades. What part of: we expect women to take responsibility for their own fertility, and not expect their fellow Americans to pay for it, don’t people get? What part of the fact that ACA is already broke and disintegrating, don’t people get? If one could get past the constant loud rhetoric and fear- mongering, perhaps one would hear that the monster will be replaced, with several options. And, that it would take a lot to overturn abortion up to nine months, you care about so much. What part of grow, up, pay attention, and get off the same tired rants, and accept the facts that your candidate lost, and that there are many more pressing problems that need to be solved, right now- like, our flailing economy, and our very existence as a safe, free country. As for ” listening,” one would glean from the Congressman’s consistent huge re- election majorities, that a large percentage of the thousands of people he serves, are more than satisfied with his performance in office.