Red Bank Republican Council Candidates Blast Dems on Taxes

Red Bank “Tax Queen” Admits She Will Continue to Raise Taxes 

Hanlon and O’Bosky Colwell Pledge to Step Down If They Don’t Deliver

14369864_184385955319344_4016470552767265332_nRED BANK, NJ – The slide into gutter politics and half-truths took a surprising turn from the Red Bank Democrats recently, as they chose to highlight Red Bank’s property taxes in a recent statement.

In an attempt to distance themselves from their party’s failed record on municipal taxes and spending, Democrats Kathy Horgan and Erik Yngstrom stated, “It is very clear that the local Republicans are trying to distract from their failed record of increasing taxes as soon as they took the majority this past January.”

Horgan and Yngstrom’s statement failed to include the fact that Kathy Horgan voted for the recent budget, and that municipal spending has exploded during Kathy Horgan’s tenure on Council – skyrocketing from a $12 million annual budget to a $22 million annual budget. 

Red Bank Republican Council candidates Brian Hanlon and Kellie O’Bosky Colwell fired back, stating veteran tax-and-spender Kathy Horgan should be the last person Red Bank taxpayers should consider as their advocate in Borough Hall.

“In her nine years an elected official in Red Bank, Kathy and her party have never met a tax increase they haven’t loved,” said Hanlon. “While the Democrats may march in partisan lockstep on every issue except scheduling council meetings, Kellie and I will serve independently and only in the best interest of Red Bank taxpayers. Kellie and I would not have agreed with Kathy Horgan the first time she voted to increase taxes in 2008 or the subsequent eighth time she voted for a tax increase this year. Kellie and I also would not have supported this year’s budget.”

Echoing her running mate’s focus on Horgan and Yngstrom’s recent and surprising pivot to taxes and Red Bank’s affordability, O’Bosky Colwell also attacked Hogan and Yngstrom.

“When I saw footage recently of Kathy Horgan telling supporters that municipal budgets are like household budgets; then, in the same sentence, stating taxes and spending could never be frozen or reduced – I was shocked, said O’Bosky Colwell. “When Kathy took office nearly a decade ago, many households and families had to cut back due to the economy. Maybe it’s because Kathy Horgan hasn’t had to raise children in the Borough, Kathy Horgan just doesn’t get it. Like our neighbors, I understand that every time taxes go up, it puts a greater strain on working families trying to make ends meet – no matter how ‘stabilized’ the increases are. Kathy said it herself: a vote for Hogan and Yngstrom is a vote for higher taxes.”

Adding to the attack on Horgan’s proven record of tax increases, O’Bosky Colwell also stressed that she and Hanlon have offered a real plan that voters can hold them accountable for.

“Brian Hanlon and I are not just running on a platform; we are running on a real framework for how we will govern over the course of our term,” said O’Bosky Colwell. “Unless Kathy Horgan laid out in advance that she planned on voting to make Red Bank less affordable eight times in a row over nearly a decade of service on the council, she shouldn’t have sought re-election after her first term.  Brian and I can not be any clearer: if we do not keep our promises, we will not run again.  Brian and I will keep our promises and help Red Bank become the best place to live, work, play and raise a family.”

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2 Comments on “Red Bank Republican Council Candidates Blast Dems on Taxes”

  1. April klimley said at 6:03 pm on November 7th, 2016:

    This is ridiculous. The Republicans should be punished for the tax increase. Don’t vote for themz. Just remember a Republican-Linda Schwabenbauer–is now chair of the finance committee of the Red Bank City Council!!! The former chair of that committee–Democrat Mike DuPont–actually managed to reduce taxes. Last year ungrateful or (bamboozled) citizens let him be defeated by two young inexperienced Republicans who promised change!!! Well, now you have it!!!

  2. Bad year said at 10:31 pm on November 7th, 2016:

    for these two new folks, there: a presidential year with a historically large Dem turnout, a local GOP split, dumping a popular incumbent, dysfunction of the 4 “majority” council members, all year, and their taxes and fees still going up, read: same old, same old: if these guys can pull it out, I’ll believe in pixie dust and fairy tales…Try again next year, if it doesn’t pan out, this time.