Report: Middletown Teacher Rescinds His Resignation

The Asbury Park Press is reporting that Middletown High School South history teacher Joseph Ventre has rescinded his resignation.  It was reported this morning that Ventre was forced to resign after showing a video of HBO comedian John Oliver mocking Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According the the APP report, Dr. William George, the school superintendent said,  “Today, the staff member withdrew their letter of resignation. Therefore, there is no action regarding this employee before the (school) board at this time.”

George declined to discuss the personnel matter beyond that statement.


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One Comment on “Report: Middletown Teacher Rescinds His Resignation”

  1. Oh sure, said at 8:02 pm on April 22nd, 2016:

    leave it to the lawyers and union.. can’t lose that tenure and pension…bad behavior,when it comes at the expense of a Republican or conservative,never gets punished: had he mocked a commie or a lib (same basic thing, really), no problem.. the poor kids will never respect our country, it’s traditions, or the ability to have a different opinion.. robots/ serfs, more on the way, every day in our public schools and universities..